Workshop on

Forms, Flags, Graphs and Beyond

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Ottawa,
May 9 - May 12, 2019



The proposed workshop will be focusing on new results and developments which lie in the intersection of two areas of pure mathematics: on the one side it is the algebraic geometry with emphasis on the geometric theory of quadratic forms, twisted flag varieties and torsors; on the other side it is the algebraic combinatorics with its rich variety of techniques coming from representation theory and Schubert calculus.

It will address the following two emerging directions of research and interrelations between them: Geometry of generic forms, classifying spaces and generic flag varieties and Moment graphs and generalized Schubert calculus.

In addition to discussing the research topics, the emphasis of the workshop will be on interactions between leading experts and young researchers, especially, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.


The workshop will run for three full days and a morning session during the fourth day (Thursday morning - Sunday noon) and will feature a unique combination of 2 introductory mini-courses, 9 one-hour talks given by leading experts and 6 short talks given by graduate students/postdocs. Each mini-course will have 3 lectures and directed towards graduate students and young researchers:

List of speakers