Illegal Alien
by MIke Tucker and Robert Perry

Publisher: BBC
ISBN: 0 563 40570 8


    The Doctor and Ace arrive in war torn 1940's Earth to discover London is being terrorized by his silver nemesisii.



    Pg 184 In the shadow of St. Paul's Cathedral, London (unseen earlier arrival, location revealed here).

    Pg 186 In the scrubland behind Southwark Power Station.

    Pg 231 In a remote storage bay, deep underground, on the island of Jersey. St. Paul's Cathedral & Southwark Power Station, London and an underground storage bay on the island of Jersey.


    Pg 25 "Her own grandmother would have joined the WRNS by now." The Curse of Fenric.

    "Manisha; burnt to death in her own flat" Ghost Light.

    Pg 28 "After that, the city survives pretty much intact until the Dalek invasion." The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

    Pg 43 "So often visits to Earth ended up in remote areas of the country - desolate moorland or quarries." This is an odd thing for Ace to say, since we never actually witnessed her go to any desolate moorlands or quarries on Earth during her televised adventures. Perhaps she's thinking of those on other planets, such as in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy or Survival.

    Pg 64 "It was a face she knew. It was the face of a Cyberman." Silver Nemesis.

    Pg 67 "It reminded Ace of a clown's mask, and she hated clowns." The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

    Pg 169 "'YOU BELONG TO US>' 'YOU WILL BE LIKE US>' Similarly said in The Tomb of the Cybermen.

    Pg 181 "He delved into the pockets of his jacket again, pulling out a box of his everlasting matches." Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks.

    Pg 185 "He picked up a bar towel from the back of the chair. 'Welcome to Iceworld'." Dragonfire.

    Pg 209 "What was it the Doctor used to say to her? She struggled to recompose the words in her head. 'There is always evil to be fought.'" A lengthy version of the second Doctor's much shorter speech from The Moonbase.

    "The keys to her mothers flat in Perivale." Ghost Light/Survival.

    Pg 231 "'Then he got hit by a bomb, his homing signal was damaged, and ever since you've been running about London like a lost dog trying to find him.' He tickled the metal underbelly of the console. 'You know, you remind me of an old friend of mine.'" K9 (The Invisible Enemy et al).

    Pg 233 "I have an identity card from an organisation which doesn't exist, stamped with the year 1980 and containing somebody else's photograph." The Doctor's UNIT ID with the fourth Doctor's image (Pyramids of Mars).

    Pg 246 "I once played chess with a being from another dimension for the survival of the universe." The Curse of Fenric most likely, although the stakes were the survival of Earth, not the universe.

    Pg 250 "Command override program, authorisation Theta Sigma.' The Doctor's nickname at the Time Lord Academy, The Armageddon Factor/The Happiness Patrol.

    Pg 278 "As far as I could see, there were cocoons, hundreds of them. Each of them holding a Cyberman." This could be the scene setter for events occurring in The Invasion, set in the mid-1960's.


    Cody McBride PI, Chief Inspector Mullen, George Limb, Mr Wall.


    • Pg 38 "The Doctor tossed his duffel coat in a heap in the corner and sat at McBride's desk." It maks sense that the post-Season 26 Doctor would be wearing his duffel coat, since that's what he wore with the brown jacket, such as in The Curse of Fenric. Except the book's cover seems to have other ideas...

    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    • The Doctor decided to mix and match his rown duffel coat with his old white jacket, because he's such a fashionista.


    London and Jersey, November 1940.

    IN SUMMARY - Tim Snelling
    The first of a quadrilogy of Tucker/Perry tomes. This first was based on an abandoned script for the curtailed 27th season. The four-episode format works well in all cases. Quite punchy, well paced and gruesome imagery at times viz. the cyberbaby (Pg196). It indulges in some fine fanwank without going over the top. Certain events here are revisited in their final offering, Loving the Alien.