Featured Recent Publications

  • Parabolic Anderson Model with space-time homogeneous Gaussian noise and rough initial condition by Raluca Balan and Ye Chen. Journal of Theoretical Probability, in press (2017).
  • Intermittency for the wave and heat equations with fractional noise in time by Ralucan Balan and Daniul Conus. Annals of Probability, 44 1488-1534 (2016).
  • Mixing times for a constrained Ising process on the torus at low density by Natesh Pillai and Aaron Smith. Annals of Probability, 45 1003-1070 (2017). 
  • Asymptotically exact MCMC algorithms via local approximations of computationnaly intensive models by Patrick Conrad, Youssef Marzouk, Natesh Pillai and Aaron Smith. Journal of the American Statistical Association, in press (2016).
  • Spatiotemporal distribution of Holocene populations in North America by Chaput, M., Kriesche, B., Betts, M., Martindale, A., Kulik, R.
    Schmidt, V., Gajewski, K. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112(39), 12127-12132
  • Heavy tailed time series with extremal independence by Kulik, R., Soulier, P. H. Extremes, 18(1), 273-299 (2015)
  • SPDEs with affine multiplicative fractional noise in space with index H in (1/4,1/2) by Raluca Balan, Maria Jolis and Lluis Quer-Sardanyons. Electronic Journal of Probability, 20 no. 54, 1-36 (2015).

Featured Books

  • Long Memory Processes: Probabilistic Properties and Statistical Methods by Beran, J., Ghosh, S., Feng, Y., and Kulik, R. Springer (2013).
  • Statistical Methods for Ranking Data by Mayer Alvo and Philip H. Yu. Springer (2014).