The Krillitane Storm
by Christopher Cooper

Publisher: BBC
ISBN: 1 846 07761 6


    The Doctor arrives in Worcester in 1139. There have been disappearances in last few months and people live in terror, afraid to leave their dwellings once the dark falls. When the Doctor meets with a Krillitane, he knows they have every reason to be afraid.



    Pgs 11-12 On a street in Worcester, 1193.

    School Reunion.

    Pg 15 "It's chillier than the Ood Sphere out here." Planet of the Ood.

    Pg 29 "Donna had always been telling him to slow down, and he never listened." The Runaway Bride et al.

    "The neck was longer than the last time he'd encountered them, some 800 years in Earth's future" School Reunion.

    Pg 47 "Oh, for the mists of Clom" Love & Monsters.

    Pg 50 "Last time I met them they'd manipulated the intelligence of human children, turning them into an organic network of computers to crack the Skasas Paradigm and conquer all of time and space." School Reunion.

    Pg 53 The psychic paper makes an (offscreen) appearance.

    Pg 102"The Doctor sped across the short distance to the dark oak door, but it was deadlock sealed." Deadlock seals are the only thing (aside from wood) that defeats the sonic screwdriver (Bad Wolf).

    Pg 104 "A school in London, eight hundred and a bit years in the future." School Reunion.

    Pg 107 "Krillitane oil is great for frying chips." School Reunion.

    Pg 166 "One day, they'll probably turn this into a little shop" New Earth.

    Pg 185 "He squeezed through the tiny gap, grateful that this particul;ar crisis had happened during his tenth life. Heaven help them all if it had been his sixth. He still coulnd't look at a carrot-based driink without feeling queasy." The Trial of a Time Lord.

    Pg 215 "I couldn't give a Pescaton's scaly fin for Krillitant right." The Pescatons.

    Pg 235 "Give it nine hundred years or so and they might try their lick, but no need for you to worry about that. It's already been dealt with." School Reunion.

    The Krillitanes.

    Emily, Henk, Darke, John, Gertrude, Broken Wing, Butcher.


    • Pg 77 "The Cathedral was less than a century old, and it's vaulted stonework remained as crisp and sharp as the day its masons had packed away their toolds." Except this should be "its", not "it's".

    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    • The Doctor isn't religious, so he considers that the Cathedral is old and it is vaulted stonework, nothing more.

    Pg 24 The Krillitanes.

    Pg 85 Professor Febron is a blue-skinned Velurian.

    Pg 128 Siilutrax, tall, grey aliens.

    Pg 144 Calabrians, humanoid aliens.

    Pgs 144-145 Octulans, pink fleshy creatures in tentacled, robotic travelpods.

    Pg 145 A set of tall, grey aliens, who aren't the Siilutrax.

    Pg 160 Emily is an Entrari. They pass for humans.

    Pgs 210-211 The Krillitane Storm, a giant amalgamation of black oil, with a long nexk, tail and powerful jaws.

    Pg 12 Worcester, 1193.

    IN SUMMARY - Robert Smith?
    This is servicable enough. Bringing back the Krillitanes and making them slaves to another alien is an... odd choice, but it ultimately works. The book plays it way too safe, however, consistently ignoring its own potential for yet more generic running around. For example, the Doctor using his psychic paper on someone who can't read should have rendered him unable to do his usual schtick, thus raising the stakes. Instead, the Doctor simply explains to the guard what the psychic paper says, and the guard believes him. Yeah, that'd work in real life. Farewell Tenth Doctor novels, you won't be missed.