Quantum Nanophotonics Summer School

Prof. Ramunno gave a series of lectures on computational nanophonotics at the prestigious NATO Advanced Study Institute summer school Quantum Nanophotonics in Eric, Italy from July 20th – August 4th 2017. The summer school was aimed at graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and researchers in nanophotonics. Dr. Antonio Calà Lesina also attended the summer school.

Joshua Wins 3 minute Talk Challenge at Photonics North 2017

Undergraduate Researcher Joshua Baxter came first in the Photonics North 3 minute talk challenge. Joshua’s talk, Testing the Angle Independence of Metal Colouration presented his work done on investigating angle independent metal colouration on periodic metal colour surfaces via FDTD. The monetary challenge was aimed at people presenting posters at the conference. Thanks to Prof. Lora Ramunno and Dr. Antonio Calà Lesina for help on the talk.

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SOSCIP Impact Day

Prof. Lora Ramunno, Dr. Antonio Calà Lesina, and Joshua Baxter attended SOSCIP Impact Day at the MaRS center on May 9th 2017. The event was a celebration of work done by researchers across Ontario using the SOSCIP resources. Prof Ramunno gave a talk on the work done in the group focusing on the collaboration between the group and the Royal Canadian Mint. Click here to see her impact story.

NSERC Discovery Grant Renewed!

Prof. Lora Ramunno’s NSERC discovery grant has been been renewed in April 2017. The grant duration is up to five years and it aims to (from the website)

  • promote and maintain a diversified base of high-quality research capability in the natural sciences and engineering in Canadian universities;
  • foster research excellence;
  • provide a stimulating environment for research training

Thank you to NSERC!

SOSCIP Project

The Ramunno group was awarded a SOSCIP project in April 2016, to undertake computational projects complementing work at the Royal Canadian Mint. The project includes co-investigators Prof. Pierre Berini and Prof. Arnaud Weck.

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