Geochemistry and Mineral Deposits.

Special interests in trace metals and isotope (radiogenic and stable) geochemistry

Department of Earth Sciences,
University of Ottawa
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E-mail: khattori@uottawa.ca

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Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Fellow, Mineralogical Society of America

2013 Island Arc award


Research Interests and Projects:

Our research examines the behaviour of redox-sensitive metals in a variety of settings.

Theme I focuses on the transfer of metals and other chalcophile elements in subduction zones. Theme II is related to the dispersion of metals in surface media from concealed deposits.


Recycling of elements in subduction zones

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Surface dispersion of metals from concealed deposits
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Cratonization of Canadian Shield and mineralization associated with late Archean igneous rocks
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Other work, mostly related to PGE and As
Platinum group elements, behaviour and mineralization,
and other studies


Student Positions

I have several funded projects suitable for MSc and PhD thesis research projects.

Please contact me by E-mail


Mary Devine examines the dispersion of radionuclides from uranium deposits
Mary’s work


Octavia Bath studies the youngest sedimentary unit (Timiskaming-type) in the  Archeean North Caribou belt.
Bath’s work

Erin Adlakha examines the P2 fault in the Athabasca Basin.
Erin’s work.

Lilianne Page examining the halogens in subarc mantle.
Lilianne’s work


Jack Dann started his thesis project in the Athabasca area in September, 2011.
Jack’s work

Michael Power started his MSc thesis project also in the Athabasca area in September, 2011.

Michael’s work and field photos

Stacey Wetmore started her MSc project in the western Turkey in August, 2011
Field photos in Turkey

Jason Duff (MSc candidate, BSc at Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Jason Duff’s research in the North Caribou belt, northern Ontario



Justin Emberley
Austin Krahenbil


Alexandre Boulerice (BSc in Geology, May, 2013).
Alex’s presentation at the GAC-MAC meeting in 2013, pdf

Fabio Stern (MSc 2013, BSc at University of Sao Paolo)
Fabio Stern’s research

Amanda Van Lankvelt (MSc, April, 2013, BSc at Carleton College, Wisconsin)
Amanda’s research

Colter Kelly (BSc in 2012, currently MSc student at UO_)
Colter’s work and  field photo

Remy Poulin (BSc in 2012, currently MSc student at Laurentian U)
presentation at the GAC mtg

Kerstin Brauneder (MSc. 2012, jointly supervised by Dr. Stew Hamilton, currently Unesco Conservation)
  Kerstin's work

Netasha (Tash) Kalbfeisch (MSc in 2012, BSc at UO)
Tash’s research

Marc Drouin (MSc, 2012, Currently Directeur Principal, Region Outaouais, Les Services Exp. Inc)

Andrea Delost (BSc in Geology in December, 2011)
Abstract at the GAC meeting

Janice Pedro (BSc in Geology in Sept., 2011).
      Janice’s Work

Jamil Sader (PhD in December, 2010, Currently Senior Geochemist at Minerals and Metals Group, Vancouver )
   Jamil's work

Lijie Niu (MSc in 2011, Currently Research Associate at the Institute of Population Health of the University of Ottawa)
Lijie Niu’s research

Benoit-Michel Saumur (M.Sc in 2007, Currently PhD student at Monash University, Australia)
MSc:    Origin of serpentinites associated with ultrahigh pressure rocks in the northern margin of Caribbean plate in Dominican Republic
Benoit’s work

Jian Wang (PhD in 2007, Currently Full Professor at Jilin University, ChangChun, China)
PhD:   Oxidation condition and behaviour of PGE during the subduction-related metasomatism in the southern South American subcontinental lithospheric mantle

Jian’s work

Stew Hamilton (PhD in 2006, Currently Senior Scientist at Ontario Geological Survey, Sudbury)
PhD:     Metal transportation in “reduced chimneys” developed over deposits
Stew’s work

John Hinchey  (PhD in 2005, Currently Senior Geologist of Newfoundland Ministry of Natural Resources in St. John’s, Newfoundland)
            Hydrothermal activity and palladium mineralization at the Lac des Ile mine in Wabigoon greenstone belt of the western Superior Province.
John’s work

Neil Pettigrew (M.Sc in 2004, Currently Senior Vice-President Exploration of Fradgate Exploration Consulting in Thunder Bay,  Vice-President Exploration of PC Gold in Ottawa)
     PGE mineralization in ultramafic-mafic complexes in the Quetico and southern Wabigoon subprovinces.
Neil’s work 

Franck Valli (M.Sc. at Lyon in 2004, jointly supervised by Stephane Guillot, PhD at the University of Paris, 2005, Currently Senior Geologist at Newmont Exploration in Perth, Western Australia. )
 Tectonometamorphic history of the Quetico metasedimentary belt, western Superior Province. 
Franck’s work

Luc Pigeon (M.Sc. in 2003, Worked at the Ontario Geological Survey after MSc., Currently Geoscientist at Gateway Solutions S.A.C. in Peru)
            Gold mineralization in syenitic intrusions in the Matheson area

Cees-Jan de Hoog (post-doctoral research at UO in 2001-02, Research Scientist at the University of Gothenberg, Sweden,  Laboratory Manager at Oxford University, Currently, Manager at Trace Element Geochemistry Laboratory, University of Edinburgh)
            Sulphur and chalcophile elements in primitive arc magma
Cees-Jan’s work


Several former students and post-doctoral fellows

G. Hossein Shamanian (Exchange PhD  student from University of Tehran in 2001-2002, Currently Chairman of the Department of Geology at the University of Gorgan, Iran)

Charles Tarnocai (PhD in 2001, Senior Research Geologist, Placer-Dome Exploration in Toronto, Currently Vice-President, Alamos Gold Inc. in Toronto) PhD: Archean gold mineralization at the Campbell mine, eastern Red Lake greenstone belt, western Superior Province of Canada

Chantal Jolette (BSc in 2001, Currently Senior Project Geologist at Quantra FNX Mining)

David Tarnocai (MSc in 1999, Currently Senior Project Manager, SNC-Lavalin Inc.)
James Johnson (Post-doctoral fellow in 1993-95, Currently Chief of Onshore Energy and Minerals at Geoscience Australia (Australian Geological Survey))

Marc I. Legault (MSc in 1993,  Currently Senior Geologist, Ministere des Ressources Naturelles du Québec at Rouyn, Quebec)


Alex Langshur (MSc in 1993, Currently CEO of PulicInsite in Boston and Ottawa)

Jamie Lavigne (MSc in 1993, Currently Vice-President Exploration, Falcon Gold, Toronto)

Robert Theriault (BSc in 1988, Currently Research Scientist, Geological Survey of Canada at Quebec City)

Dan Gagnon (BSc in 1986; currently, Vice-President, Lake Shore Gold Corp.)

Jacques Samson (BSc in 1986, Currently Chief Mine Geologist, Lake Shore Gold Copr)


Undergraduate courses:
 Metallic Mineral Deposits (GEO3167)
Geochemistry (GEO 3382).

Igneous Petroloy (GEO 3163—2010-2012 only) 

Graduate courses:
Isotope Geochemistry (GEO 5163)

A full list of refereed publications after 2005   pdf

You may view publications listed under the projects:

 zone recycling   

   dispersion of metals in surface media, and cratonization in late Archean

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