Faculty and Students 

Professors Research Interests Doctoral Students Master's Students
Mayer Alvo nonparametric statistics Rachid Bentoumi -
Raluca Balan stochastic partial differential equations, limit theorems Becem Saidani -
David Bickel biostatistics, bioinformatics, applied statistics, Bayesian statistics, foundations of statistics  Abbas Rahal, Reyhaneh Hosseini  -
Patrick Boily quantitative consulting; data analysis/data science/machine learning - -
Kelly Burkett statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology Maryam Onifade, Qianxiang (Jason) Zang, Tricia Morris


Jemila Hamid multivariate methods, methods for longitudinal data and growth curves, methods for interrupted time series analysis, methods for data integration, methods for analysis of high-dimensional data, meta-analysis and network meta-analysis -


David Haziza Theory and application of survey sampling, inference in the presence of missing data, the inference in the presence of influential units, resampling methods and machine learning methods. He Hao (co-supervision with Song Cai),
Mehdi Dagdoug (co-supervision with Camelia Goga).


Gail Ivanoff martingales, point processes, time series Clemonell Bilayi, Hicham Loukrati -
Rafal Kulik extreme value theory, time series, mathematical finance, limit theorems Clemonell Bilayi Devyani Biswal, 

Youssouph Cissokho

Gilles Lamothe   - -
David McDonald   - -
Aaron Smith Probability; (Markov chain) Monte Carlo - Soufiane Fadel, Linyi Guo, Amine Natik, Wang Pengfei.
Mahmoud Zarepour   Nada Habli, Reyhaneh Hosseini -
Chen Xu sparse modelling, statistical learning

Kaili Jing, Qianxiang (Jason) Zang



Visitors and Postdoctoral Scholars (2016 - 2021)

Visitor/Postdoc Affiliation Host Period
Iraj Yadegari  University of Ottawa Kelly Burkett Nov 2018 - Oct 2020
Oren Mangoubi University of Ottawa (now EPFL) Aaron Smith June 2016-August 2017

Yongquan Zhang

China Jiliang University

Chen Xu

July 1-Oct 1, 2016

Visitors (2015-2017)

Visitor Affiliation Host Period
Carsten Jentsch University of Mannheim (Germany) Rafal Kulik September 2017
Evgeny Spodarev (Professor) University of Ulm (Germany) Rafal Kulik May 2017
Philippe Soulier (Professor) University Paris-Ouest Nanterre (France) Rafal Kulik March 2017
Philippe Soulier (Professor) University Paris-Ouest Nanterre (France) Rafal Kulik May 7-13, 2016
Annika Betken (Ph. D. student) University of Bochum (Germany) Rafal Kulik September-December 2015
Timothy Brereton (Postdoc) University of Ulm (Germany) Aaron Smith September 19-26, 2015
Evgeny Spodarev (Professor) University of Ulm (Germany) Rafal Kulik September 7-20, 2015



Some Past students

Name Degree Thesis/Project Current Affiliation
Ibrahim Abdelrazeq Ph.D. Statistical Inference for Levy-Driven Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes Whitman College (US)