The Quantum Archangel
by Craig Hinton

Publisher: BBC
ISBN: 0 563 53824 4


    The Doctor and Mel have been torn apart by tragedy. The Master is being pursued by the Chronovores. A new version of TOMTIT has been built. And nothing will remain the same, as backwards, forwards and sideways collide.

    Sixth, although we get a cameo by the third Doctor in an alternate universe.


    The planet Maradnias.

    West London

    The Time Monster, Millennial Rites.

    One of the quotes at the front is from The Five Doctors.

    Pg 1 "What was eternity to an Eternal?" The eternals appeared in Enlightenment.

    Time Wraiths might refer to Vanderdeken's Children.

    The Swimmers featured in Taking of Planet 5.

    Pg 2 "The Council of Guardians" There are six guardians, two of which were first seen in the Key to Time season.

    Pg 3 References to Daleks, the Great Intelligence (Abominable Snowmen etc), Nestene Consciousness (Spearhead from Space etc), the Animus (The Web Planet)

    Nyarlathotep is a Cthulu reference, mentioned in All-Consuming Fire.

    Pg 7 References to Daleks, Cybermen and Vervoids (Terror of the Vervoids)

    Pg 9 "Despite the added support of the Numismaton Gas, the Source of Traken burnt dimply now" Planet of Fire, Keeper of Traken.

    Pg 10 "Those bumbling crystalline fools [and] their asinine Dynatrope" The Master has been working for the Krotons.

    References to Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans.

    "Bastardised DARDISes and feeble osmic projectors?" DARDIS was the original name for the Daleks' time machine in The Chase, but this name was never mentioned on screen. Osmic projectors were used to snatch scientists from the future in The Time Warrior.

    Farquazi? Uncertain reference.

    Pg 11 "300th segment of time" The humans in The Ark are from the 27th segment of time.

    Reference to Dalek time fleet.

    "Not the Guardians: to preserve the structure of reality, their hand could never be detected" This ties in to Mawdryn Undead, where the Black Guardian tells Turlough he cannot be seen to act.

    Pg 12 Reference to Cloister Bell (Logopolis).

    Pg 16 "That business with SeneNet" Business Unusual.

    Pg 17 "And, having already visited Earth in 1999" Millennial Rites.

    Pg 19 Another reference to events of Millennial Rites on 31 December 1999.

    Reference to the Quarks and their giant wasps. The Quarks appeared in the Dominators, but this reference is actually to a second Doctor TV Comic adventure The Killer Wasps in issues 877-880.

    Pg 20 Reference to Tremas (Keeper of Traken).

    "It was a belief [in Hell, in Satan] that the Master had turned to his own advantage on more than one occasion" One of these occasions was in The Daemons.

    Pg 21 "The Rassilon imprimatur was his birthright" The Two Doctors (although the Doctor suggests that he's baldly lying about this in that story). But see Continuity Cock-Ups.

    Pg 23 "That old fraud Winterdawn" Winterdawn appeared in Falls the Shadow and was said to be a colleague of Professor Thascales (the Master's alias in The Time Monster, this story's prequel). But see Continuity Cock-Ups.

    Pg 24 "His dear friend Aaron Blinovitch" First mentioned in Day of the Daleks.

    "Even the Whitaker archives, released by the Government after thirty years, showed nothing to back up the rumours that Whitaker had created a working time machine." Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

    Pg 27 The Chapel Institute is from Millennial Rites.

    Pg 29 Reference to Peri.

    Pg 30 "The sacrifices he would need to make to champion his cause" This is a reference to the sixth Doctor being sacrificed to make way for the seventh, Time's Champion, first mentioned in Love and War and a continuing theme throughout the NAs.

    "The desolate hermitage of Titan 3" The Twin Dilemma.

    "Tempus Fugit, the greatest restaurant on Pella Saturnis" The Doctor spent five years there in The Crystal Bucephalus.

    Pg 31 References to Gallifrey, Zero Room (Castrovalva) and the Other (mysterious co-founder of Time Lord society, seen in Time's Crucible etc)

    "He had narrowly escaped being found guilty of genocide during that kangaroo court on the CIA space station" Trial of a Time Lord.

    Reference to the Valeyard and the future the sixth Doctor is trying to avoid (a continuing thread in sixth Doctor Missing Adventures)

    "Only to find himself there and to be tricked into taking her on board" Business Unusual.

    Pgs 31-32 "Only to respond instinctively to the commodore's distress call" Terror of the Vervoids

    Pg 32 The Doctor quotes from The Ultimate Foe.

    Blinovitch's timeline is said to be unstable, accounting for the differing references that put him in the past, present or future.

    Pg 33 References to Numismaton Gas, the Source of Traken, the Sleepers of Andromeda (The Mysterious Planet), transduction barriers (Invasion of Time) and the Master's TARDIS materialising as usual deep below the Capitol (The Deadly Assassin). The TARDIS default form is a plain white box (The War Games).

    Pg 34 References to an osmic projector bought from a Sontaran (The Time Warrior), the DARDIS core stolen from Skaro (The Chase), Gubbage Cones (The Chase), Rutan analysis engine (Horror of Fang Rock).

    Pg 35 "Within the ruins of the first Capitol" The Deadly Assassin.

    Pg 37 References to the doomsday weapon on Uxarieus (Colony in Space), Bellerophon (uncertain reference), Volvox (uncertain, but it sounds like something from the comic strip; it might be from the unmade script Volovox), Earth's sleeping races (Silurians, Sea Devils), the Source of Traken, location of the Nestene homeworld (Spearhead from Space, but see continuity cock-ups), the secret name of the last of the Daemons (The Daemons), deathworms (the Telemovie, although the term first appeared in The Eight Doctors),

    Pgs 37-38 "The ice world of Spiridon and its army of Daleks" (Planet of the Daleks).

    Pg 38 Amentethys (an aquatic dolphin-like race mentioned in The Crystal Bucephalus), The Proculus and their vile offspring, the Scerbulus (vicious predators from a distant galaxy, seen in The Crystal Bucephalus), the Martian GodEngine (GodEngine).

    Pg 40 Reference to Winterdawn (Falls the Shadow).

    Pg 43 "He had been introduced to its charms by Dame Anne Travers" Web of Fear and Millennial Rites.

    Pg 44 "Double-crossed by the Voords, indeed!" The Keys of Marinus.

    Pg 45 "He had been given back his freedom" The Three Doctors.

    "UNIT's definition of clearing up left an awful lot to be desired" Who Killed Kennedy, The Scales of Injustice.

    Pg 46 "The Master and the others of the Deca" Divided Loyalties.

    "The planet of the Daleks" Skaro of course, but this might be a reference to the story of the same title.

    "On Minyos we helped them to split their world in two" Underworld.

    Klist? Plastrodus 14? Uncertain references. Klist is referred to in The Gallifrey Chronicles (pg 173).

    Pg 47 "I have watched your race crawl from the primordial soup" City of Death.

    "Stattenheim and Waldorf" The Two Doctors and Christmas on a Rational Planet.

    "Lassiter and Monroe" The Crystal Bucephalus.

    Pg 49 "A food machine that could replicate any meal in the known universe" We haven't seen it since the sixties, but it's clearly still around.

    Pg 50 "His Gallifreyan metabolism could overcome the effects in a trice" The Doctor also gets drunk in The Twin Dilemma (retroactively) and Transit, which also mentions his ability to overcome the effects.

    "C19 - the Government's black ops and dirty tricks department" Mentioned in Time-Flight and appearing in Who Killed Kennedy and The Scales of Injustice.

    "The Doctor thought of SeneNet" Business Unusual.

    Pg 51 "The Doctor's experiences with Ravalox" The Mysterious Planet.

    "Remember Atlantis" This is a line from The Daemons, but here it's linked to the Chronovores and the third destruction of Atlantis seen in The Time Monster.

    Pg 54 "It was second nature to him: Magister, Keller, Thascales, Estram" The Daemons, The Mind of Evil, The Time Monster, The King's Demons.

    Pg 55 "'Sounds wonderful,' said Mel, remembering the events of her own Millennium." Millennial Rites.

    "Ashley Chapel..." Millennial Rites.

    Pg 57 "The planet of the Sporrads" Uncertain reference.

    Pg 73 The Plath? The Lurak? Uncertain references.

    Pg 82 There's an updated riff on the "E=MC^3" joke from The Time Monster.

    Pg 90 "The Black Scrolls of Rassilon" The Five Doctors.

    "It reminded Mel of the Library of St John the Beheaded" All-Consuming Fire, Millennial Rites.

    "The Bocca scale" Mentioned in The Two Doctors.

    Pg 99 "What would the others of the Deca say?" References to the Rani, Mortimus (The Time Meddler, No Future), Drax (The Armageddon Factor) and all appeared in Divided Loyalties.

    Pgs 101-102 The Doctor builds a time-flow analogue out of junk, just as he did in The Time Monster.

    Pg 105 "The damage caused by rogue Bandrils" Timelash.

    Pg 107 "The Omniscate" The Seal of Rassilon, first seen in The Deadly Assassin (not counting Revenge of the Cybermen).

    Pg 110 "The limbo atrophier had proven to be a most versatile addition to the Master's armoury." The Ultimate Foe.

    Pg 111 "He had even stolen another from Gallifrey, only to watch it burn and die on Traken." Melkur was a second TARDIS in The Keeper of Traken.

    Pg 112 "Many years ago, the Doctor had engineered the Doctor's regeneration, before setting trap upon trap to defeat him during his regeneration" Logopolis, Castrovalva (plus a summary of Castrovalva follows).

    "His TARDIS had led him to the Xeraphin." Time-Flight.

    Reference to the Source of Traken.

    Pg 115 "Initially he had thought of Mars [...] All that Osiran technology" The Ice Warriors etc, Pyramids of Mars and the two are linked in GodEngine.

    Pg 117 "The Time Lords, destroying Minyos, colonising Drornid and Trion, interfering with Planet 5; the Osirans, completing their millennia-long hunt for the renegade Sutekh on Earth and Mars; the Jagaroth and the Daemons, both meddling with human development" Underworld, Shada and Alien Bodies, Planet of Fire, Image of the Fendahl and The Taking of Planet 5, Pyramids of Mars, City of Death, The Daemons.

    Pg 120 Eternals (Enlightenment), the Great Old Ones (White Darkness, All-Consuming Fire, Millennial Rites), Guardians (Key to Time).

    Pg 122 "Kindly refrain from calling me Doc" The Five Doctors. Reference to Peri.

    Pg 127 "That business with the Usurians" The Sun Makers and the events that lead to Mel joining the TARDIS are referred to in Millennial Rites and Business Unusual.

    "From Stalagtrons to Heracletes, from Vervoids to Quarks and their giant wasp servants, from SeneNet and the Nestenes to the Valeyard" Mentioned in Millennial Rites, Zeitgeist (Craig Hinton's story in Decalog 3), Terror of the Vervoids, The Killer Wasps, Business Unusual, The Ultimate Foe.

    Pg 130 "Techno-organic nanites" It's mentioned in several NAs that these aid in regeneration and keep companions free of diseases.

    "The Cloister Bell began its mournful tocsin" Logopolis.

    Pg 144 "The TARDIS isn't a number 22 bus to Putney Common" No, but Iris's TARDIS is (The Scarlet Empress etc)

    "An apposite epithet" Time and the Rani.

    Pg 148 "Tractoring that neutron star away from Chloris" Creature from the Pit.

    "Trying to take on the Eye of Harmony" The Deadly Assassin.

    Pg 150 "He twisted the helmic regulator" From the novelisation of The Ark in Space.

    Pg 151 "Blown away by the time winds" Warrior's Gate.

    Pg 153 "His spurious morality" The Ultimate Foe.

    "Time? Pain? Death? Eternity?" These are Eternals, introduced in the NAs, starting in Timewyrm: Revelation.

    "The Guardians of Time?" The Key to Time.

    "The Eternals? Perhaps I can take part in their games, risk everything for a taste of Enlightenment?" Enlightenment.

    Pg 154 "A hybrid Gallifreyan-Trakenite body- augmented with the powers of the Eye of Harmony, the Source of Traken" Deadly Assassin, Keeper of Traken.

    Pg 162 "The deathworms offered a degree of immortality, as did the living planet of the Cheetah people" The Telemovie, Survival.

    Pg 163 "The Klypstromic warheads" Uncertain reference.

    WarTARDISes first appeared in The Taking of Planet 5 and also The Banquo Legacy and The Ancestor Cell.

    Pg 167 "The Valeyard, Time's champion, the champion's sacrifice" Trial of a Time Lord, a running theme of the NAs, the events of Time and the Rani as seen through the NAs, where the seventh Doctor sacrificed his sixth body so that he might arise.

    Pgs 169-170 "At the top of the list, we have to have the Matrix" There's a detailed explanation of the Matrix on these pages.

    Pg 170 "The Conscience of Marinus [...] the God of the People [...] Xoanon [...] The Emperor Dalek [...] And Logopolis would have been perfect" Keys of Marinus, The Also People and the Benny NAs, Face of Evil, Evil of the Daleks etc, Logopolis.

    Pg 178 "Seeding the vortex with Earthshock bombs" Earthshock.

    Pg 185 "A purple dodecahedron" Possibly a Meglos reference.

    "Powered by Metebelis crystals" The Green Death, Planet of the Spiders.

    Pg 186 "An aquatic invertebrate from the marine world of Kaesov [...] The marine Owse" This is a reference to a fake Terry Nation script put together by Craig Hinton and other NA authors. It strove to reference every Terry Nation story and thus invented the Kaesov Land Owse and the Kaesov Marine Owse (The Keys of Marinus).

    Pg 187 "He held out his hand. 'Together then?'" This is a reference to a similar scene in Logopolis, where the Doctor and the Master shake hands to avoid the destruction of the universe.

    "Involving this person does not please me" A paraphrase of Borusa's line from The Five Doctors.

    Pg 188 "The Star abacus of Beta Pheonii 9" Uncertain reference

    "The spectacular ArcHive of the Cyberlords" David Banks' Cybermen book and Killing Ground.

    Pg 191 "Spinning a counterpoint earth into orbit." Mondas, The Tenth Planet.

    Pg 192 "The strange matter matrix" Time and the Rani.

    Pg 193 "A single Time Lord" The Other, or possibly the Hermit.

    "The Xeraphin [...] were sent back to Xeraphis" Time-Flight.

    "The final visitation" Unclear who this is supposed to be, although it is one of the terrileptil's lines in The Visitation (but that doesn't fit).

    "Block-transfer computation" Logopolis.

    "An army of metallic drones" Unclear if these are supposed to be something we recognise.

    Pg 194 "The Millennium War" Uncertain reference.

    "The Daemons used their mastery over matter" The Daemons.

    "The Osirans used their vaunted technology" Pyramids of Mars.

    "The Euterpians and the Greld" The Euterpians were in Invasion of the Cat-People. The Greld were in The Empire of Glass.

    "Eldrad's Kastrian fleet" The Hand of Fear.

    Pg 195 "The Exxilons and the Uxariens" Death to the Daleks, Colony in Space.

    "The Sontaran WarBurg and the Rutan Host" Time Warrior etc, Horror of Fang Rock. Sontaran WarBurgs were mentioned in The Infinity Doctors, while Rutans were first called the Rutan Host in First Frontier, then Lords of the Storm.

    "The Grey Hegemony and the Influence of Light" Falls the Shadow, possibly Light from Ghost Light.

    "The People broke every clause in their nonintervention policy" The Also People etc.

    "The Masksmakers of the Pageant, the Faction Paradox and the Ministers of Grace" Uncertain, Alien Bodies etc, Death Comes to Time.

    Pg 196 References to the People and the Osirans.

    "The Nimon used their black-hole technology" Horns of Nimon.

    Pg 197 "A single spinning cube of crystal" The Key to Time.

    Pg 202 "Cardinal Sendok's banal curriculum" Mentioned in Divided Loyalties.

    "'Liberty Hall,' said the Doctor dismissively." The Brigadier says this in The Three Doctors as well.

    Pg 203 "The universe reached the point of heat death about twenty years ago [...] An emerald wave that destroyed so much: Metulla Orionsis [...] Entropy isn't green" Logopolis.

    Pg 206 "The symbiotic nucleii within his body" The Two Doctors.

    "The Doctor couldn't help being reminded of his trip to the dying Earth of the Inferno project" Inferno.

    Pg 207 "He was on Gallifrey, following a bronzed coffin" The Hand of Omega (Remembrance of the Daleks, Lungbarrow)

    "A patchwork battlefield [...] facing exile to Earth" The War Games.

    "He was on Earth, unconscious in an Essex wood..." Spearhead from Space.

    "He was on Gallifrey, accepting the Matrix circlet, the Rod and the Sash of Rassilon" Invasion of Time.

    Pg 208 "Ka Faraq Gatri" This means Bringer of Darkness or Destroyer of Worlds in Dalek (Remembrance of the Daleks novelisation).

    "Four Enemy fleets around them" The Enemy were first mentioned in Alien Bodies and finally appeared in The Ancestor Cell, but here they're a different Enemy, namely the Daleks.

    Pg 211 "The Doctor was standing right behind Steve, tugging a cuff of his frilled shirt." The third Doctor.

    Pg 213 "A Cyberman BattlePhalanx - presumably one that escaped from my little trap in 1989" Possibly Silver Nemesis. That story took place at the end of 1988, so the BattlePhalanx may have escaped shortly afterwards - or in this alternate reality Silver Nemesis took place a year later.

    "She had seen him defeat Daleks, Ice Warriors, Yeti, Quarks" Ice Warriors may refer to this reality's version of The Dying Days and the Yeti might be from Downtime.

    Pg 214 "Over in Moscow, Aaron was demonstrating the concept of closed loops in time" Aaron is Aaron Blinovitch (Day of the Daleks etc).

    Pg 218, 219, 222, 223 Some of the Time Lord ships are The Righteous Fist of Rassilon, The Glorious Aspect of Omega and The Arcane Mystery of the Other and The Blind Visage of the Pythia (Time's Crucible)

    Pg 218 "Six white-and-gold time dreadnoughts, each one a mile high" These are quite similar to the Time Lord ships used in Dead Romance.

    Pg 219 "Patch me through to Castellan Captain Andred" The Invasion of Time, Lungbarrow.

    "Despite the pasting we gave them in the Arcturus sector" The Curse of Peladon, Transit.

    Pg 220 "Atttack pattern theta sigma" The Armageddon Factor.

    "An intraship time ring" Genesis of the Daleks.

    "Every ship was flooded with a soft icaron field to prevent the Enemy using any of their [...] temporal weaponry against them." In Alien Bodies it's stated that one of the first casualties of the war will be time travel.

    Pg 221 "All TARDISes later than Type 25s carried perfect block-transfer computations of the prime Eye." Block-transfer computation featured in Logopolis. This explains why there's an Eye of Harmony in the TARDIS in the Telemovie.

    The reference to dodecahedra is almost certainly not a reference to Meglos.

    "APC terminals" Amplified Panatropic Computation. The Deadly Assassin.

    "A gold usher here" The Gold Usher featured in Gallifrey stories ranging from the Deadly Assassin to Trial of a Time Lord.

    Pg 222 "The six statues of the founders of Gallifrey" These statues featured in The Infinity Doctors and The Ancestor Cell.

    Pg 223 "The Time Lords' greatest allies, the Cyberlords" Cybermen.

    "Using the latest sentient TARDISes, Chancellor Morbius had attacked one of the Enemy's most strategic strongholds" Sentient TARDISes first appeared in Alien Bodies and then the Compassion arc. Morbius was in the Brain of Morbius.

    "A special task force, run by the CIA" Celestial Intervention Agency, The Deadly Assassin.

    Pg 224 "Locating the key beneath the heavy gold links of the sash" The Invasion of Time.

    Pg 225 "Article seven of Gallifreyan law, which forbade state-authorised genocide, dated back to the Vampire Wars and was countersigned by Rassilon himself." Article seven is from Trial of a Time Lord, the Vampire Wars from State of Decay. The discussion about committing Genocide ties in to Genesis of the Daleks, as the Enemy here are the Daleks. Possibly in this reality Genesis never occurred which is why the Daleks rose to such heights.

    "Mortimus of the CIA executive" Mortimus is the Meddling Monk, who first appeared in The Time Meddler and The Dalek Masterplan and was named as such in No Future.

    "The enemy had always had access to the basics of time technology, rudimentary time corridors and travel machines" The Enemy are clearly the Daleks.

    Pg 228 "Our dear friend President Dering" Option Lock.

    Pg 229 The Cybermen ally themselves with the Doctor and invade Earth.

    Pg 232 "He was holding a stubby black cylinder" The Tissue Compression Eliminator.

    "My attractive colleague here is popularly known as the Rani." Mark of the Rani etc.

    Pg 233 "I'm Drax" The Armageddon Factor.

    "Mortimus, otherwise known as the Monk" The Time Meddler etc. Also, all these renegades are members of the Deca from Divided Loyalties.

    Pg 244 "He is the Ka Faraq Gatri. He must be exterminated." The Enemy are definitely the Daleks.

    Pg 251 "Of course: the Daemons" This ties together the two mentions of Atlantis in the Pertwee era.

    Pg 255 "Skaro, Telos, Gallifrey"

    Pg 256 "Only the vaguest trace of Tremas' genetic structure was still bonded to his Gallifreyan triple helix" The Keeper of Traken.

    Pg 260 "Their understanding of block-transfer computation exceeded even that of the Logopolitans, and had been vital in his control of that world and the creation of Castrovalva." Logopolis, Castrovalva.

    Pg 264 "He was dressed in a black tailored suit with a neck-high collar" This is how Colin Baker originally wanted the sixth Doctor to be dressed.

    Pg 268 "Minyos, the Vampires" Underworld, State of Decay.

    "You could have saved me Doctor" Adric, Earthshock

    " I trusted you and you killed me" Kamelion, Planet of Fire.

    "Katarina, Sara" The Daleks Masterplan.

    Pg 278 "A new body - at last." The Keeper of Traken.

    Reference to Jamie.

    The Master

    Stuart Hyde

    Ruth Ingram

    The Chronovores

    Plus a whole host of cameos in alternate realities, including the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Rani, Drax, the Meddling Monk.

    Arlene Cole.


    1. Pg 21 "The Rassilon imprimatur was his birthright" Except The Two Doctors (page 107) spells it "imprimature".
    2. Pg 37 The Master knows the location of the Nestene homeworld, but in spearhead episode 4 Channing says they have no homeworld
    3. Pg 23 "That old fraud Winterdawn" Winterdawn was killed in Falls the Shadow, set eight years prior to this novel.

    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    1. The Doctor has both an imprimature (a classical painting technique) and an imprimatur (a licence from the Catholic Church to print religious texts).
    2. This isn't much of a cock-up, as presumably they had one to start with and have presumably lost or abandonded it by now - and the Master is looking at the Time Lords' greatest secrets anyway.
    3. The dimensional weirdness of Falls the Shadow may have created an unstable timeline for Winterdawn ala Blinovitch.

    The Chronovores.

    Plus cameos from The Daleks, The Cybermen, The Time Lords, The Eternals, The Daemons, The Osirans, The Greld, you name it.


    West London.


    The Midnight Cathedral on the moon.

    IN SUMMARY - Robert Smith?
    Dear God. A sequel to The Time Monster should be a recipe for disaster on its own, but miraculously the sequelitis parts hold up, with some strong links to the former story. The book also isn't afraid to think big with regards to its physics, which almost manages to make the technobabble palatable. Sadly, in addition to these two strikes against it, the book has decided to drown itself in fanwank at the same time, for no easily discernible reason. Somewhere, buried deep below the masses of continuity, there's a good story trying to get out. But that's about as far as it manages to get.