The King's Dragon
by Una McCormack

Publisher: BBC
ISBN: 1 846 07990 0


    The people of Geath are happy and prosperous... largely because of the metal dragon that oozes gold. But a reckoning is on its way.


    Amy and Rory.

    Pg 242 In a forest, some distance from the city of Gaeth, unnamed planet, unknown timezone.

    The Eleventh Hour.

    Pg 19 The sonic screwdriver makes an appearance (Fury From the Deep et al).

    Pg 20 The psychic paper also makes an appearance (The End of the World et al). But see Continuity Cock-Ups.

    Pg 52 "Amy looked away, suddenly feeling 7 years old again and knowing that the stranger in the garden with the box of delights was disappointed in her. And then she felt cross with him, not only for leaving that 7-year-old behind after promising to be back, but because he didn't believe her now." The Eleventh Hour.

    Pg 62 "Although, having seen Leadworth, this could well be the most beautiful thing you've ever seen." The Eleventh Hour.

    Pg 66 'Even more weirdly than running away with a charismatically chaotic time traveller the night before her wedding." The Eleventh Hour.

    Pgs 87-88 "'Not a bad way of life. See the sights,move on, see a few more sights -' 'Save the odd Star Whale,' said Amy. 'Fight the odd vampire,' said Rory." The Beast Below, Vampires of Venice.

    Pg 107 "You're the one with the time machine! I was on my stag night." Vampires of Venice. Pg 114 "Wasn't it just as bad as the Regulator screaming its demands and sending its ships? Or waltzing in the night before a wedding and spiriting away the bride." The Eleventh Hour.

    Pg 143 "You can't lock us up! He's getting married in the morning!" The Eleventh Hour.

    Pg 149 "Oh, and let's not forget the basement in that house in Venice..." Vampires of Venice.

    "Or else with a stripper called Lucy?" Vampires of Venice.

    Pg 153 "Anyway, I'm not the one that kissed somebody else's girlfriend. Fiancee. Good as wife, actually - it's only a matter of hours." Flesh and Stone, The Eleventh Hour.

    "'It's not as if that thing ever works,' Rory said. 'I don't think it does wood.'" Silence in the Library.

    Pgs 186-187 "She was 7 years old again, waiting for the man who had said he would come back and take her away, the little girl lost, sitting in the garden waiting for a knight in shining armour who had not returned." The Eleventh Hour.

    Pgs 190-191 "He had come back, she thought - just later than he'd said." The Eleventh Hour.


    Hilthe, Beol, the Teller, Anwa, Camba.


    • Pg 20 "'I said I can't read.' 'Ah.' The Doctor stared down at the paper. 'Of course. Oral culture. That's a design flaw, isn't it?'" Except that the psychic paper worked on someone who couldn't read in The Krillitane Storm.

    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    • The psychic paper worked then because the Doctor explained what was on psychic paper to the guard. Here he doesn't get the chance to do that.

    Pgs 91/97/209-201 The Regulators. In their natural form, they're twice the height of a human and have long muzzles, hinged jaws and clawed hands with more than ten fingers.

    Pgs 92/229-230 The Herald emanates waves of golden light, and has bright eyes and black lips (though she may have originally been the same species as above; it's unclear).

    Pg 15 The city of Geath, unnamed planet.

    IN SUMMARY - Robert Smith?
    Don't be put off by the horrendous sword and sorcery blurb; this is actually rather good. It's well written, has a decently characterised TARDIS crew and gets off to a good start. The Enamour is a decent idea, although I might have liked a bit more subtlety in its corruption of Amy and Rory. The ending goes off the rails a bit, as we never get a proper sense of the Herald and the Regulators, so we're left watching two aliens battle it out from the sidelines. However, the twist involving the Regulators is nicely done. All up, you could do a lot worse.