Latest News

  • August 2020:Congratulations to Jean-Luc Bégin and Maye Alsaawy on their publication in Scientific Reports; Chiral discrimination by recollision enhanced femtosecond laser mass spectrometry, Scientific Reports 10, 14074 (2020).

  • July 2020:Congratulations to Mitra Rahimian and Ashish Jain on their publication in Scientific Reports; Spatially controlled nano-structuring of silicon with femtosecond vortex pulses, Scientific Reports 10, 12643 (2020).

  • May 2020: Congratulations to Maye Alsaawy for successfully defending her Master’s thesis titled “Chiral Molecules in Intense Laser Fields”

  • March 2020: Extreme ultrafast photonics group and university of Ottawa have signed a two year collaborative partnership agreement with a multi-national company to develop the ultra-high density optical data storage project. The technology developed at the university is based on Femtosecond Laser Induced Permanent Emission Centers in common transparent plastics. Each laser-modified region represents a data bit that can be read by exciting the region with a CW laser and detecting the fluorescence emission. The project commence date has been postponed due to COVID-19 crisis.

  • Jan 2020: Dr. Ravi Bhardwaj presented an invited talk on “Spatially controlled nanostructuring of silicon with light “ at Physics of Quantum Electronics conference in Utah, USA

  • Nov 2019: Congratulations to Maryam Alameer for successfully defending her Master’s thesis titled “Polarization dependent ablation of diamond with Gaussian and orbital angular momentum laser beams”.