by Gary Russell

Publisher: Virgin
ISBN: 0 426 20412 3


    The Doctor and Bernice return to Peladon and team up with Martian Ice Lord Savaar to investigate reports of the evil diadem's appearance on the planet. Peladon is being turned into a tourist resort and the Doctor is framed for murder.


    Pg 30 The third Doctor makes an appearance.

    Ace and Benny.

    Pg 31 Jo Grant makes an appearance.

    Pg 52 Federation headquarters on Io.

    This is a sequel to Curse and Monster of Peladon, so you need to be intimately familiar with those. It also leads in to The Daleks' Master Plan.

    Pg 3 "One day, it was said, a vast citadel would sit atop the mountain" The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon.

    "Flambeau torches illuminated, badly, the walkways within the structure" The torches were a key part of the background to the Peladon stories.

    Pg 19 "The creature seemed fascinated by the light." Aggedor is hypotnised in the same way he was in The Curse of Peladon.

    Pg 22 "My name is Ellua, Princess of Europa. I am from a planet called Earth, many light-years from here." King Peladon's human mother, as mentioned in The Curse of Peladon.

    Pg 24 "The Federation were very interested in the natural trisilicate that lined its caverns." The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon.

    Pg 25 "A vast, dark space station, so massive it could almost be mistaken for an entire city hovering in space." The Trial of a Time Lord.

    Pg 26 "Perhaps you should start to use the new Time Rings." Genesis of the Daleks.

    "He, like the other two, was dressed in a white tabard with black piping along the sleeves and round the shoulders. It was not his normal clothing - as the Chancellor of the High Council of the Time Lords, up in the distant planet of Gallifrey, he would normally wear long, heavy brown robes and a high collar." The War Games, The Deadly Assassin.

    Pg 27 "As you know, the most probably outcome is that Arcturus will at this point become intertwined with the fledgling terrorist force known grandly as Galaxy Five." Arcturus appeared in The Curse of Peladon. Galaxy Five was mentioned then too, although it appeared to be an entire galaxy then. It's here retconned to be a terrorist organisation.

    "Needless to say, the Daleks, currently hatching plans revolving around a time destructor and their army on the non-affiliated world of Kembel arise and take dominance over this entire galaxy." The Daleks' Master Plan.

    "Recently some of our esteemed... associates sent him to the planet Exarius to defeat the Master and his use of the fabled doomsday weapon." Colony in Space.

    "Well it would not be difficult to manipulate the Doctor once again, this time ensuring Peladon has the future we require for it." The Curse of Peladon.

    Pg 33 "As the Doctor stared at his young companion he realized for the first time that the young girl who had literally blundered into his life, wrecking months of solid-state micro-welding, had grown up." Terror of the Autons.

    Pg 34 "Jo and I encountered something similar before and it took a concentrated explosion of nerve gases to destroy it." The Mind of Evil.

    Pg 37 "Extract from 'Planetary Surveys' by Pol Kohnel" Funny, I could have sworn "Pol Kohnel" was a thinly disguised New Adventures author, but I just can't figure out which one...

    Pg 44 "A Pakhar and a Thorosian dropped instantly, the latter collapsing in its water tank, sending glass and liquid everywhere." Thorosians are Sil's race, from Thoros Beta (Vengeance on Varos, Mindwarp).

    Pg 45 "More often than not, terrifying electric storms sheared through Peladon's ebon sky." The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon.

    "King Peladon of Peladon had been the ruler who oversaw the alliance and it had been furthered by his daughter, the late Queen Thalira." The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon.

    Pg 46 "Thalira had offered the post, previously held only by one of noble blood, to Gebek shortly after the Federation's altercation with the terrorist organization known as Galaxy Five." The Monster of Peladon.

    Pgs 49-50 "Tarrol immediately decided that once he was king, should Gebek the miner pass away, he would have no hesitation in appointing his son as his replacement." Gebek appeared in The Monster of Peladon.

    Pg 50 "Finally, he remembered his mother's handmaiden, Lianna, Atissa's mother, breaking the news that Queen Thalira, Chancellor Gebek and six courtiers had died in a space shuttle accident in space" Lianna was never named in The Curse or Monster of Peladon, but she's presumably one of the background extras. Thalira and Gebek both appeared in the latter story.

    "Io. One of the seven hundred wonders of the universe, Benny" Death to the Daleks.

    Pg 52 "Ace was probably sitting in her room, testing her twenty fifth century weaponry whilst simultaneously charging up her patented cans of Nitro-9." Deceit, Dragonfire.

    "On its shabby back was the name Mike Smith in permanent black ink." Remembrance of the Daleks.

    "Part of the reason for this was the recent loss of the TARDIS." Blood Heat.

    Pg 54 "Recently, after their struggles in Earth's alternate timelines and more recently on Olleril, she, Bernice and the Time Lord himself had found themselves on a more even keel." Blood Heat through No Future, Tragedy Day.

    "'She bought a tape of Sgt Pepper. Then claimed it was classical music. Some people!' The Doctor squatted down. 'Another friend of mine from Bernice's era once said something similar.'" Vicki, in The Chase.

    Pg 55 "Only Susan and Romana ever accurately got the TARDIS to reconfigure things. Adric tried, but his mathematics wasn't quite up to it. He should've asked K9." An Unearthly Child et al, The Ribos Operation et al, Earthshock, The Invisible Enemy et al.

    "When she had been a young girl, King Peladon had invited the Galactic Federation to become involved in the planet's progress." The Curse of Peladon.

    "When the Galaxy Five organization tried to make Peladon their outpost to launch their attack on the Federation, Lianna was amongst those who, in however small a way, helped save Peladon's honour by defeating the aggressors." The Monster of Peladon.

    "She both cursed and praised the day that Queen Thalira had announced she was to visit the headquarters of the Galactic Federation, at the invitation of the Draconian Chairman." Thalira appeared in The Monster of Peladon. Draconians appeared in Frontier in Space.

    Pg 57 "There, a huge graven statue of Aggedor took pride of place. Its face, chiselled out of the best Pel granite, seemed to stare down at her, its one horn pointing lethally upwards, tusks and fangs lining the jaw." The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon.

    Pg 58 "She moved the flambeau holder that opened the door, and did the same to another on the other side to close it." The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon.

    Pg 73 "Except Sontarans, she suddenly remembered." The Time Warrior et al.

    Pg 74 "I've been to the Horun ruins of Phaester Osiris." Pyramids of Mars.

    Pg 75 "The place is just full of stupid people from the stupid Braxiatel Collection" Mentioned in City of Death, the Braxiatel Collection will make its first full appearance in the next novel, Theatre of War.

    Pg 84 "The door slid silently open, and a uniformed male Lurman, his silver hair decorated with an astonishing array of baubles, oozed charm at them." Carnival of Monsters.

    Pg 85 "'All Lurmans work hardest during their youth. It's when they mature you've got to worry about them.' 'Why?' 'Because they tend to go into show business.'" Carnival of Monsters.

    "There in front of them was the Deep Space Izlyr-class cruiser Bruk." Izlyr appeared in The Curse of Peladon.

    Pgs 85-86 "Back in the twenty-sixth century, the Martians were known as a warrior race, mostly extinct. She knew that there had been an attempted invasion of Earth back in the late twenty-first century." The Seeds of Death.

    Pg 86 "For a second the derogatory term 'Greenies' flashed through her mind. A memory she couldn't place. She'd never actually been to the original Mars, but suddenly she had a vision of skimming across its plains and hills, chased by... the Doctor? No, not exactly her memory, someone else's... Fred...?" Transit.

    Pg 88 "'Is he alive still? It was over a hundred years ago that we met.' 'Supreme Lord Izlyr retired to the planet Bennion about twenty years ago.'" The Curse of Peladon.

    Pgs 89-90 "At one point, human archaeologists discovered a long-lost Martian warship buried deep within a glacier in England." The Ice Warriors.

    Pg 90 "I met them on Peladon the first time I went there and, you'll be pleased to know, had my nose put severely out of joint. Lord Izlyr -" The Curse of Peladon.

    "The next time, a group of them were upto their old tricks." The Monster of Peladon.

    "And I've seen a couple of other groups who bend the rules a little to favour a military solution. I mean, on Magnus -" Mission to Magnus.

    Pg 91 "When I first visited, the planet was just entering the Federation" The Curse of Peladon.

    "I next went back around fifty years later, when Queen Thalira was enthroned." The Monster of Peladon.

    Pg 94 "She wanted to point out that the computer could hear him at normal volume, and it didn't need a Plasticine-level sound-check." No Future.

    Pg 97 "They were donated by our previous Federation Chair after his final tour as a Draconian ambassador." Frontier in Space.

    Pg 100 "These are wind chimes from the planet designated S14." Kinda.

    "I wonder what Danny Pain would have made of those" No Future.

    Pg 102 "The Doctor heaved himself out of the chair and wandered over to the Deva Lokan wind chimes." Kinda.

    Pg 106 "Once Peladon had been accepted into the Federation upon the recommendation of Delegate Izlyr and Senior Delegate Amazonia, the first change that the planet's new benefactors insisted upon was the creation of an area where Federation shuttles could land and be protected." The Curse of Peladon.

    Pg 107 "He had lived on the planet ever since King Peladon of Peladon oversaw his planet's enrolment" The Curse of Peladon.

    Pg 118 "Ace had suspected that Boyle creep of sneaking into the school at night and suffocating them - it was the sort of thing he'd do just to get at her. To get at 'Dotty'." Timewyrm: Revelation.

    Pg 119 "Klokeda, partha, mennin, klatch, Ablark, araan, aroon." The Venusian Lullaby, The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon.

    Pg 121 "I mean, sentient computers, Silurians, punk rockers and zombies I've seen, but real honest-to-God alien royalty? Now there's a first." Transit, Blood Heat, No Future, White Darkness.

    Pg 122 "I just wondered what became of Miss Sarah Jane Smith." The Monster of Peladon.

    Pg 124 "A jumple of memories flooded back. Jo Grant, Princess of TARDIS. Sarah Jane Smith and her Women's Liberation.Izlyr and Ssorg. Azaxyr and Sskel. Eckersley and Arcturus. Hepesh and Ortron." The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon.

    Pg 125 "A hundred years ago you'd have been put to death for not having royal blood in your veins if you so much as breathed in here." The Curse of Peladon.

    Pg 127 "New body I see, but the nose is a definite improvement." Robot.

    Pg 128 "'Vega Lexus?' he called out to the red-headed Braxiatel burrower that the University had placed with the group." The Braxiatel Collection was mentioned in City of Death and will be seen shortly, in Theatre of War.

    Pg 132 "I haven't been like this since my thirtieth birthday... What a heavenly day that was!" Love and War.

    Pg 136 "Still, he should be grateful - very few people stayed awake throughout the entire story of the terrible Zodin and her giant grasshoppers." The Five Doctors.

    Pg 149 "Well, as you know, female Draconians aren't the most popular children to be had by adult Draconians" Frontier in Space.

    "Kathisul was soon shipped off planet to a special school and she's now at the Z-BD University." Zebedee University was where John and Gillian went in the comics.

    Pg 151 "'Hyn'o'th? No... Hyn'nn'a?' No, Hyn't'n - that was it!'" Named for Craig Hinton, currently NA reviewer for DWM (for this book only, as Gary Russell himself usually did the job) and future novel author. But see Continuity Cock-Ups.

    Pg 153 "Even if he kept GFTV-3 going, without its star news anchor, they'd quickly lose out to the ever-growing Butler-Straker corporation or the ever-present CNN news networks." The Butler Corporation featured in Cat's Cradle: Warhead. It became Eurogen-Butler and then Spinward by the time of Deceit. We'll be kind and assume that it either reverted to its original name at some point or an offshoot merged with Straker somewhere along the line and kept the name.

    Pg 154 "Maybe the entrance to one of the old trisilicate mines of something." The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon.

    "They'd gone to the planet Voga, a deserted asteroid that had once housed a glorious but ultimately self-destructive race of gold-worshippers." Revenge of the Cybermen.

    "After records proved that both Telos and New Mondas had been destroyed and the legendary Cybermen eradicated for good, a massive hysteria overtook the rich, the famous and the couch potatoes who watched the newscasts." Telos first appeared in Tomb of the Cybermen. The original Mondas appeared in The Tenth Planet.

    Pg 156 "An apple a day keeps you-know-who away!" Kinda.

    Pgs 159-160 "I once had this conversation with a detective about a very famous but quite bad painting on Earth." City of Death. Although how Gary Russell thinks the Mona Lisa is a "quite bad" painting, I'll never know. Nor did the Doctor in that story.

    Pg 164 "Extract from 'Federation History' by Grith Robtts" Again, this seems like it surely must be a namecheck of a New Adventures author, but how can we possibly tell which one, with such subtlety and wit on display?

    Pg 165 "He had arrived in Kaldor City five years ago" The Robots of Death.

    "He also had to keep his employee, a dizzy blonde called Krau Gillatt" The term "Krau" was used in The Caves of Androzani. She's named for Gary Gillatt, who would succeed Russell as editor of DWM.

    Pg 175 "One of the better memories, before the Daleks came." You probably know who the Daleks are. They exterminated Bernice's mother, as established in Love and War.

    "Clive? Yeah, became my best friend." Love and War.

    Pg 178 "Ace remembered herself and some friend... Who was there? Manisha? No, but Shreela was. And Ange. And Julian." Ghost Light, Survival, Love and War.

    Pgs 189-190 "Like that time on Telos - again investigating the Cybermen." Tomb of the Cybermen.

    Pg 200 "Tomorrow, Doctor, the "Ice Warriors" will finally get their revenge!" The Ice Warriors.

    Pg 217 "Last time I found something I couldn't deal with, I called in Federation troops." The Monster of Peladon.

    Pg 237 Amazonia is the Guardian of the Solar System before Mavic Chen. (The Curse of Peladon, The Daleks' Master Plan.) This actually makes a lot of sense.

    Pg 240 "Clive was always good for running through his pad, finding the Common Bible, ripping out whole passages and turning them into lurid phrases about the Draconian and his pet wolfweed." Love and War, Frontier in Space, The Creature From the Pit.

    Pg 250 "His own respiratory system was designed to cope with most atmospheres, although one of those old cream atmospheric density jackets from the TARDIS would have helped." Pyramids of Mars, The Web Planet.

    "The place where the Pel miners had so bravely defended their world against the oppressive Martian traitor, Commander Azaxyr, and the devious human engineer Eckersley the last time the Doctor was here." The Monster of Peladon.

    "Brave Queen Thalira. Poor obstinate Chancellor Ortron." The Monster of Peladon.

    "He spent so much time telling Ace, Tegan, Sarah Jane, Polly and all the others not to judge by appearances." Logopolis et al, The Time Warrior et al, The War Machines et al.

    Pg 251 "He'd never told Sarah, his friend at the time, but he held a grudging respect for both Azaxyr and Eckersely for that." The Monster of Peladon.

    "K9 would have gone mad" The Invisible Enemy et al.

    Pg 258 "After his first paper was published on the Telosian Cyber-tombs, starting that ridiculous nostalgia wave thirty years ago, he had been on all the holo-nets." Tomb of the Cybermen.

    "But the text was even easier to decide upon - Gustav Heinrich Urnst's seminal Being an Account of my Discoveries of the Unnameable Secrets of Sakkrat." The Highest Science.

    "A a result, he had been able to go to Irving Braxiatel and convince him to fund his sojurn to explore the Horun ruins, on the proviso that the Braxiatel Collection had full access to the findings." We'll meet Braxiatel in Theatre of War. Indeed, this is the reason Benny will travel to the Collection. The Horun ruins are a reference to Pyramids of Mars.

    Pg 269 "The Doctor crawled over and placed a finger in the centre of his temple. 'Sleep,' he commanded." Battlefield, Survival.

    Pg 271 "A Sontaran fragmentation grenade." The Time Warrior et al.

    Pg 272 Further reference to the Sontaran frag grenade.

    Pg 275 "If you follow, Benny gets to play the Swiss cheese in the next Heletian production of The Mousetrap." The theatre-obsessed Heletians will shortly appear in Theatre of War.

    Pg 280 "A new body. At last." The Keeper of Traken.

    Pg 283 Another reference to the Sontaran grenade.

    Pg 284 Final reference to the Sontaran grenade.

    Pg 285 "He reminded the Doctor of Peladon of Peladon, the boy-king he'd met on his first visit." The Curse of Peladon.

    Pg 292 "Florana is quite nice at this time." Death to the Daleks.

    "No Daleks, no mad monks and especialy no Time Lords." The monk appeared in No Future.

    Pg 295 "Try starting your search on Azure." Nightmare of Eden.

    Pg 296 "Then there was a faint sound, like a muted TARDIS materialization noise. [...] 'Their "thank you" gifts get more and more bizarre." The Three Doctors.

    Pg 299 "Because in about thirty years, a massive Dalek war will start." The Daleks' Master Plan.

    Pg 300 "Just contact me through th Braxiatel Collection." City of Death, Theatre of War.

    Pg 17 Aggedor (in the prologue only).

    Pg 22 Chancellor Torbis, High Priest Hepesh.

    Pg 24 King Peladon.

    Pg 26 Chancellor Goth and the other two members of the War Games tribunal.

    Pg 83 An augmented Ogri. (The Stones of Blood.)

    Pg 104 Alpha Centauri.

    Pg 86 The Ice Warriors (although no individuals that we've met before).

    Pg 113 Vegans (of Vega Nexos fame).

    Pg 237 Mavic Chen and Amazonia (The Daleks' Master Plan, The Curse of Peladon).

    King Tarrol, Savaar, Rhukk, Keri, Kort, Neal Corry, Atissa, Sskeet, Rassbur.


    1. Pg 27 "As events transpire, the Alpha Centuran delegate is killed by Arcturus's naive Pel agents" Surely that should be "native Pel agents"?
    2. Pg 55 Lianna was not only alive during the The Curse of Peladon, she was mature enough to help repel the invasion. On page 88 we learn that this was over a hundred years ago. On page 108 we're told that Pels don't usually live past their mid-fifties, although Federation technology has been granting them lifespans of up to sixty-five. So is Lianna really twice as old as the oldest Pel?
    3. Pg 59 "Edwards thought was how unlikely that was" Say what?
    4. Pg 92 'Not exactly easy to hold, are they?' She indicated the mugs. The Doctor made a motion with his hands, imitating an Ice Warrior's clamp-like hands. Bernice nodded in understanding and sipped quietly on her drink." So Benny is an expert in Martian culture... but hasn't given a second to think about how they hold their cups? No wonder her PhD is fake.
    5. Pg 128 The Doctor is suspicious of Nic Reece because Reece claims to have met him in a different body with a bigger nose (page 127) but the Doctor doesn't remember him. But the Doctor travels in time, so couldn't he have just met him in the future while in a body with a big nose?
    6. Pg 151 "'Hyn'o'th? No... Hyn'nn'a?' No, Hyn't'n - that was it!'" Why is there an extra quote mark inside this piece of dialogue?
    7. Pg 153 "Well, here he was. Fifty-ish, balding and slightly overweight. [...] Fifty seven and over the hill. Typical." If Neal Corry is 57, then he's not really fifty-ish. More sixty-ish.
    8. Pg 178 "Probably taken in this centuries equivalent of those photo booths that used to litter stations and such like.' Ah, apostrophe abuse. That should, surely, read 'this century's'.
    9. Pg 190 "He thought back to his childhood on Parkha." Jev didn't grow up on Pakha then, like everyone else of his species?
    10. Pg 194 "Tarrol was immediately interested. 'Did she? Neither of them spoke of this to Us.'" Why is 'Us' capitalised? If it's referring to him and his council, it should be a small letter. If it's like the Royal 'We', then he shouldn't be using the word 'I' as he does about two paragraphs above.
    11. Pg 204 "He leaned over and placed a black night in the path of his white one." Not a chess piece we're familiar with.
    12. Pg 214 "Confirm'd" The computer is missing out letters when it talks because it's damaged. Quite how this word would be heard differently to the word 'confirmed', however, is beyond us.
    13. Pg 286 "Trickles of sand and roak dust ran underfoot." What is this 'roak dust' of which you speak?

    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    1. The agents are ruthless, but not very worldly.
    2. She's a hundred and twenty, freakishly old for a Pel. (The Doctor does note on page 121 that she's the oldest Pel he's ever seen.) Obviously, she moisturises.
    3. Edwards thinks very oddly.
    4. She's having an off day.
    5. The Doctor is absolutely convinced he'll never have a big nose again.
    6. Kort thought he had finished speaking, but then realised Hyn't'n's name.
    7. Neal's in denial about getting older.
    8. Ace used to know a place with lots of photobooths called 'centuries', with a stylised small 'c'. No, didn't think that would work...
    9. Apparently not; a completely dissimilar world with a startlingly similar name.
    10. Tarrol is inconsistent in his use of personal pronouns.
    11. It's an unusual game of chess.
    12. The computer normally emphasises the 'e' in words like this, so it would normally have said 'Confirm-Ed'.
    13. Roak dust is, in essence, the guano of a Peladon creature, the roak. It inhabits the caves around Mount Megeshra and looks like a cross between a dodo, a kingfisher and Aggedor, having, as it does, a single horn on its head. Unusually for a bird, it is a mammal, and, as such, has lactic glands. The milk from these glands is a far more powerful anti-vesicant than Spectrox, but no one on Peladon has ever been aware of this other than Lianna who, until her untimely demise, had been secretly quaffing the stuff for years.


    Pg 44 Thorosians (Mindwarp).

    Pg 64 Pakhars are one-metre tall rats that walk upright.

    Pg 70 A tall blue woman.

    Pg 73 Cantryans have orange skin, with three fingers on each hand and no fingernails.

    Pg 83 An augmented Ogri (The Stones of Blood).

    Pg 84 Lurmans (Carnival of Monsters).

    Pg 86 The Ice Warriors (The Ice Warriors et al).

    Pg 104 Alpha Centauri (The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon).

    Pg 113 Vegans (of Vega Nexos fame, The Monster of Peladon).

    Pg 282 The Diadem is a living being. It feeds of negative thoughts and emotions.

    Pg 3 Peladon, the distant past.

    Pg 30 Pakha, the past.

    Pg 44 Pakha. It's the mid 39th century (p84).

    Pg 45 Peladon.

    Pg 69 Io.

    Pg 82 A flyer.

    Pg 85 The Bruk.

    Pg 92 The Arrow.

    Pg 257 Phaester Osiris.

    IN SUMMARY - Robert Smith?
    And so, fanwank begins. I sort of enjoyed this novel. Then again, I enjoyed it more when it was called The Monster of Peladon. It was probably inevitable that someone was going to write a third story in the Peladon saga. Sadly, it's just a rehash of the second one, only with extra helpings of hardcore violence, nonstop continuity references and a MacGuffin in the Diadem that is built up all novel long and then does absolutely nothing. Oh, and the major villain, Atissa, simply disappears, with no comeuppence. Gary Russell has arrived and the original, forward-thinking New Adventures have just taken the first step in a very long journey that Doctor Who will never recover from.