Canadian  Operator  Algebras  Symposium

Canadian Operator Symposium, 50th anniversary

May 30 to June 3, 2022

University of Ottawa, Canada

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Operator Symposium, a groundbreaking meeting and a cornerstone of the Canadian operator algebras community! We look forward to an exciting conference and an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the tradition of the Canadian Operator Symposium.

There are opportunities for contributed talks. If you would like to give a contributed talk, please indicate this on the registration form. There is a deadline of May 3 to apply to give a contributed talk.

Travel funding support is available for postdocs and graduate students. This also has a deadline of May 3. Please see the registration page for more details.

Organized by Ken Davidson, Thierry Giordano, and Aaron Tikuisis.

Scientific advisory panel: Astrid an Huef, Benoît Collins, George Elliott, Ilijas Farah, Masoud Khalkhali, and Vern Paulsen.

Plenary speakers

Michael Brannan (University of Waterloo)
Shirly Geffen (KU Leuven)
Michael Hartz (Saarland University)
Mehrdad Kalantar (University of Houston)
Matt Kennedy (University of Waterloo)
David Kerr (WWU Münster)
Marcelo Laca (University of Victoria)
Magdalena Musat (University of Copenhagen)
Ian Putnam (University of Victoria)
Mikael Rørdam (University of Copenhagen)
Chris Schafhauser (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Karen Strung (Czech Academy of Sciences)
Stefaan Vaes (KU Leuven)
Maria Grazia Viola (Lakehead University)
Wilhelm Winter (WWU Münster)
Dilian Yang (University of Windsor)

Online talks

Where possible, we will broadcast the talks live over Zoom. If you would like to attend the talks online, please register using the "Online only" option (there is no registration fee for this option).


There will be a banquet on Wednesday evening at East India restaurant. It will be a buffet dinner and will cost $37; this includes tip and tax, but does not include drinks.

Quantum groups, tensor categories, and subfactors

The following summer school/workshop, the week before COSy, may be of interest to participants: Quantum groups, tensor categories, and subfactors, held at the University of Waterloo, May 24-28. There are plans to provide group transportation from Waterloo to Ottawa, for participants who wish to attend both conferences.

Places to eat and things to do

Please click here for a guide for local places to eat and things to do.

Supported by the Fields Institute.