List of previous student

Year Name Title of Thesis Status
2016 Maye Alsaawy, MSc Chiral dynamics in intense laser fields
2015 Mariam Alameer, MSc Laser processing of diamond films
2017-2018 Ashish Jain, visiting MSc student Nanostructuring of materials with structured light PhD, UOttawa
2010 -16 Ali Alshehri, PhD Femtosecond laser processing of soft matter Assistant Professor, King Khalid university
2010 -16 Abdullah Alharbi, PhD High harmonic generation in complex molecules Assistant Professor, KACST
2012 - 17 Amit Bagga, MSc Cyclic molecules in intense laser fields Department of National Defense
2013 -16 Deepak Kallepalli, PDF 3D data storage in common transparent plastics PDF, UOttawa
2012-14 Andrey Boguslavisky High harmonic spectroscopy of complex molecules RA, National Research Council
2012-14 Hajar AlKhazraji, MSc Nanostructuring of Silicon with femtosecond laser
2011 - 16 P. Lu (co-supervised) Tuning fiber birefringence with femtosecond pulses
2010 -12 Ana Villafranca, PDF Nanoscale manipulation of matter Ciena
2009-11 Luc Elouga Bom, PDF High harmonic generation from surfaces
2007-08 Geethanjali Kolhatkar, 4th year project Design, development and testing of velocity map imaging spectrometer PhD, Sherbrooke
2008 - 14 Farhana Baset, PhD Laser induced dielectric modification OZ Optics Ltd
2008-10 Jean-Michel Gauy, MSc Multiphoton microscopy and interaction of intense light pulses with matter PhD, UOttawa
2007-08 Jean-Michel Gauy, 4th year project Design and development of multiphoton nonlinear microscope MSc, UOttawa
2007- 10 Jean-Paul Brichta PDF Multi-electron dynamics in complex systems High School lecturer
2007 Anant Singh, PDF Developing novel in-fiber devices
2006-07 Franziska Hellmuth, 4th year & summer project Characterization of ultrashort light pulses and generation of few cycle light pulses PhD, Rostock university
2006 - 13 Michael Wong, PhD High harmonic generation in complex molecules Undergraduate lab coordinator, UOttawa
2004-06 Justin Ganon, MSc Coulomb explosion imaging of polyatomic molecules PhD, LMU Munich