Return of the Living Dad
by Kate Orman

Publisher: Virgin
ISBN: 0 426 20482 4


    Benny seeks out the Doctor's help and they find her presumed-dead father, alive and well in 1983. But what is Isaac Summerfield doing with a house full of aliens in mid-eighties Britain?


    Benny, Chris and Roz.

    Wolsey makes a cameo appearance (page 26).

    Pg 15 The TARDIS is in Sydney, 1996, when the novel opens.

    Pg 22 In the institute's fountain, Youkali, 2587.

    Pg 28 On board the Tisiphone, 2543.

    Pg 33 Outside a post office, little Caldwell, December 1983.

    Pg 277 The Doctor pops back to Youkali and then returns (offscreen).

    He also takes all the aliens home (also offscreen).

    Pg 278 The TARDIS has materialised outside the cafe.

    Robot, Delta and the Bannermen, Love and War, The Left-Handed Hummingbird, Death and Diplomacy.

    You'll be really confused at one point if you haven't read Witch Mark.

    Pg 5 "Youkali witnessed the battle between the Osirans and Sutekh" Pyramids of Mars. But see Continuity Cock-Ups

    Pg 6 "The Osirans influenced the culture on hundreds of planets. And, thousands of years after them, the Exxilons took their own version of Osiran culture and spread it even further..." Pyramids of Mars, Colony in Space.

    Pg 8 "Or fighting a top-secret war against the Daleks." Evil pepperpots, first seen in 1963.

    Pg 9 "So much of Dalek strategy is repetitious, predictable..." As seen in Destiny of the Daleks.

    Pg 10 "Maybe Groenewegen is a Dalek agent" Oddly predictive of Asylum of the Daleks.

    Pg 12 "They were supposed to be cleaning up one of the staircases so a translation team could move in, but they'd ended up sitting on them instead, listening to her talk about fighting Daleks." You probably know who the Daleks are by now.

    "Benny had been around that age when she had gone AWOL from Spacefleet." Love and War.

    Pg 17 "He held his one-of-a-kind white fedora in his lap." White Darkness, First Frontier.

    Pg 23 "He'd improvised a tablecloth from one of his cleaner handkerchiefs, and rummaged through the bags until he'd found a chipped ex-UNIT enamel mug and a mug with the message MY PARENTS WENT TO SKARO AND ALL I GOT WAS A LOUSY PAIR OF GENES." UNIT appeared in the 1970s. Or was it 1980s? Skaro was first seen in The Daleks.

    Pg 25 "The Doctor had spent an hour rummaging through the TARDIS for baby things, and had come up with a magnificent Victorian wooden cradle, a food machine capable of producing nappies, and a Martian hatchling's spinning top." The cradle prefigures A Good Man Goes to War. The food machine may be the same one seen in Doctor Who in an exciting adventure with the Daleks. Martians appeared in The Ice Warriors and most recently in GodEngine.

    Pg 26 "I still carry the snapshot of your mind I took when we first met" Love and War.

    "He put down the hammer, took her hand, brushed her fingertips across his temple." These are a reverse of the powers the seventh Doctor used in Battlefield and Survival.

    Pg 30 "The Daleks hallucinatory weaponry." This is new, but it makes sense that they'd have that.

    Pg 31 "The Daleks will expect us to retreat." Funny how this book isn't shy about naming the metal meanies, whereas GodEngine twisted itself half in knots to be oblique about them.

    Pg 32 "The Ants' tunnels?" Set Piece.

    "A Dalek Time corridor?" Resurrection of the Daleks.

    Pg 35 "It might be some sort of virtual reality, or the Land of Fiction." Too many NAs to list; Conundrum, Head Games (and The Mind Robber).

    Pg 37 "How do we know he isn't a robot replica or a Sloathe or something?" Sky Pirates!

    Pg 43 "ETs, mutants, stays, greys, LGMs, BEMs, UNIT deserters" BEMs were the original thing that Sydney Newman tried to avoid, only to be flummoxed with the Daleks. UNIT first appeared in The Invasion.

    Pg 44 "I was in England in nineteen seventy-six. And in nineteen sixty-eight." No Future, The LeftHanded Hummingbird.

    Pg 46 "The Shoreditch Incident, by H.O. Macbeth." Remembrance of the Daleks, The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    Pg 47 "You should meet Adam Colby - he's still got the nightmares, seven years later." Image of the Fendahl.

    Pg 48 "He deserted from the Tzun when they were trying to invade in the fifties." First Frontier.

    "Well, we've had more than one run-in with C19." Time-Flight, Who Killed Kennedy.

    Pg 51 "I know, "Pull the trigger, end my life," was a figurative expression." The Happiness Patrol.

    "And then there was something Ace said once, about nanotechnology, and..." Ace wondering if she could get pregnant due to the nanites in her body occurred in Set Piece.

    Pg 52 "I feel like putting my feet up for a while, and letting my subconscious churn over the question of human psi powers for a while" The Psi Powers arc, which is happening in novels surrounding this one.

    "I wonder what Joan's is." Human Nature.

    Pg 53 "'I could go and find my dad too,' he said." Jason's father was described in some detail in Death and Diplomacy.

    Pg 55 "There were UFO bulletins, Professor X fanzines, some New Age and witchcraft zines" Professor X was first mentioned in Conundrum.

    Pg 56 Reference to Daleks.

    "I wasn't allowed to watch Professor X for years because of the nightmares." Conundrum et al.

    Pg 57 "I don't want my arse exterminated." By the Daleks, one presumes.

    Pg 62 "What I'd really like to do is busk." The Also People, although this is a little more... prosaic, shall we say?

    Pg 64 "The Bannerman had been living in a cardboard box in London for the past five years. He had probably survived the 1959 incursion, but his memory wasn't working any more." Delta and the Bannermen.

    Pg 65 "Academics, astronomers, journalists, a Local Group of the Professor X Appreciation Society." Conundrum and a play on the Doctor Who Appreciation Society.

    Pg 71 "'Do you know what the Draconians call him, Benny?' She shook her head. 'The Oncoming Storm.'" Love and War.

    Pg 74 Reference to UNIT (The Invasion et al).

    Pg 86 "For instance, the time the Zygons attacked Parliament with their fleet of cybernetically enhanced plesiosaurs - was that nineteen seventy-five or nineteen eighty?" Terror of the Zygons and reference to UNIT Dating, specifically Pyramids of Mars.

    Pg 88 "Not much in the way of vegetarian food" The Doctor became vegetarian in The Two Doctors.

    Pg 90 "UNIT, or the British or American military. Or Department C19, or the secret service, or the CIA." The Invasion et al, Time-Flight.

    Pgs 90-91 "All right, skipping over some important details, I ended up at Spacefleet Academy. But I went AWOL and lived in a forest for a year." Love and War.

    Pg 91 "Dorothee told me." Ace, the Doctor's former companion and current time traveller (Dragonfire et al).

    Pg 98 "'You were on Earth in nineteen seventy-three.' The Doctor frowned. 'True.' 'You were involved with UNIT at the time.'" UNIT Dating redux.

    Pg 112 "He's a vegetarian who doesn't like pears." The Two Doctors, Human Nature.

    "He once said that he's what monsters have nightmares about" Love and War.

    Pg 115 "'But Jason -' 'What did you say about his father?' said the Doctor. Benny took a deep breath. 'That he might kill the man. To stop him from beating his children.'" Death and Diplomacy.

    Reference to UNIT.

    Pg 130 "'In nineteen sixty-eight,' whispered Benny, 'the Doctor was held here for three weeks.'" The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    Pg 134 "It showed a young man with long blond hair, caught by an amateur photographer. Heathrow 1982. Another snap showed the same man talking to Lethbridge-bloody-Stewart earlier this year." Time-Flight, Mawdryn Undead.

    Pg 135 "UNIT keeps things from C19." The Invasion et al, Time-Flight.

    Pg 138 "I was here in sixty-eight" The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    Pg 139 "Department C19 had become a positive cabal by the time the government decided to clean its house" Time-Flight.

    Pg 143 "Huitzilin is three years dead" The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    Pg 144 "You forgave MacBeth" The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    Pg 145 "'I was at that house,' she said. 'Where we went today. Some kind of big telepathic explosion came out of you." The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    Pg 146 "I was possessed. Fighting for my life." The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    Pg 147 "I just hope Jason isn't trying to change his world. If he kills his father, he'll never be born." Death and Diplomacy.

    Pg 148 "I remember it all. Being human." Human Nature.

    Pg 156 "The Oncoming Storm, remember?" Love and War.

    "Benny picked up a copy of MacBeth's Look! Up in the Sky!" The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    Reference to C19 (Time-Flight).

    Pg 161 "'The whole Navarino culture is based on frivolity and recreation,' said the Doctor, as though he was lecturing a dull pupil. 'They're so harmless the Time Lords even let them have limited time travel so that they can go on holidays." Delta and the Bannermen.

    Pg 169 "Only one small food machine was switched on in the scullery." The Daleks.

    "Nah, she was probably up to her arse in Daleks by now." Which is probably somebody's fetish, somewhere.

    Pg 170 "Which meant history would play itself out as it was written, and a little girl would have all of her fingers broken with a chisel, and a little boy would run away and end up selling himself in a glittering city." Death and Diplomacy.

    "And then there was the body bepple. And the SLEEPY virus." Original Sin, SLEEPY.

    "Not to mention restructuring the entire nature of reality with my thoughts." Christmas on a Rational Planet.

    Pg 171 "The first time I saw Star Trek, I thought it was a documentary." The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    Pg 173 "Yeah, she told me about being stranded on Svartos." Dragonfire.

    Pgs 173-174 "'Back in the seventies,' he said, 'the nuclear superpowers had a deal whereby a neutral country was given the secret launching codes for their weapons. The idea was that if a launch was imminent, they could make all of the codes public, and force a cooling-off period." Robot.

    Pg 174 "'But wouldn't terrorists just get hold of them and use them?' said Jason, still trying to work out the point. 'The system was abandoned shortly after exactly that happened.'" Robot.

    "It'll take a lot more than basic mind-probe technology." Oh no, not the mind. Probe. (The Five Doctors.)

    Pg 175 "'What's this then? he said. 'Transformation archway,' said the Doctor." Delta and the Bannermen.

    Pg 180 "'What's yellow, black and fuzzy?' 'A bee,' said Roz. 'I don't know either,' said the Doctor. 'But there's one crawling up your arm.'" This is a verion of the joke Cliff tells Jo when they're first introduced in The Green Death.

    Pg 181 "There was his Professor X script, all carefully plotted out and typed up at the age of fifteen, ready to send off to London." Conundrum and also a reference to the New Adventures' slushpile.

    Pg 186 "She told us a little about Iceworld" Dragonfire.

    Pg 188 "I want to tell you about Simon Kyle." Benny's first lover was said to be Simon in Love and War. In Sanctuary, it was said to be Kyle (who was Benny's co-worker in Love and War, not lover). This reconciles the two.

    Pg 195 "It's bad enough incinerating children to win a war" Paraphrase from Battlefield.

    Pg 201 "Benny and the Doctor sat in the waiting room, surrounded by kids with asthma, sprained ankles, and an author who'd managed to stick herself in the eye with a copy of her own book." This is actually Kate Orman herself, who managed to flick a piece of Set Piece into her eye, necessitating a trip to the hospital.

    "I was just thinking about waiting for Cristian at the mental hospital..." The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    Pg 202 "And what they did to you at that house..." The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    "'Does it bother you that I burnt it down?' Benny swivelled her head to look at him. 'Yes,' she said, after a moment, 'but only because it was such a normal sort of thing to do. It was the sort of thing I might do, or maybe Ace.'" Ace burned a house down in Ghost Light.

    "They must have crossed over while I was visiting Llanfer Ceirog." Witch Mark.

    Pg 203 "I see what you mean about the UNIT dating" Pyramids of Mars, Mawdryn Undead etc.

    Pg 204 "One minute I'm walking down Oxford Street, the next I'm flat on my back in an alien swamp." Death and Diplomacy.

    Pg 206 "I think this is Keith." It's been posited that Benny and Jason's son would be called Keith (Happy Endings).

    Pg 210 "'I want to be a juggler,' said the Doctor absently." The Also People.

    Pg 214 "Most planets look like quarries. Earth is precious." Quarries have been used for alien planets for almost as long as the show has been running.

    Pg 217 "What if they're on the make, and you have to kill them yourself?" Fenn Martle, Original Sin.

    Pg 220 "The stone was huge and mossy, taller than a man. An orange light pulsed inside it as it moved." An Ogri, from The Stones of Blood.

    Pg 229 "You've been staving of Number Eight for so long. Haven't you, "Time's Champion"?" Staving off the the eighth Doctor has been a factor in several books, such as Timewyrm: Revelation, Parasite and Christmas on a Rational Planet.

    "Come on, he told himself, what's a little chill to the Ka Faraq Gatri?" The novelisation of Remembrance of the Daleks.

    Pg 231 "There was the network of scars over his left collarbone where an alien flower had ripped free. Lower than that, a single circular ridge of hardened tissue, the only trace of the bullet that had broken one of his hearts." The Left-Handed Hummingbird, Parasite.

    "There was that odd little tattoo" Huh? Since when did the seventh Doctor have a tattoo?

    Pgs 231-232 "And there, a white mark so small anyone else might have missed it, where Ace had stabbed him." The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    Pg 235 "Do you know, I had always assumed I could beat chance and choose the moment to die. I imagined I'd rise out of the ashes of regeneration and laugh, "I meant to do that." But that's not going to happen. I'm not going to be in control. Surrounded by strangers. Helpless." That's pretty much exactly how it's going to happen in the TV Movie.

    Pg 238 "In Porthmadog, two stranded Chameleon scouts took the car and the likenesses of a young married couple, moving eastwards." The Faceless Ones.

    "In La Baule, a Sea Devil pod waded ashore, following a flashing light held by a shaking human." The Sea Devils.

    Reference to UNIT.

    "In Liverpool, a Vardan downloaded himself from the phone system and walked through the darkening streets, looking for a taxi." Leftover from No Future.

    Pg 240 "I was awful to Jason before our wedding, waiting for him to shag someone else behind my back." Happy Endings.

    "Ever since Simon Kyle." Love and War, Sanctuary.

    Pg 241 Reference to Ace.

    "In just under two hundred years, the Daleks are going to attack Earth." The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

    Pg 242 "Then the Daleks will come and find the planet practically defenceless." The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

    Pg 243 "Bernice hung onto her doll's hand. Rebecca sort of flapped out behind her mummy as she ran." We get a flashback to Claire's death, as told in Love and War and seen in Parasite. Benny's doll is back to its original name this time after the name change in Parasite.

    Pg 249 Reference to Daleks.

    Pg 253 Reference to Daleks.

    Pg 254 "'Now stay put,' Benny murmured silkily. Or I'll wallop you with yon frying pan.'" The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    Pg 264 Reference to Daleks.

    Pg 266 "He planted a finger between the Navarino's beady little eyes." Survival.

    Pg 267 Reference to Daleks.

    Pg 268 Reference to Daleks.

    Pg 269 Reference to Daleks.

    Pg 271 "I guess C19 will cut out any bits of the tape which contain stuff you shouldn't know, anyway." Time-Flight.

    Pg 272 "It might have been a Fortean Flicker, or a natural phenomenon..." The Highest Science, Happy Endings.

    Pg 273 Reference to C19 (Time-Flight).

    Pg 276 Reference to Daleks and C19.

    Pg 277 "That particular device must have been borrowed from Osiran technology." Pyramids of Mars.

    Reference to C19 (Time-Flight).

    Pgs 192/197 The feral Doctor and Ace duplicates from Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark.

    Isaac Summerfield, Joel Mintz (who returns in The Room With No Doors), Ms Randrianasolo, Tony the Tzun, Graeme the spatula, Albinex, M'Kabel, Old Tom.


    • Pg 5 "Youkali witnessed the battle between the Osirans and Sutekh" Except that it's always been spelled "Osirians", not least of which was several thousand times in GodEngine, a mere two books previously. It's back to the Osirians again in the next book, The Death of Art.

    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    • Sutekh fought both the Osirians and the Osirans. It must have been a little confusing.

    Pg 13 A Caxtarid. These are introduced here but will go on to feature in several future Kate Orman novels. We don't get a description here.

    Pg 24 A Lacaillan, a blue humanoid with white hair. Unsurprisingly, they will also go on to feature in several future Kate Orman novels. Even more unsurprisingly, they will feature in a Gary Russell novel (Business Unusual) but with a spelling error.

    Pg 42 Tony is a Tzun (First Frontier).

    Pg 64 Ogrons (Frontier in Space).

    A Bannerman (Delta and the Bannermen).

    Pg 126 Graeme the Spatula is an Auton (Terror of the Autons et al).

    Pg 161 A Navarino (Delta and the Bannermen).

    Pg 176 A ghost.

    Pg 220 An Ogri (The Stones of Blood).

    Pg 238 Chameleons (The Faceless Ones).

    A Sirian.

    Sea Devils (The Sea Devils).

    A Procyonian robot.

    A Vardan (The Invasion of Time, No Future).

    Pg 250 A Ra'ashet, a creature with a catfish face.

    A tall, thin and lavender alien.

    A talking cat.

    Pg 252 A fur-covered humanoid with three arms.

    A Kaptenyian, a butterfly the size of two hands.

    Pg 261 A smear of red.

    Pg 5 Youkali, 2587.

    Pg 15 Sydney, 1996.

    Pg 29 The Tisiphone, 2543.

    Pg 34 Little Caldwell, Berkshire, 1983.

    IN SUMMARY - Robert Smith?
    It's light and fluffy, full of irritating namechecks (including my own) and has a paper-thin plot. All this is true. But it's still much more fun than you'd imagine, with some great jokes and some excellent moments of menace among the darkness. The namechecks aren't as annoying as they were in 1996, and there's a decent amount of character depth (such as the subplot about Jason potentially going off to murder his father). I'm not sure why Paul Cornell and Kate Orman simultaneously decided to throw in the towel when it came to writing depthful, dark, hard-hitting, brilliant novels and instead play to their weaknesses, but, like Happy Endings, this manages to fall on the "fun" side of the line.