The Last Resort
by Paul Leonard

Publisher: BBC
ISBN: 0 563 48605 8


    Good Times Inc. promised a new tourist experience, with hotels in every major period of human history - but that kind of arrogance comes with a price, and it's a price the Doctor doesn't want to pay. As aliens conquer an alternative Earth, Anji and Fitz race to find out how to stop Good Times without stopping time itself - but they find that events are out of control; they can't even save each other.


    Fitz, Anji and Trix.

    Pg 13 Inside an office, London, 2003.

    Pg 71 Near Jumpsville, 2003 (as revealed on page 74).

    Pg 168 Iyeeye's garden, Egypt, 2580 B.C.

    Pg 235 Egypt, 2580 B.C.

    Pg 236 Thousands of TARDISes materialise in Egypt, 2580 B.C.

    Pg 238 Thousands more TARDISes materialise in Egypt, 2580 B.C.

    Pg 240-244 Thousands of TARDISes materialise on the underside of the alien spaceship hovering above Egypt, 2580 B.C.

    Pg 267 Egypt, c 2600 B.C.

    Pg 271 Iyeeye's world.

    This follows on from the temporal shenanigans seen in Time Zero, The Domino Effect and Reckless Engineering. Only the latter is really necessary though.

    Pg 9 "She'd also used the cards to buy them each a mobile phone and a hand-sized video camera" Presumably the same one (modulo the various duplications of realities seen later in the book) that Fitz will be using in Timeless.

    Pg 10 "It was clear that far from having put history to rights by his drastic intervention to stop Watchlar and the Eternines, he had failed totally." Reckless Engineering.

    "He almost wished he'd stayed in Totterdown." Reckless Engineering.

    Pg 20 "Some of them seemed to have shapes - like crystals." Crystals in the time vortex will prove to have significance in Timeless and Sometime Never....

    Pg 51 "It's like EarthWorld - except that this time we've done it to history." EarthWorld.

    Pg 81 "We're not going to sacrifice anyone this time." Reckless Engineering.

    Pg 96 "Down Among the Dead Men" This is the title of Bernice Summerfield's bestselling book about the real Martians (aka the Ice Warriors), as mentioned in numerous NAs and Benny adventures.

    Pg 115 "Fitz wondered if he would simply change sides, suborned by Sabbath like Juliette had been." The Adventuress of Henrietta Street.

    Pg 124 "And the Doctor has never killed anyone? What about Mr Malahyde's world?" Reckless Engineering.

    "Fitz remembered a beer-soaked morning, sunshine, and a friend he had once who no longer existed." Reckless Engineering.

    Pg 149 "I think Fitz managed to work out when his birthday was, but I don't know how." Camera Obscura (pg 123).

    Pg 150 "Eavesdropping, playacting, the occasional grand larceny." Trix stole a valuable ring in the opening of The Domino Effect.

    Pg 156 "She won't travel away from the Earth any more. It's as though the rest of the universe isn't -" We'll hear more about this in Sometime Never...

    Pg 172 "The Doctor as good as said so when we left Totterdown" Reckless Engineering.

    Pg 184 "Despite the fact that Fitz had almost become a native of another version of history in Totterdown, she had failed to work out the real implications of this until about half an hour ago." Reckless Engineering.

    "She discovered she couldn't remember the name of the Egyptian Big Bad God" Sutekh (Pyramids of Mars, Set Piece).

    195 "They took a machine at the rear of the room which had a double saddle. The Doctor got on the front, and Anji slipped behind him and put her arms around his body. 'This reminds me of something that happened,' said the Doctor." The Telemovie.

    Pg 196 "Anji remembered the surge of relief she'd felt when she'd first seen this view on the TARDIS scanner after the miserable broken world of the Cleansing." Reckless Engineering.

    Pg 197 "If only the Doctor could fix things, she was going back." Prefiguring Timeless where she does indeed go back.

    Pg 243 "Strange little robots, like pepperpots, were drifting in empty space, their single stalked eyes watching her" Daleks.

    Pg 234 "More fire and silver men and a vast exploding (spaceship? sun?)" Earthshock.

    Pg 263 "Hell, Aaron, you can trust the greenies about as far as you can pitch them at baseball." The Ice Warriors were referred to as greenies in GodEngine.


    Pg 95 Akhenaton, Pharaoh of Egypt apppeared in Set Piece, albeit with different spelling. Since he's actually Jack Kowaczski here, we can assume this is due to the time distortions.

    Pg 150 Trix, still hiding inside the TARDIS, called herself TX.

    Pg 233 "Strange little robots, like pepper pots, were drifting in empty space, their single stalked eyes watching her" Daleks.

    Pg 234 "More fire and silver men and a vast exploding (spaceship? sun?)" Cybermen.

    Jack Kowaczski, Iyeeye, Aaron Kowaczski.


    1. Pg 56 Sabbath appears, showing no ill effects from the torture he received last time we saw him, at the end of The Infinity Race.
    2. Pg 61 Iyeeye's planet has a blue-green moon with rings orbiting extremely close to it, but page 252 implies that she's from Earth, or maybe Mars and page 156 specifies that she's African.
    3. Pg 107 "She forced herself to slow the car down, made a left turn as soon as she could." [...] "'We turned right,' she said, 'So we're on the same side of Jumpsville as the TARDIS.'"
    4. Pg 195 "The sort that she and Fitz had used to travel from the 2003 back to Jumpsville" Huh?
    5. Pg 253 Sabbath enters the TARDIS, despite being unable to in Camera Obscura.

    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    1. This is why we haven't seen him for a few books. He's been licking his wounds and is now fully recovered.
    2. The moon may actually be the Martian spaceship.
    3. The temporal shenanigans are affecting Anji's perceptions.
    4. There's so much time travel around that Anji's starting to think of times in a geographical sense.
    5. Whatever laws of time preventing Sabbath from entering the TARDIS are clearly breaking down at this point.

    Pg 15 A Martian, with twin antennae and an exposed skull with deep grooves. (It's not an Ice Warrior, but that's a by-product of the temporal insanity, as explained later in the book.) On page 251 the Martians are described as being small, green-and-red-coloured, with silver geodesic eyes. We also learn that the Martians are the Others seen earlier in the novel (who Anji incorrectly guesses are robots).

    Pg 178 Ape men. (These aren't actually aliens, but rather pre-humans.)

    Pg 1 Ancient Egypt, 2580 B.C. (as revealed on page 39).

    Pg 7 Mid-Western America, 1852.

    Pg 15 Jumpsville, Ohio, America 2003 (as revealed on page 27).

    Pg 61 Africa (pg 156 reveals that Iyeeye is African).

    Pg 268 Egypt c 2600 B.C.

    Pg 196 A future London (this is definitely post 2003, because Aaron Kowaczski builds the Good Times Corporation following Jack's disappearance).

    Pg 248 On board the Martian spaceship.

    IN SUMMARY - Robert Smith?
    The first, Doctorless, half of this book is fantastic. The repeating, but subtly different chapters are an excellent touch and the various temporal disturbances work, because they're subtle and feel meaningful. However, as things take on more urgency and the author tries to become Jim Mortimore, the writing goes rapidly downhill. By the time thousands of TARDISes materialise underneath the alien spaceship, we've lost all reason to care. Which is a shame, because the ideas here are decent ones and could have produced an excellent book, with a little more restraint. Paul Leonard should stick to writing like Paul Leonard.