Erhard Neher (Emeritus Professor)


My present research interests are quadratic forms, Azumaya algebras, groups, and nonassociative structures like Jordan algebras and Jordan pairs. Whenever possible, I like to study these objects over schemes. But sometimes I (have to) settle for affine schemes, i.e, rings, and even semilocal rings.

My recent preprints and papers can be found here. For related preprints on Jordan structures, see the Jordan Theory Preprint Archives .

Scan of Kevin McCrimmon's pre-book on alternative algebras (posted with permission).

I am a member of NOLT, the Network of Ontario Lie Theorists.

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I no longer accept supervision of students or postdoctoral fellows. Here is a list of students and postdoctoral fellows I have supervised.

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Erhard Neher, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Ottawa,
STEM, 150 Louis-Pasteur-Private Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. K1N 6N5