So Vile a Sin
by Ben Aaronovitch and Kate Orman

Publisher: Virgin
ISBN: 0 426 20484 0


    The Earth Empire is dying and the house of Forrester is more caught up in the events than anyone knows. As alternate realities fracture and split, multiple Doctors find multiple tragedy. The real Doctor finds he must pay the price that he always knew was coming...


    Roz Forrestor and Chris Cwej.

    Bernice Summerfield and Jason Kane make an appearance in the final chapter.

    Pg 208 The TARDIS is at the Forrestor family home on Io.

    Original Sin, SLEEPY, The Death of Art, Damaged Goods.

    Pg 3 "Pointing out the different Zulu costumes kilts and furs, and the Knights of Io in theior traditional Indian clothes." The Knights of Io are likely related to the Knights of Oberon, from Revelation of the Daleks.

    Pg 8 "The Falardi, perhaps, or maybe the Qink, both of whom leant towards the esoteric when it came to weapons." The Falardi allegedly killed Roz's former partner in Original Sin, although this turned out to be an implanted memory.

    "His features were too bland to be anything other than a bepple" Original Sin.

    Pg 9 "I've got SARTRE, micro-neitzsche, FLENSE and even a fragment of the original DALEK source code." You probably know who the Daleks are.

    Pg 11 "FLORANCE had tried out the human sensorium before, tapping into an empathy rig at the institute on Yemaya 4 while a student walked around the Turtle Gardens." SLEEPY.

    "It also kept a continuous sublight datafeed in the form of a huge maser built on a moon of Castari which beamed a digitally modulated signal to a receiving station orbiting Arcturus." Arcturus was important in The Curse of Fenric and Transit and is here spelled correctly.

    Pg 12 "About 30 percent of FLORANCE was semi-autonomous, doing the lecture circuit and making personal appearances at the Institute Fantastique on Yemaya 4." SLEEPY.

    "FLORANCE had got itself downtimed by DKC in the early twenty-second and was not keen to repeat the experience." DKC is the Dione-Kisumu Company, from SLEEPY

    "Exxilon caches like palaces of crystal, redundant Cybermen cores and strange, alien things that probed and snapped at the fringes." Death to the Daleks, The Tenth Planet et al.

    "Incomprehensible things that swept across the datascape like a black wind, leaving puterspace altered behind them." Love and War et al.

    Pg 14 "Rumour had it that it was developed by a species of intelligent fungus and propagated through the Church of the Vacuum." The Hoothi, Love and War.

    Pg 16 "It was he that freed you from Stone Mountain, and it was through his agency that you escaped the Dione-Kisumu Company. He created your friend here and put the events in motion that created the haven onYemaya 4." Transit, SLEEPY.

    Pg 18 "Never mind that HWA was way past fashionable, had gone back to Hithis in '75 and renamed themselves something like Totally Cheerful and Utterly Smug." Original Sin.

    Pg 20 "IMC WANTS YOU TO DIE FOR ITS PROFIT MARGIN." Colony in Space et al.

    "Are they on the DMZ facing the Sontarans?" The Time Warrior et al.

    Pg 26 "But it had all been taken away by the rise of the Liberal Reconstructionists on Tara." The Androids of Tara.

    Pg 28 "Terran species from before the Dalek invasion." The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

    Pg 29 "On Tara, the door to her father's library was always locked" The Androids of Tara.

    "Part of the inviolate heritage of the Gwalchmai family" That's Ancelyn ap Gwalchmai, from Battlefield.

    "The viewer displayed the title page of Greed Incorporated: The Rise of the Space Corporations by M. Ashe." Colony in Space.

    "There were a scatter of titles dealing with the twenty-sixth century that Genevieve recognized from school, the Cyber wars, Imperium Draco, the final defeat of the Daleks." Earthshock; likely Frontier in Space; Abslom Daak fought the Daleks around this time (Deceit).

    "And more poetry but related, the Fitzgerald translation of The Lament of the Non-Operational - a forbidden text." Dalek poetry was mentioned in The Also People.

    Pg 31 "As with the Landsknechte and Imperial Bureaucracy, an Adjudicator was required to forswear theior family title upon joining the order." Original Sin.

    Pg 37 "Orestes, the Ogron homeworld where the pitiful war dragged on" Frontier in Space.

    Pg 38 "I don' sell gun. I sell frock only." The gun/frock debate was mentioned in SLEEPY and Happy Endings.

    Pg 40 "She bought a pack of Yemayan Strikes and a cheap lighter from a kiosk on the corner" SLEEPY.

    "The closest she'd come while travelling with the Doctor had been the Gauloise she'd bought when they were working inthe Quadrant." Damaged Goods.

    "They were dressed in variations of the same baggy fatigues that Roz had seen on the soldiers outside, not Landsknechte or Navy" Original Sin.

    Pg 43 "except they couldn't have been Yemayan strikes because the colony on Yemaya 4 had collapsed in the twenty-third century and been eradicated by the Dione-Kisumu Company." We get a summary of the events of SLEEPY.

    Pg 45 "The Ogron matrons chanted sadly for their poor lost boys, the sons and sister sons that vanished long ago with the metal gods." Day of the Daleks, Frontier in Space (the metal gods are the Daleks).

    Pg 46 "Riban boys with hormone-retarded bodies, pygmy Ogron Maidens with grafted hair, elegant Argolins and bad-tempered boys from Segonax." Ribans may be from The Ribos Operation. Argolins are from The Leisure Hive. Segonax was the planet in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

    "Or even, though this was rare, to take their money to the IMC bank" Colony in Space.

    "Here the molybdenum was compressed into blocks of two hundred thousand tons, prior to being shipped to orbit." The Sensorites.

    Pg 47 "That, ladies and gentlemen, is a metre-thick sheet of superdense matter, colloquially known as dwarf star alloy." Warriors' Gate.

    Pg 55 "Mother of Nobody's out the back, shelling Arcturan prawns." The Curse of Peladon.

    Pg 57 "Her engagement ring clinked against the shot glass of Wakeywakey as she downed the viciously bitter stuff." Roz got engaged in Just War.

    Pg 58 "He get notion to work for metal gods or human or any damn thing that tell him what to do." Day of the Daleks, Frontier in Space. "Human kill all orange monster things" Frontier in Space.

    Pg 59 "Not all-the-sames or metal gods." Sontarans and Daleks.

    Pg 60 "The one in the Quadrant had been bloody indestructible." Damaged Goods.

    Pg 67 "We know all about your encounter with our sibling" Damaged Goods.

    "One million tons of dwarf star alloy smashed down on the N-form from above." Warriors' Gate.

    "She found another hotel room, crawled inside, and smoked an entire pack of Yemayan Strikes." SLEEPY.

    "Given what had happened the last time they'd encountered an N-form, she'd managed to keep the damage down to a surprising minimum." Damaged Goods.

    Pg 70 "Thing is, Biocustoms on Mictlan say the standard decontamination might not fix it." Bizarrely, this manages to forward-reference Alien Bodies and the whole load of other stuff that followed on.

    Pg 71 "In his time, he'd flown everything from an Adjudicator flitter to an experimental Nazi plane." Just War.

    Pg 78 "Chris had heard of a ship on the Earth-Titan run which had got so nervous about one of its retros that it changed course for the nearest repair station, and the crew didn't even realize it until they were halfway to Mars." This may be similar to the Mars-Venus rocket run mentioned in Robot.

    Pg 79 "'There has to be a first time for everything,' said Ioamnet. 'Funny, that's what he said.' 'Your friend?' 'Right,' said Chris, remembering steamy windows." This is Daniel, from Damaged Goods, whom Chris fooled around with.

    Pg 86 "I'm qualified in everything except HTML markup and dentistry" The Gunfighters.

    Pg 91 "Shedding his skin, his skins, shattering like a dropped cup." The Room With No Doors.

    Pg 98 "'Unlimited rice pudding,' said the Doctor." Remembrance of the Daleks.

    "'"Boney," I said, "an army marches on its stomach"'" Day of the Daleks.

    Pg 99 "Balderdash, my dear Blinovitch" Day of the Daleks.

    Pg 101 "Didn't we have fun at Bernice's wedding? I thought Da Vinci's cake was the high point of the reception." Happy Endings.

    Pg 103 "'But I thought you were living in Hampstead.' 'What?' 'With George.'" George Reed, Just War.

    Pg 104 "What was that about my being married to George Reed?" Just War.

    Pg 105 "I thought I'd left you behind in 1941. Or that you were killed by yourself in Woodwicke." Just War, Christmas on a Rational Planet.

    Pg 108 "Medical advice: never stick anything in your ear smaller than your elbow; never stick anything larger in your skull than, say, a continent." This line will be quoted in Walking to Babylon.

    Pg 113 "'It carried the bowships.' 'The what?' 'During the war between the Time Lords and the Great Vampires.'" State of Decay.

    "Hence the one I squashed on Fury. Without, I might add, having to destroy an entire city to do it." Damaged Goods.

    "At some stage, it must have passed through 1987." Damaged Goods.

    Pg 116 "Sokolovsky was tall and muscular, straight-spined, beppled to look like an albino." Original Sin.

    "The next day, in the field, it had terrified a Caxtarid merc so badly he'd got the drop on her." Return of the Living Dad.

    "He remembered the year of the disaster: 2975, when half the Earth went mad." Original Sin.

    "Riding the reports of the killings came the reports of corruption. Corruption in the Order of Adjudicators. Corruption in the Imperial Landsknechte." Original Sin.

    Pg 118 "'First rule of crisis, according to the Doctor,' said Chris. 'Panic about one thing at a time.'" Logopolis.

    Pg 133 "It's a saying of the first Brigadier" Lethbridge-Stewart, The Web of Fear et al.

    Pg 134 "Shoot the winged man with five quick bullets" aka "Chap with wings, five rounds rapid" (The Daemons).

    Pg 139 "Except for the occasional party of Ice Warriors" The Ice Warriors et al.

    Pg 140 "Of course the Martians own Earth, we surrendered in 2010" The Ice Warriors are said to own the Earth in an alternate timeline, which may tie in to The Dying Days. Or possibly Happy Endings, given the year.

    "The Martians look after all that sort of thing, fighting off the Daleks and Rutans and organizing all the paperwork." Likely The Dalek Invasion of Earth and perhaps Lords of the Storm. The Rutans first appeared in Horror of Fang Rock.

    Pg 143 "I was trapped here." Speahead from Space through The Three Doctors.

    Pg 144 "Do you don't exist in our world?" Inferno.

    "Some are killed in a prison cell by the Earth Reptiles and left to rot" Doctor Who and the Silurians/Blood Heat.

    "At least one of me is a ruthless dictator with my picture up everywhere" Inferno/Timewyrm: Revelation.

    Pg 145 "From the garden came the sound of children laughing." Transit. This means the alternate Doctor is likely living in the House on Allen Rd (Warhead et al).

    Pg 147 "Perhaps he's singing the Venusians to sleep" The Curse of Peladon/The Monster of Peladon/Venusian Lullaby.

    Pg 150 "The Draconians say it's because humans like to be reminded of who they've dispossessed." Frontier in Space et al.

    Pg 162 "I'm particularly fond of the Mogarian sculptures." Terror of the Vervoids.

    Pg 166 "A citadel on Sense Sphere. Solos. Japetus. The Androzanies." The Sensorites, The Mutants, unknown, The Caves of Androzani.

    Pg 167 "Oh, I know you destroyed so many traces of your existence." Transit.

    Pg 176 "I thought you needed the Quoth to do that" The Death of Art.

    Pg 188 "Roz switched off the news, right in the middle of a report about the Youkali hostage situation." Return of the Living Dad.

    Pg 189 "It was after I killed Martle." Original Sin.

    Pg 191 "'Oh no,' said Roz. 'We're in bloody puterspace.'" A comment on several NAs, one suspects (Love and War et al).

    Pg 193 ""'FLORANCE!' 'At your service. I owe you you for helping me out on Dione." SLEEPY. But see Continuity Cock-Ups.

    Pg 203 "Jesus, the time he'd kissed her." Return of the Living Dad.

    Pg 205 "'I'm Gugwani,' the eldest girl said." Mentioned in Damaged Goods.

    Pg 208 "I was up to my arse in Sloathes at the time." Sky Pirates!

    Pg 226 "Groenewegen's department store filled twenty floors of the galleria" Previously mentioned in First Frontier and Set Piece, finally seen here.

    "Roz had tried a few of those HeadShops after Martle had died. After she'd killed Martle. She'd tried a lot of things in those heavy days before she's found Doc Dantalian and his memory-cutting knife." Original Sin.

    Pg 227 "She could see it so clearly, now, riding up and up towards the roof, where the light would break in , letting the light in, cutting through her skin to let the light in, like having herexcised memory forced back in by Dantalion, smiling an insect smile." Original Sin.

    Pg 237 "Had he decided against destroying Skaro, leaving billions to be killed by the Daleks? Had he found a way to stop Kopyion destroying the Seven Planets?" Remembrance of the Daleks, The Pit.

    Pg 238 "His body was still trying to heal the damagedone by the heart attack, nanites racing to tear up the dead tissue, build fresh muscle in its place." Nanites were posited as being part of the TARDIS crew in Set Piece

    Pg 239 "'Without warning,' she hissed. 'Alone and afraid.'" This prefaces the Doctor's regeneration in the TV Movie.

    Pg 244 "She was smoking, the packet of Yemayan Strikespropped up on a keyboard." SLEEPY.

    Pg 255 "Chris, we are aware of your presence on Yemaya Four in the year 2257." SLEEPY.

    Pgs 256-257 "He was tall and imposing and blond, but he wore black, and a brightly coloured waistcoat with a golden badge in the shape of a cat." The sixth Doctor as Colin Baker described wanting his appearance to look.

    Pg 257 "His experience with Fenric changed him a great deal." The Curse of Fenric.

    "That's what attracted the N-form we encountered in 1987." Damaged Goods.

    "The Doctor wore full ceremonial Time Lord robes. He lifted a hand to his curly hair." The fourth Doctor, The Invasion of Time.

    Pg 259 "Do you know what I did on Yemaya?" SLEEPY.

    "'My name is Huitzilin,' said the man with the blue eyes." The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    "In this alternative, your throat was torn open by a werewolf." The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

    Pg 260 "'In this alternative,' said the Brotherhood, 'you died while being interrogated by a military telepath.'" Hamlet MacBeth, The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    Pg 264 "Look, there's no easy way to say this. You died.On Yemaya." SLEEPY.

    Pg 266 "Chris sat back down. 'Jack White killed her,' he said, very softly." SLEEPY.

    Pg 267 "'Someone's dropped a comet on Purgatory,' he said. 'The Imperial Landsknechte training planet,' breathed the Doctor." Original Sin.

    Pg 270 "There hasn't been fighting on Mars for centuries. Not since the Ice Warriors." Transit.

    Pg 271 "So you can threaten Bernice and Dorothee, you can show your human side for the cameras, but I know." Benny appeared in Love and War et al, while Ace first appeared in Dragonfire, but became known as Dorothee from Set Piece onwards.

    Pg 279 "The driver had caught a ricochet fromthe tank itself, its polycarbide armour throwing away a projectilein a lethal spray." The Daleks were also made of polycarbide armour, as stated in Remembrance of the Daleks.

    Pg 290 "You had the SLEEPY virus" SLEEPY.

    Pg 291 "When the N-form attacked Earth, a millennium ago, it changed the Brotherhood forever." Damaged Goods.

    "GRUMPY was part of that process, wasn't he?" SLEEPY.

    Pg 297 "One of the - the other Doctorshad picked up the glass he needed for his reticular vector gauge at a market on Heaven, and had never visited Androzani." Love and War, The Caves of Androzani.

    "One had ruled Earth with a tyrant's hand for centuries, posters of his face everywhere." Inferno.

    "One was worshipped as a god on Lalande 21185" This is the planet of the Caxtarids, mentioned in The Room with no Doors.

    "One had had his brain fried by a computer, substituting for a dead synch-op." Warriors of the Deep.

    "One had been beheaded by an Ice Warrior, a hideous moment of blood and bone" Legacy.

    "One lived in another dimension and visited Earth from time to time, sparking rumours that King Arthur was about to return." Battlefield.

    "One had been stranded in the Eocene era and was happily tinkering in an Earth Reptile laboratory." Doctor Who and the Silurians et al.

    "One was alive and well and living in San Francisco with his wife." The Telemovie.

    Pg 300 "He didn't have an indent, but a plastic ident. When he handed it to Rox, she ate it." Mentioned in Original Sin.

    Pg 301 "The Tent of Ill Repute, run by a bunch of Lalandian pirates from the Rim" The Room with no Doors.

    Pg 305 "Chris did the guns, I did the frocks." The gun/frock debate, as mentioned in SLEEPY and Happy Endings.

    "I'd expected something more Spartan, more along the lines of Ace's room." Dragonfire et al.

    "I couldn't ever remember seeing Roz in a dress, except for the wedding on Yemaya" SLEEPY.

    Pg 307 "Maybe the People found something about Roz's death while they were paging through human history." The Also People.

    "I hoped it was advanced enough to have AG filters, preferably ones which would stop its landing struts from wrecking the playing surface." Remembrance of the Daleks.

    Pg 308 "I'm not ready to be the Ka Faraq Gatri yet." The novelisation of Remembrance of the Daleks.

    Pg 309 "The one who was quick enough to snatch Adric from the freighter." Earthshock.

    "The one who arrived thirty seconds before Oscar Botcherby was stabbed to death, rather than thirty seconds afterwards." The Two Doctors.

    "The one who saved Jan as well as everyone else." Love and War.

    Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart appears in the final chapter.

    Pg 11 FLORANCE, from Transit and SLEEPY.

    Pg 12 BAR B from SLEEPY.

    Leabie Forrester, Thandiwe Forrester, Simon Frederson, Genevieve, Vincenzi, Sokolvsky.


    1. Pg 163 "Her body servant, a Lacaillian with skin like the sky and the grace of a delicate insect, helped her out of the tank" I wonder if these are the same blue creatures as the Lacaillans ? (Return of the Living Dad)
    2. Pg 193 "'FLORANCE!' 'At your service. I owe you for helping me out on Dione." Except Dione is half the name of the Dione-Kisumu Company, whereas Roz helped FLORANCE out on Yemaya.
    3. Pg 200 "Ten seconds later the Skag jarest was in there, a tall fix-fingered woman in a livid red uniform" Six-fingered, surely?
    4. Pg 301 "Ostensibly they came here to let us know about Roz." It's made clear that Benny and Jason weren't at the funeral. Except Eternity Weeps, page 118 (set afterwards but published earlier) says "She was dead before I knew she was in danger. You know she was, you came to the funeral."

    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    1. Since Business Unusual will also use this spelling, perhaps there are two distinct sets of blue aliens with very similar names.
    2. These AIs don't think the same way we do when it comes to geography.
    3. Some of the Skags have had their sixth finger removed, so perhaps this happened and they're afterwards referred to as "fix-fingered".
    4. Chris is hallucinating at the time, having constant visions of Roz, so he might be misremembering and Jason doesn't bother to correct him.

    Pg 3 Ogrons (Day of the Daleks, Frontier in Space).

    Pg 39 The Qink, squat five-armed non humanoids with brain cases emanating from their chests with grey-green blood vessels running over the skull.

    Pg 46 Skagettes, black-skinned creatures with faces modified by surgery. They have six fingers on each hand, although they sometimes get them surgically removed (page 48). There are also Skags (page 181), which are presumably the male versions.


    Argolins (The Leisure Hive).

    Girls from Segonax (The Greatest Show in the Galaxy).

    Pg 52 An N-form (Damaged Goods).

    Pg 145/146 A Venusian (Venusian Lullaby)

    Pg 149 A bagbot.

    Pg 156 A Ybarraculan.

    Pg 163 A Lacaillian, with sky-blue skin But see Continuity Cock-Ups.

    Pg 173 Various people with psi abilities are transformed into monsters, similar to what happens in The Death of Art.

    Pg 181 Martians (The Ice Warriors et al)

    The Hith (Original Sin)

    Pg 182 Jeopards, skinny, muscular cat-men with claws.

    Pg 196 Earth Reptiles, both land dwellers and water dwellers (The Silurians, The Sea Devils, Warriors of the Deep).

    Pg 217 The Fat Monster Eater, a child's robot.

    Pg 2 Africa, September 2982

    Pg 6 Spaceport 16 Undertown, Earth, February 2981.

    Pgs 11/12 A reality bubble, June 2981.

    Pg 17 Spaceport 20 Overcity, August 2981.

    Pg 25 Io, December 2981.

    Pgs 37/49 The city of Fury on the moon Aegisthus, January 2982.

    Pg 69 Iphigenia.

    Pg 71 A Hopper.

    Pg 94 Io, February 2982.

    Pg 105 The Wilfred Owen.

    Pg 115 The Victoria.

    Pg 132 Nepal, March-April 2982.

    Pg 135 Spaceport Five Undertown, March 2982.

    Pg 149 The Joseph Conrad, April 2982.

    Pg 161 Janus, June 2982.

    Pg 178 Tethys, July 2982.

    Pg 198 Skag.

    Pg 202 Io, July 2982.

    Pg 221 Europe, July 2982.

    Pg 243 Callisto, August 2982.

    Pgs 249/266 The Model Citizen.

    Pg 273 Mimas, August 2982.

    The Zero Discipline.

    Pg 278 An intercontinental hopper.

    Pg 279 Mars.

    Pg 301 Youkali.

    IN SUMMARY - Robert Smith?
    The Aaronovitch and Orman styles are so different that you can actually feel the joins, the middle third sags terribly and the surprise of Roz's death is entirely lost... but the fact that this even exists is a miracle. Even more so is the fact that it's as enjoyable as it is. While not the greatest NA ever published, it nevertheless hangs together surprisingly well. The Doctor's resolution is extremely clever, while the pathos surrounding Roz's death and its aftermath are incredibly affecting, with the Doctor's heart attack in particular bringing a tear to the eye every time I read it. Worth all the effort.