Paradox Lost
by George Mann

Publisher: BBC
ISBN: 1 849 90235 9


    A robot in the 30th century has a warning for the Doctor: a thousand years ago, the Squall are coming.


    Amy and Rory.

    Pg 17 By the Thames, London 2789.

    Pgs 32/110 In a London alleyway, October 1910.

    Pg 177 In Professor Angelchrist's laboratory, 1910.

    Pgs 211/ 219 We find out later that the Doctor programmed the TARDIS to materialise around him during the implosion.

    Pg 216 Back in London, 1910.

    Pg 225 London, 2789 again.


    Pg 26 The sonic screwdriver makes an appearance.

    Pgs 43-44 "I'm the one the monsters are scared of" First said in Love and War.

    Pg 49 "More likely it's an oxygen factory like the oneat the heart of the Byzantium." Flesh and Stone.

    Pg 67 "I haven't had this much fun since Bessie!" The third Doctor's Edwardian Roadster, first seen in Doctor Who and the Silurians.

    Pg 84 "You don't think these experiments involved drilling, do you? I could do witout the earth suddenly opening up beneath my feet again" The Hungry Earth.

    Pg 160 "'There are fixed points, yes,' he stopped for a moment to take a breath, 'things that have to happen, things that have occurred and will, always, occur." The Fires of Pompeii et al.

    Pg 172 "'It's a whopping great hole in the fabric of the universe. So big you could get a double decker bus through it.' He seemes to shudder at the very thought of this. 'Actually, I've done that before. Not a pleasant experience.' A more pithily aware summary of Planet of the Dead we could not invent.

    "Oh, you know. End of the universe, cracks through time. Same old story. Would't want to go through that again." The Big Bang.

    Pg 188 "'It's a top hat!' said he Doctor. 'Top hats are cool.'" The Eleventh Hour et al.

    Pg 216 "There were worse places to be stuck, Rory supposed, than London in 1910. The two of them could make a life here. They could settle down, start a family." This prefigures Amy and Rory's eventual fate in The Angels Take Manhattan.

    Pg 221 "Every day with the Doctor was another madcap adventure, a day filled with hair-raising escapades or glimpses int the distant future, a day filled with aliens made of wool, with vampire creatures from the stars or explosing nuclear bombs." The vampire creatures is a reference to Vampires of Venice. The others are either general or uncertain.

    Pgs 234-235 "Sometimes the Doctor was described as a tall, thin man with longhair and a frock coat. Other times he was all teeth and curls, a long woollen scarf draped around his shoulders. Other tims still he wore a black leather jacket and spoke with a Northern accent, or a pantomime coat of many colours." The tenth, fourth, ninth and sixth Doctors, respectively.

    Pg 236 "'Ten years!' said the Doctor. 'Oh dear...' 'He's always doing that,' said Amy knowingly." The Eleventh Hour.


    Professor Angelchrist, Arven the AI, Patricia Young.


    1. Pg 143 "The previous day - 16 October - they'd waited with baited breath, waited for the Doctor to come stroming out of the misty London morning to find them." Except it's "bated breath", not "baited".

    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    1. October 1910 is a harsh place to live, so Amy and Rory had been forced to dine on a variety of worms. It made their breath smell, but what choice did they have?

    Pgs 11/13 The Squall. They have grey flesh, stand on hind legs, an upturned snout, bony fingers and a mouth full of teeth.

    Pg 26 Arven is an Artificial Intelligence unit.

    Pg 7 London, October 1910.

    Pg 15 London, June 2789.

    Pg 100 Aboard the experimental time ship.

    Pg 233 London, October 1921

    IN SUMMARY - Robert Smith?
    Ha! This is a fun little book that you'll zoom through in a few hours and finish with a big smile on your face. It only has two guest characters (Angelchrist and Arven), but they're so much fun that it barely matters. There's enough timey-wimey stuff to make this enjoyable without being ridiculous overwrought. The Squall are entirely undeveloped, although that doesn't even matter so much. Recommended.