Canadian  Operator  Algebras  Symposium

Canadian Operator Symposium, 50th anniversary

May 30 to June 3, 2022

University of Ottawa, Canada


Registration for COSy 2022 is through Eventbrite; please click here. There is a registration fee of $200 (profs with research grants), $100 (profs without research grants), $50 (postdocs, grad students, etc.). If you wish to attend talks online (where applicable), please use the registration form and select "Online only". There is no fee in this case. You may also use the registration form to indicate if you would like to give a contributed talk.

Travel support

We will be able to offer some travel funding support to postdocs and graduate students. Likely this support will be in the form of providing accommodation; therefore please do not book your own accommodation if you are applying for support. Please use the Eventbrite registration form to apply for this support. There is a deadline of May 3 for applying for travel funding support and for contributed talks.

Supported by the Fields Institute.