Current lab members

Risa Sargent

PI. Risa has a doctoral degree from the University of British Columbia and pursued postdoctal work at UC Berkeley. She is interested in how species interactions impact processes such as adaptation  and ecosystem services, especially in the context of global change. She uses a variety of tools, including meta-analysis, field experiments and phylogenetic tools to address questions in this area.

Emma Gaudreault 

Emma started her MSc in the summer of 2018. She is studying the impacts of pesticides on native pollinators in agricultural systems. Emma’s project is jointly supported by Mitacs and the David Suzuki Foundation.

Eden Gerner

Eden also started her MSc in our lab in 2018. She is interested in uncovering the factors that predict the species abundance and diversity of pollinators in urban areas.

Anneke Golmiec

Anneke started her MSc in our lab in 2018. She is interested in species invasions and determining mechanisms by which they could impact native and especially at risk species.

Lindsay Bennett 

MSc candidate. Lindsay started her MSc in the fall of 2017. She is interested in the impacts of invasive species on species at risk and how risk assessments should consider invasives.

Evelyn Bragion

PhD candidate. Evelyn is interested in how climate change can affect spring ephemerals by altering their interaction with pollinators and overstorey plants. She is co-advised by Jessica Forrest.