Editorial activities

2012--2016: member of the editorial board of the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin and Canadian Journal of Mathematics

Previous Professional Activities: Organization of seminars, workshops and conferences

CRM Regional Conference in Lie Theory, October 2-3, 2020

CRM Regional Conference in Lie Theory, March 21, 2020 (postponed)

CRM Thematic program on New Directions in Lie Theory, January - June 2014

Algebra seminar Fall 2013

Fields Institute thematic program on Torsors, Nonassociative Algebras and Cohomological Invariants, January - June 2013

Algebra Seminar winter 2012;

69th Algebra Day April 14, 2012;

Fields Institute workshop Exceptional Algebras and Groups April 19-22, 2012;

66. Algebra Day (April 24, 2010)

Fields Institute workshop on Torsors, Lie algebras and Galois Cohomology, March 26-28, 2010.

Fields Institute Summer School and Conference in Geometric Representation Theory and Extended Affine Lie Algebras (summer school: June 15-27, 2009; conference: June 28 - July 3, 2009)

Algebra Week Sept.12-21, 2008 at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa, sponsored by the Fields Institute.

Fields Institute workshop on Lie Algebras (April 13-15, 2007)

60. Algebra Day (March 31, 2007)

Algebra seminar 2006/07

Fields Institute workshop on Lie Algebras (March 24-26, 2006) (group photo)

Fields Institute workshop on Jordan Algebras and Related Fields (Sept. 21-24, 2005) (group photo)

Lie Theory Workshop (March 5&6, 2005)

54. Algebra Day (May 1&2, 2004)

Lie Theory Seminar (academic year 003/04)

Lie Day (December 20, 2003)

Fields Institute Conference on Infinite-dimensional Lie Theory and its applications (July 17-25, 2003) (group photo, organizers)

International Conference on Representations of Algebras and Related Topics (July 15 - August 10, 2002)