University of Ottawa

Extreme Ultrafast Photonics.

Current Work

Research in extreme photonics is enabled by highly nonlinear interaction of intense light with matter. The technology uses femtosecond (fs) light pulses allowing us to sub-divide light period to produce even shorter pulses (attoseconds (as)) and offers non-contact, non-invasive, 3D and in-site capabilities to induce sub-micron features in solids.

Currently, our research group is interested in structured light matter interaction with solids as well as strong field chiral interaction in gas and liquid phase. We also have a group project on optical data storage in common plastic.

Research That Matters

The ever-increasing demand for high data storage capacity in our digital world stemmed new interest in optical data storage. Our group is currently working on high-density data storage in commonly available plastics without any special material preparation. Our current goal is the ability to store one terabyte (TB) within a PMMA optical disk of common size.

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