The Coming of the Terraphiles
by Michael Moorcock

Publisher: BBC
ISBN: 1 846 07983 2


    The Doctor and Amy join the Terraphiles in order to prevent the impending collapse of the multiverse.


    Amy Pond.

    Pg 22 The planet Peers™.


    Pg 8 "Even the howling, fruitful terraces of Arcturus-and-Arcturus owed their existence to this familiar phenomenon" Probably not a reference to The Curse of Fenric.

    Pg 23 "I'm the madman with the box, remember?" The Eleventh Hour.

    Pg 59 "He had shown his ID, but for some reason Lord sherwood could never remember his name" The psychic paper (The End of the World et al).

    Pg 63 "Is that naural, do you think? That shock of white blond hair?" Possible reference to the description of the third Doctor in the Target novelisations.

    Pg 101 "Now the Daleks and all that lot - incapable of imagining a decent meal, never mind a different point of view or another species' right to exist." You probably know who the Daleks are.

    Pgs 118-119 "Just a minor storm. Those awful time winds..."

    Pg 124 "The ships were probably owned now by renegade members of the Dructionjen clans, exiled many generations earlier for Dalek-worship, a quasi-religious cult which believed the Doctor's old enemies would one day return to take over the galaxy." They're probably not wrong.

    Pg 151 "Everybody knew about the legendary Daleks who had once sought to invade and inhabit the galaxy." Too many times to count.

    Pg 192 "She was in her police uniform, running for the TARDIS." The Eleventh Hour.

    Pg 194 "Space is affected by time. it's a dimension of time and it also has its own dimensions." Very similar to what's said in The Space Museum.

    Pg 209 The sonic screwdriver makes an appearance.

    Pg 258 "'Pull yourself together, Amy Pond!' she told herself not fir the first time since she had met the Doctor in her back garden some fifty thousand years in the past." The Eleventh Hour.

    Pg "You're a super block. A catch for any smart woman. But - oh, dear, Bingo, I'm afraid I can't accept. You see -" Rory, The Eleventh Hour.

    Pg 340 "'You really are the only one?' 'Time Lord. The Time War got a bit desperate towards the end.'" The End of the World et al.

    The Judoon appear, though none that we've ever met before.

    Hari, Flapper, Mr & Mrs Banning-Cannon, WG Grace, Captain Cornelius, Captain Aberley, Frank/Freddie Force, Uff Nuf O'Kay, Lady Peggy, Kali Kali, Mon'in, Mrs Aramone, Je'I'me Polucks, Parker, Mickey, Argentino, Pilliom Rekya, Pom'ik'ik, Tarkus, O'Gruff, J'n, Jill Jay, Old Bill Todd, Mac MacLachlan, Old Fred Townsend, Captain Snarri, Peet Aviv, various Judoon.


    1. Pg 160 "A spec of indigo. A distant horn." Speck, surely?
    2. Pg 341 "'We carry on for ever. Paradox upon paradox,'" Why does the paragraph end with a comma?

    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    1. The colour indigo had submitted a script on spec. It's the future; deal with it.
    2. The Doctor had another thought, but forgot what it was.

    Pg 14 Judoon.

    Pg 58 Rhinocerids.

    A canine.



    A hawk-person.

    Pg 129 The Chronii, sentient globes that can turn aggression back on the aggressor.

    Pg 135 Frankie/Freddie Force and his men are antimatter creatures who wear pseudo-skins to interface with the matter universe. Frankie/Freddie are brothers who share the same body.

    Pg 168 Uniformed simians with shaven heads.

    Halbots, half-robots of flesh and steel, with modified eyes.

    Pg 171 An Unshim-Anlinite, an albino preying mantis with a human skull and several sets of rub-red eyes.

    Pg 189 A Polynuraid.

    An insectoid Bruzh.

    Pg 190 A twin-headed creature.

    Pg 247 Long-necked ostriches with simian heads.

    Large saurians.

    Snake-faced women.

    Pg 259 A creature who smells of the sea and has scales that are usually yellow, but turn greenoish-blue when nervous.

    Pg 266 An Afrid from Sirius.

    A sparrowman.

    A Twitterian.

    Pg 280 A half-Spooni.

    Pg 281 A Cairene.

    Pg 290 A half-canine.

    A Ringai.

    Pg 308 A four-armed Thark.

    Pg 330 A feline of some sort.

    Pg 7 The planet Venice.

    Pg 9 The Paine.

    Pg 20 A Peers™ planet.

    Pg 110 The K1-32.

    Pg 165 The spaceport on Desiree.

    Pg 175 A spacebus.

    Pg 182 The Gargantua.

    Pg 195/200 Now the Clouds Have Meaning, a seagoing yacht.

    Pg 260 A space ferry.

    Pg 262 Flynn.

    IN SUMMARY - Robert Smith?
    This might be the strangest Doctor Who novel ever written. It's bloated, unfocused, trivial and has only the most tangential connections to any characters ever seen in the show (including whomever is impersonating the two regulars, who are unrecognisable). But it's also different! No alien invasion of the week here. The lyrical style is quite refreshing and the buildup from the mystery of the stolen hat through to the game actually kind of works. It occasionally threatens to be gripping and probably should have been about a third of its actual length, but there's a weird appeal nonetheless. Not at all what I was expecting from an established Big Name SF Writer (whom, admittedly, I've never read before), but at least it's thinking big. We've never seen anything like this before, and we never will again. Both are probably good things.