Dr. Rasmussen, Adjunct Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, conducts research in the field of environmental geochemistry and health, specifically field and analytical protocols for measuring human exposures to metals in urban air, particulate matter, and household dust.

Her current research aims at understanding metal bioaccessibility and speciation in household dust and airborne particles, and refining filter-based methods for characterizing nanoparticles. As a research scientist with Health Canada, Dr. Rasmussen is the Leader of the Metals and Airborne PM Laboratory in the Exposures and Biomonitoring Division, Environmental Health Science and Research Bureau.


BSc University of Waterloo (1981), MSc University of Toronto (1987), PhD University of Waterloo (1993)

Environmental geochemistry and human health, characterization of airborne particulate matter including nanoparticles, metal bioaccessibility and speciation, exposure assessment, chemistry of house dust, analytical chemistry