Who Killed Kennedy
The Shocking Secret Linking a Time Lord and a President
by James Stevens & David Bishop

Publisher: BBC
ISBN: 0 426 20467 0


    Investigative journalist James Stevens probes the inner working of the conspiracy known only as UNIT...

    The third (page 121) and seventh (page 236) make cameo appearances.

    The Brigadier (page 25), Liz Shaw (pages 25/162), Jo (page 121 - although she only appears on television footage from The Daemons), Dodo (page 127) and Benton (page 241) all make appearances.


    You need to be highly familiar with the UNIT era up to Day of the Daleks. But this takes in a lot of other continuity as well. Almost every Earthbound story up until the mid seventies gets a mention.

    Pg 15 "Britain was preparing to send the latest Mars probe up into space." The Ambassadors of Death.

    Pg 21 "Last night there was a heatwave across the whole region, and a shower of meteorites came down in Oxley Woods." Spearhead From Space.

    Pg 22 "But apparently there's something very strange about this injured man - he hasn't got human blood." Spearhead From Space.

    Pg 23 "It was formed after that nerve gas attack on the Tube a couple years ago" The Invasion.

    Pgs 24-26 "Cottage hospital indeed!" There follows a replay of the scene with the journalists from Spearhead From Space.

    Pg 29 "We did have a car stolen from the hospital" Spearhead From Space.

    Pg 34 "Apparently the terrorists behind the attack had holed up at a plastics factory in the Ashbridge area." Spearhead From Space.

    Pg 35 "An entire display of mannequins disappeared overnight from Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, while some patrons claimed they had seen one of the dummies come alive!" Spearhead From Space.

    Pg 36 "At least six people claimed to have been attacked by the dummies." Spearhead From Space.

    Pg 37 "A new launching in the Mars Probe series of flights was due in the next few months" The Ambassadors of Death.

    Pg 38 "Finally, some severe string-pulling got me an appointment with the Right Honourable Frederick Masters, Permanent Under-Secretary to the Ministry of Science" Doctor Who and the Silurians.

    "I began with a trip to the British Space Centre at Hertfordshire. According to the Chronicle's archives, the centre had grown out of the old British Rocket Group." The Ambassadors of Death.

    Pg 39 "But tragedy stuck when Vaughn died in an explosion at his IE factory just outside London." The Invasion.

    "It was Ralph Cornish who stepped in to help Vaughn's associate Ashley Chapel sort out the mess." The Ambassadors of Death, Millennial Rites.

    Pg 40 "He explained for what must have been the thousandth time how Mars Probe 7 had landed safely on Mars but then communication links were lost." The Ambassadors of Death.

    Pg 41 "Partially funded by the government, Think Tank was established by the new Ministry of Science to encourage and develop new ideas." Robot.

    Pg 43 "The police have sealed off Waterloo Station and have called in the army. People are dropping like flies" Doctor Who and the Silurians.

    "The first came nearly three years before, when the entire London Underground network had to be sealed off after a hallucinogenic gas was accidentally released into the air vents." The Web of Fear.

    "Thousands of people in major cities around the world reported fainting spells, dizziness, and loss of memory." The Invasion.

    Pg 44 "This isn't some nerve gas attack - it's a killer virus, some sort of plague." Doctor Who and the Silurians.

    Pg 45 "Are you familiar with the name Wenley Moor?" Doctor Who and the Silurians.

    Pg 46 "Wenley Moor's an underground nuclear research centre; they're doing something very hush-hush involving a cyclotron." Doctor Who and the Silurians.

    Pg 48 "The inserts included news that the first international plague victim had just died at Paris airport" Doctor Who and the Silurians.

    Pg 51 "Later in the afternoon we had reports from one of our stringers on the moors about a series of explosions in the caves around the research centre." Doctor Who and the Silurians.

    Pg 53 "A farmer's wife who lived on Wenley Moor was still being treated for shock after claiming to have seen some sort of lizard walking upright like a man" Doctor Who and the Silurians.

    "The director of the research centre, Doctor Lawrence, was among the first victims of the virus and could not be called to account." Doctor Who and the Silurians.

    Pg 55 "The nation seemed to stand still during the special broadcasts, as the Recovery 7 craft was sent into space to link up with Mars Probe 7." The Ambassadors of Death.

    "The event turned presenter John Wakefield into a television star overnight" The Ambassadors of Death.

    Pg 56 "The Government was still slowly falling apart over the plague fiasco, and around London there were a series of violent robberies of radioactive isotopes from nuclear facilities." Doctor Who and the Silurians, The Ambassadors of Death.

    "But the public were interested in only one thing - the Mars Probe." The Ambassadors of Death.

    Pg 57 "Most intriguing were the links I discovered between UNIT and the so-called secret service ministry, C19" First mentioned in Time-Flight, C19 play a large role in The Scales of Injustice.

    Pg 61 "Was there any link between this and UNIT's role in recent incidents like Black Thursday and the Mars Probe crisis?" Black Thursday is this book's nickname for the events from Spearhead from Space. The Ambassadors of Death.

    Pgs 62-63 "What made me interested in Miss Watkins was an overlooked detail in her claims, namely that UNIT and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart had been intimately involved in fighting off the extra-terrestrial attackers." The Invasion.

    Pg 63 "I know we're not decimalized yet, but will these do?" Reference to Susan's prediction of currency decimalisation in An Unearthly Child.

    "The face was elfin with intelligent eyes, framed by a square fringe and a wild feather boa." Zoe Herriot, The Invasion.

    Pg 64 "Each showed a tall, metallic figure looming menacingly in what appeared to be a tunnel or sewer pipe." Cybermen, The Invasion.

    "They put the whole world into a hypnotic trance for several hours and began seizing control of crucial power and communications centres around the globe." The Invasion.

    Pg 65 "Well, there's Zoe, who you've already seen." The Wheel in Space et al.

    "There was a Scots lad Jamie, who wore a kilt all the time." Jamie McCrimmon, The Highlander et al.

    "The Brigadier seemed to know him and Jamie from a previous meeting" The Web of Fear.

    Pg 69 "Origins: The Intrusions Counter Measures Group" Remembrance of the Daleks.

    "The person given the job of making this role a realistic and attainable goal was Group Captain Ian 'Chunky' Gilmore" Remembrance of the Daleks.

    Pg 70 "Among those he hand-picked to aid him was Professor Rachel Jensen." Remembrance of the Daleks.

    Pg 71 "In the Shoreditch suburb of East London, two school teachers left the local Coal Hill school together. They told a colleague they were going to visit one of their pupils, Susan Foreman, at her home address of 76 Totters Lane." An Unearthly Child.

    Pgs 71-72 "Even more bizarre was the pair's reappearance in London during the summer of 1965, nearly two years later." The Chase.

    Pg 72 "Wright returned to teaching but soon abandoned secondary schools to become a university lecturer on history, specializing in the Aztec period of Central American history." The Aztecs.

    "Chesterton also shifted to varsity work, gained a professorship within a year, and was soon presenting controversial but highly regarded papers at international conferences." This reflects Ian's alternate backstory from Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks.

    "Every man, woman and child living or working within a three-mile radius of those two sites was evacuated by the ICMG under the Peacetime Nuclear Accident Provisions." Remembrance of the Daleks.

    "Five workmen and the owner of the yard, Mr Ratcliffe, were accidentally killed by the detonation." Remembrance of the Daleks.

    Pg 73 "Throughout he was accompanied by a teenage girl known only by the nickname 'Ace'." Dragonfire et al.

    "But one of those who died, Sergeant Mike Smith, was denied a military funeral and was buried privately by his family five days later in a nearby cemetery." Remembrance of the Daleks.

    "Following the Shoreditch incident, Group Captain Gilmore campaigned for the establishment of a permanent rapid-reaction team to cope with such emergencies" This is mentioned in Downtime (page 8).

    Pg 74 "The centrepiece for the experiment was WOTAN, a startling new computer housed in the recently completed Post Office Tower." The War Machines.

    "Professor Brett had what was described as a 'slight nervous breakdown' and C-Day was abandoned at the last minute, much to the Government's embarrassment." The War Machines.

    "Summer described this person as an English gentleman in his early sixties, with 'imperious white hair swept back from his face and reaching almost to collar length, with haughty features and piercing eyes that burned with intelligence and wit." The first Doctor. Summer, is Sir Charles Summer, from The War Machines.

    "Summer added that the Doctor was aided by a young Sailor called Ben and Professor Brett's secretary, Polly." The War Machines et al.

    Pg 75 "During a still-classified incident at a secret naval base on the coast of Northumberland during the Second World War, a man called the Doctor appeared who matches the description of the like-named individual at the Shoreditch Incident." The Curse of Fenric, Remembrance of the Daleks.

    "This Doctor reappeared again in 1959 during a security alert at a holiday camp in South Wales, but this time was accompanied by a young woman with a very different physical description, known as 'Mel'." Delta and the Bannermen.

    "More recently, the police were called to investigate a case of holiday fraud at Gatwick Airport in July 1966." The Faceless Ones.

    "The civilian who tipped off the police about the fraud, Samantha Briggs, described the Doctor as a short man, with a mournful face and dishevelled clothing." The Faceless Ones and the second Doctor.

    Pg 76 "He reappeared just a month later, during the infamous nerve gas scare on the London Underground." The Web of Fear.

    Pg 77 "Instead, the fledgling fighting-force based itself out of a Hercules transport plane." The Invasion.

    Pgs 77-78 "Fragmentary documents from the flight logs show that UNIT was investigating Tobias Vaughn and his International Electromatics empire weeks before Vaughn's mysterious death and subsequent collapse of IE." The Invasion.

    Pg 78 "Vaughn's associate, Ashley Chapel, has consistently refused to comment about Vaughn, IE or UNIT" Millennial Rites, The Invasion.

    Pg 81 "Actually, we've been hearing whispers about some secret project near Eastchester that's gone horribly wrong, nicknamed 'Inferno'." Inferno.

    "The guiding force behind it, Professor Eric Stahlman, had died trying to make his dream a reality, along with several technicians. The project's executive director, Sir Keith Gold, had resigned his post with the Ministry of Science and was saying nothing about the events at Inferno." Inferno.

    Pg 83 "Sutton spun a tale that could have stepped right off a science fiction potboiler, about a mad scientist with his crackpot scheme, an old Government buffer trying to rein the madman in, and of a green slime oozing out of the drill shaft that turned men into primordial monsters." Inferno.

    Pg 84 "He told us he'd travelled to - now let me see if I can remember this right - he'd been transported to a parallel dimension where the history was different and where Inferno had caused the entire planet to split apart." Inferno.

    Pg 85 "Even more startling, Sutton's description of this Doctor was a perfect fit for the astronaut that Ralph Cornish and British Space Control had sent up on Recovery 7's second rescue mission to Mars Probe 7." The Ambassadors of Death.

    Pg 88 "Tuesday's feature delved deeply into the Inferno disaster at Eastchester." Inferno.

    Pg 89 "On Wednesday the feature series back-tracked to re-examine the C-Day fiasco and raised questions about the rise of computers in society, while Thursday reopened the wounds of the Wenley moor plague." The War Machines, Doctor Who and the Silurians.

    Pg 107 "Something about special restrictions with this new outfit we've just joined, or so Sergeant Benton says." Benton appeared throughout the UNIT years, starting in The Invasion.

    Pg 109 "The editor at Metropolitan, Sally Lincoln was especially enthusiastic" The Metropolitan is the magazine that Sarah Jane Smith worked for (The Time Warrior).

    Pg 113 "A typical example of an intervention was the death of two scientists at the Beacon Hill Research Establishment in what the papers called 'mysterious circumstances'." Terror of the Autons.

    Pg 114 "Elsewhere, 450,000 free plastic daffodils that had been distributed around the country were recalled for 'safety reasons' by the authorities." Terror of the Autons.

    Pg 115 "For the past few days, I've been driving the brass around all the plastics factories on the outskirts of London, and now I've just got back from a long shift guarding a horse box at a travelling circus." Terror of the Autons.

    "Apparently they want us to be less susceptible to hypnosis and mind control after some big scare recently." The Master, Terror of the Autons.

    "Under him is Captain Yates." Terror of the Autons et al.

    Pg 116 "Best of the bunch is Sergeant Benton." The Invasion et al.

    "Big white frilly-shirts with lots of ruffles, purple velvet smoking jackets, and he drives this bright yellow vintage car he calls Bessie!" The third Doctor. Bessie first appeared in Doctor Who and the Silurians.

    Pg 117 "On The Passing Parade, noted BBC3 broadcaster Alex MacIntosh demanded to know what right I had to play god with the fate of the election" BBC3 was the then-fake third BBC channel featured in The Daemons (as was MacIntosh).

    Pg 119 "Apparently some Swiss scientist has come up with a revolutionary new technique to remove violent impulses from the minds of criminals." The Mind of Evil.

    Pg 120 "Three days later, I was in the back of an unmarked black van, being driven up the long curving driveway to Her Majesty's Prison Stangmoor." The Mind of Evil.

    Pg 121 "On a low metal trolley sat a squat, upright cylinder made of some opaque plastic or glass, topped with a dark dome." The Keller Machine, The Mind of Evil.

    "Previously I had watched this operative in the background of the Mars Probe broadcasts" The Ambassadors of Death.

    Pg 122 "'Morbid lot of sensation seekers,' I heard him utter." There follows a re-enactment of one of the early scenes from The Mind of Evil.

    Pg 129 "This week's issue was going to focus on the peace talks" The Mind of Evil.

    Pg 131 "But what was an international intelligence taskforce doing stopping a prison riot in rural England, when it was apparently meant to be providing security for the vital World Peace Conference in London?" The Mind of Evil.

    Pgs 132-135 "The rioters had taken over an old converted castle and we had to storm the building" There follows a detailed description of a scene from The Mind of Evil.

    Pg 136 "One woman insisted she had been attacked by a plastic daffodil" Terror of the Autons.

    Pg 139 "On the phone it had been difficult to assess Dodo's age and origins because her accent seemed to shift between well-educated Oxbridge tones and a coarser smattering of cockney." This is a reference to Dodo's accent changing between The Massacre and her later stories.

    Pg 140 "Someone had brought Dodo up to be a proper young lady, although a trace of Cockney in her voice suggested she had not always lived in the suburbs." The Massacre.

    Pg 141 "I imagine myself in the Wild West during a shootout, or else I'm on some sort of ship where there are monsters with only one eye. Sometimes I have dreams where I'm being attacked by dancing dolls." The Gunfighters, The Ark, The Celestial Toymaker.

    "I visited the Post Office Tower just before C-Day and something happened to me" The War Machines.

    Pg 145 "I remember doing a school project about family trees once and I traced ours back to the Huguenots" The Massacre.

    Pg 153 "It started when we had to go on guard duty at the XXXXX Power Complex." The Nuton Power Complex (redacted in this letter), The Claws of Axos.

    Pg 154 "The weather kept changing every five minutes - one second it'd be hot and sunny, the next there's be snow on the ground." There follows a description of much of The Claws of Axos.

    Pg 157 "The new Heath government had a very short honeymoon, with blame for the collapse of the World Peace Conference in November 1970 being laid squarely at its door." The Mind of Evil.

    Pg 159 "Cassandra cited as an example of this sabotage the case of Horatio Chinn." The Claws of Axos.

    Pg 161 "Just when Chinn was beginning to wear Lethbridge-Stewart down, UNIT was called to an "incident" near the Nuton Power Complex." The Claws of Axos.

    Pg 163 "I'm just lighting my pipe." Liz smoking a pipe was established in the PROBE series of spinoff videos.

    Pg 166 "Professor Shaw had been the young woman accompanying Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart when he visited the Ashbridge Cottage Hospital back in October '69." Spearhead From Space.

    Pg 167 "You were with Lethbridge-Stewart at Ashbridge Cottage Hospital when they had the meteor man from space scare." Spearhead From Space.

    Pg 168 "She had been present at or involved with several of the flashpoints I had detailed in my Bad Science book, including Wenley Moor, the Mars Probe crisis, and Project Inferno" Doctor Who and the Silurians, The Ambassadors of Death, Inferno.

    Pgs 168-169 "She left the international taskforce amicably some months after the closure of Project Inferno and was now undertaking research into genetic engineering and genetic diseases, with a special focus on the reptile world." Terror of the Autons (where Liz's departure is reported), Inferno, Doctor Who and the Silurians.

    Pg 170 "I wish I could tell you what really happened at Wenley moor and other places, but even if I did you'd never believe me." Doctor Who and the Silurians.

    Pg 171 "The collapse of the World Peace Conference in London had pushed events that much closer to nuclear conflict." The Mind of Evil.

    Pg 173 "Soon we would all bear witness to the works of Victor Magister." The Daemons.

    Pg 174 "They're opening up a barrow called the Devil's hump in Wiltshire." The Daemons.

    "At midnight we switched over to BBC3 and were met with the simpering inanities of The Passing Parade's man on the spot, Alastair Fergus." The Daemons.

    Pg 175 "He introduced the archaeologist running the dig, Professor Gilbert Horner." There follows the televised scene from The Daemons.

    Pg 181 "i saw a daeMOn and i saw THE deVil and he was angri with me." The Daemons.

    Pg 182 "While the accused spent his time on remand at a special prison in a secret location somewhere within Britain, newspapers, magazines and television companies began a series of investigations into the background of this mysterious figure." The Sea Devils.

    "Quickly added to Magister's list of alleged crimes was the series of attacks across Britain a year and a half before known as Black Thursday." Spearhead From Space.

    "The Sunday Times 'Insight' team of investigative journalists discovered evidence that the Wenley Moor plague was actually the by-product of an attack on the nuclear research facility by the Master Gang." Doctor Who and the Silurians.

    Pg 183 "The Master Gang was soon blamed for everything from the Mars Probe series of rocket launches ('an attempt to destroy Britain's lead in the space race, thus shattering the credibility of our Empire' thundered the Daily Chronicle's leader the next day) through to the collapse of the World Peace conference in London." The Ambassadors of Death, The Mind of Evil.

    Pg 187 "Yet not a word about his involvement in any of these events was spoken before his arrest at Devil's End." The Daemons.

    "The Master Gang has been blamed for Black Thursday, the Wenley Moor plague and problems at the British Space Centre without a shred of proof to back up any of these claims." Spearhead from Space, Doctor Who and the Silurians, The Ambassadors of Death.

    Pg 195 "Yours sincerely Captain M. Yates" Mike Yates, Terror of the Autons et al.

    Pg 200 "'I am usually referred to as the Master,' he said. 'Is that right?' I replied, trying to keep my voice casual. 'Universally.' Magister smiled, as if this were the punchline of some private joke." Terror of the Autons.

    Pg 202 "If Victor Magister was also the director of the Glasshouse, why had Dodo not recognised his face when it appeared on television after his arrest at Devil's End." The Daemons.

    Pg 219 "I had not seen Fergus on The Passing Parade since the incident at Devil's End." The Daemons.

    Pg 233 "It started with that thing I saw at the power complex." The Claws of Axos.

    "I thought I saw the Devil and that he was going to punish me" The Daemons.

    Pg 237 "If the conference goes ahead, it will almost certainly be held here, at Sir Reginald Styles' official residence, Auderly House." Day of the Daleks.

    Pg 240 "He was now incarcerated at a specially constructed jail somewhere off the coast of England." The Sea Devils.

    "Immediately I flung myself back into the bushes as a convoy of limousines sped at me." We get a reenactment of the climactic scene to Day of the Daleks.

    Pg 251 "A Time Ring!" Genesis of the Daleks.

    Pg 252 "Perhaps free will is not an illusion after all." Inferno.

    Pg 254 "Whatever you do, don't lose the Time Ring - it's your only way back." This echoes a line from Genesis of the Daleks.

    Pg 267 "I think it's time I paid him a visit." The Sea Devils.

    Pg 271 "Cleary's hospital costs were paid for by an outside benefactor, whose cheques were drawn from Coutts Bank in the name of R.J. SMITH." Birthright.

    Pg 272 "Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart retired from UNIT without fanfare in the mid-1970s, and took up teaching mathematics at a minor public school for boys." Mawdryn Undead.

    "Friends in high places tell me he is occasionally wheeled out when things are going very wrong somewhere in the world." Battlefield.

    "The Master (or Victor Magister as his criminal record called him) escaped from his special prison cell in the autumn of 1971, causing a great scandal in the prison service." The Sea Devils.

    Pg 273 "Among the pupils of which I am most proud, my favourites are Ruby and Sarah Jane." Iceberg, The Time Warrior et al.

    "If some of my dates are wrong or my interpretations of events seem inaccurate, I apologize." Reference to UNIT Dating.

    Pg 23 UNIT (The Invasion et al).

    Pg 24 Captain Munro (Spearhead from Space).

    Pg 20 Mullins (Spearhead from Space).

    Pg 26 Sam Seeley (Spearhead from Space).

    Pg 39 Ralph Cornish (The Ambassadors of Death).

    Pg 41 Professor Kettlewell (Robot).

    Pg 62 Isobel Watkins (The Invasion).

    Pg 82 Petra and Greg Sutton (Inferno).

    Pg 184 Alex McIntosh (The Daemons).

    Pg 220 The Master (Terror of the Autons et al).

    Pg 241 An Ogron, from Day of the Daleks.

    James Stevens. Uniquely, the only time the author of the book becomes a new friend.


    • Pg 197 "The injuries had fully healed, yet I felt like I had only been unconcious for a few hours" Or unconscious, perhaps?

    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    • Stevens is still groggy and it's affecting his spelling.

    Pg 241 An Ogron.

    Pg 15 London, 1995.

    Pg 19 London, 1969.

    Pg 81 London, 1970.

    Pg 157 London, 1971.

    Pg 208 Evesham, 1971.

    Pg 255 Dallas, 1963.

    Pg 271 London, 1996.

    IN SUMMARY - Robert Smith?
    Who Killed Kennedy is one of the best things to ever come out of the novel lines. It tackles its subject from an usual angle - the Doctor barely appears, but it recounts the early UNIT years from a government conspiracy point of view - and even has the fictional author on the cover. The result is stupendous. This is an astonishingly gripping read: it's involving, heartbreaking and intriguing as you watch Stevens desperately trying to connect the dots, as his life falls apart around him. Even killing off Dodo works well. It pales slightly in the actual Kennedy plot, while the Master's involvement works best when he's in the shadows, rather than towards the end, but these are fairly minor complaints. Find this book. Read it. Then read it again. You won't be sorry.