I use geometric and topological tools both within pure Math and in Computer Science. My main area of research is Machine Learning (statistical machine learning, topological data analysis) but I also work on certain problems in Contact/Symplectic Geometry as well as Computational Geometry. My focus in Machine Learning is its interaction with Neuroscience - understanding theoretical principles governing both artificial and biological learning, developing data-analytic tools for neuroscience data, and taking inspiration from biological learning to develop machine learning algorithms. Google Scholar entry.

Recent publications and preprints

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  • MAT4373/5314: Statistical Machine Learning
  • MAT3555/MAT3155: Géométrie Différentielle/Differential Geometry
  • MAT2355: Introduction to Geometry
  • MAT2143: Algebraic Structures: Intro. to Group Theory
  • MAT1741: Algèbre linéaire
  • MAT3153: Introduction to Topology

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