The uOttawa Geometry & Topology Group

Research areas

  • Algebraic topology and homotopy theory;
  • Category theory;
  • Low-dimensional topology;
  • Contact and symplectic geometry;
  • Topological data analysis;
  • Machine learning;
  • Geometric mechanics; and
  • Computational geometry.

Faculty members

Professor Research interests
Maia Fraser
  • Machine learning theory and applications
  • Contact geometry
  • Topological data analysis and computational geometry
Simon Henry
  • Higher category theory
  • Categorical homotopy theory
  • Categorical logic and (homotopy) type theory
  • Topos theory
  • Point-free topology and constructive mathematics
  • General category theory
Paul-Eugène Parent
  • Rational homotopy theory
  • Lustenik–Schnirelmann category
  • Simplicial models for loop spaces
  • Applications to computer science and network theory
Tanya Schmah
  • Statistical machine learning
  • Image registration
  • Geometric mechanics
C.-M. Michael Wong
  • Low-dimensional topology
  • Floer theory and categorification
  • Contact geometry


In Winter 2024, the uOttawa Geometry and Topology Seminar runs on Thursdays from 12:00 to 1:00 pm ET in STEM 364.