Happy Endings
by Paul Cornell

Publisher: Virgin


    It's the wedding of the century and you're all invited. Bernice and Jason must overcome their differences and decide on their futures. The Doctor finds himself wrapped up in a problem of great proportions: how to organise the cricket match and keep the guests from killing each other.


    Benny, Jason, Chris, Roz, Wolsey, Ace, the Brigadier, Sergeant Benton, Mike Yates.

    Pg 1 Romana makes a brief appearance

    Pg 25 The TARDIS is on village green at Cheldon Bonniface, 2010, when the book begins.

    Pg 42 In the Isley Brothers' apartment, King's Road, 30 July, 1966.

    Pg 49 Back on the village green in Cheldon Bonniface.

    Pg 90 In the rooms of Sherlock Holmes, 1887.

    Pg 93 Cheldon Bonniface again.

    Pg 98 Bona Music offices, in the floating cities of the thirtieth century.

    Pg 101 Kit Chapin's office, then to Bristol, 1997, then back to Cheldon Bonniface.

    Pg 186 The Doctor's old TARDIS materialises on the village green, next to the new one.

    Pg 196 On the village green again after several offscreen trips.

    Pg 287 Plautus.

    Pretty much everything. Every prior New Adventure is referenced, as are many TV stories. This is a Five Doctors-like celebration of the series, so everything under the sun plays into it.

    The most important books to be familiar with are Timewyrm: Revelation, No Future and Death and Diplomacy.

    Pg -2 "The careless mug of cocoa that almost had him hitched." The Aztecs.

    "The furrowed brow on Delphon that meant bethrothal to a prince" Spearhead from Space.

    "Seduced over mushrooms whilst discussing toxic scares" The Green Death.

    "King Peladon offered horrors of kids with purple hair. Jo, though, wouldn't consider Izlyr a warm, attractive host" The Curse of Peladon.

    "Some say it was Savaar's helmet that attracted Benny most" Legacy

    "Susan tempted Aztecs and David Campbell followed" The Aztecs, The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

    "Peri got Yrcanos so she's probably been swallowed" Mindwarp.

    "How Leela fell for Andred we are given no indication" The Invasion of Time.

    "Billy left with Delta to increase her population" Delta and the Bannermen.

    "Kassia and Tremas had a raucous nuptial do" The Keeper of Traken.

    "And Grendel just planned weddings which continually fell through." The Androids of Tara.

    "The Brigadier won his Doris after numerous hotel dates" Planet of the Spiders, Battlefield.

    "Marrying Saphadin for peace Joanna would not contemplate" The Crusade.

    Pg -1 "For George, Charles Cranleigh's love of Ann was not the best of news" Black Orchid.

    "And Susan stayed with David, so the Doctor took her shoes" The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

    "Ballroom-dancing Benton put his Mavis in a huff" The Daemons (novelisation).

    "The Master showed the Atlantean Queen he's real hypnotic stuff" The Time Monster.

    "Jo Grant eventually went for brains (amazing though it seems). Mike Yates lost out to Clifford Jones, the Welshman of his dreams." The Green Death.

    "Petra warmed Greg Sutton up, but he very nearly blew it" Inferno.

    "Failing to win Jobel's heart, Tasambeker stabbed him through it" Revelation of the Daleks.

    "Vira still loved Noah but she wasn't quite his kind" The Ark in Space.

    "And Marriner wanted Tegan, but only for her mind" Enlightenment.

    "Staying behind in Troy established Vicki as a myth" The Myth Makers.

    "For Giuliano, love was mirrored, for he looked just like Miss Smith" The Masque of Mandragora.

    "Her diary tells of zombies, gods, assassins and guerrillas" White Darkness, The Left-Handed Hummingbird (among others), Tragedy Day (among others), uncertain.

    "But we never met her dad, whenever he might be" Love and War, Return of the Living Dad.

    "Sensopaths and Vampires, Oxford, darkness, blood and fire" Infinite Requiem, The Dimension Riders, too many to name.

    "Sheldukher and Olleril, the great Aztec Empire" The Highest Science, Tragedy Day, The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    "All aboard the Schirron Dream, Menaxus, Shadowfell" Sky Pirates!, Theatre of War, Falls the Shadow.

    ""Medieval France as well." < href=setp.htm>Set Piece.

    "Doctor Watson Benny found a shameful, wicked flirt" All-Consuming Fire.

    "Haiti 1914, Artefact and Peladon" White Darkness, Parasite, Legacy.

    "Monks and punks and German spies" No Future, Just War.

    "Warlock, the Supreme One, London in the Seventies" Warlock, Tragedy Day, No Future.

    "And notably absent certain malicious pepperpots Who never go to weddings and have avoided fifty plots" The Daleks and a clever commentary on the fact that the NAs were not allowed to use them. (Though they do appear briefly in the next story.)

    "Awaiting Happy Endings... one more fledgling flies the coop" The Green Death.

    Pg 1 "I'd like an embassy for the Tharils." Warriors' Gate.

    Pg 2 "The sensor buoys placed around the dimension of fictional icons report that the former Land of Fiction is still a void, as we rendered it." The Mind Robber, Conundrum.

    "There have been no sightings of the Great Old Ones or Legion. No Guardians or higher Eternals to speak of." All-Consuming Fire, Lucifer Rising, The Ribos Operation et al, Enlightenment.

    "What of the Artefact?" Parasite.

    "Spandrell tapped another button on his pad and adopted a fixed and very false smile, clearly something else he'd learnt from his time under Flavia." The Five Doctors.

    "And finally, there are traces of a Fortean Flicker right across the Stellarian Galaxy" The Highest Science, the name given to our galaxy in Human Nature (possibly a corruption of "Stellian Galaxy" from The Mysterious Planet).

    Pg 3 "A group of raggedly dressed humans were being fired upon by a group of mechanically aided turtle creatures on all fours." This picks up from the end of The Highest Science.

    "Its kronos element must be malfunctioning" The Time Monster.

    "During the Feast of Omega last year" The Three Doctors.

    Pg 6 "A lot of them, whether truthfully or not, bore the tag 'of Rassilon'." The Deadly Assassin et al.

    Pg 7 "The Loom of Rassilon's Mouse" Looms were first introduced in Time's Crucible.

    Pg 8 "I only hope that, wherever it surfaces, the Othering thing doesn't cause too much trouble." The Other was first seen in the Remembrance of the Daleks novelisation.

    Pg 9 "Find me later. I love doing interviews. I haven't been on television in a long time." About six years, since Survival.

    "If the vows had included "exterminate" it wouldn't have given him a moment's pause" The Daleks' catchphrase. You probably know who they are.

    Pg 11 "As heroes of the Reconstruction, with their incredibly fast and far-reaching plan to put the planet back on its feet again, they had never enjoyed a higher public profile." The Earth was devasted in Warhead, although this might also work as a followup to the damage inflicted on it during Eternity Weeps.

    Pg 14 "Doctor, this is my fiance. Please don't kill him." Death and Diplomacy

    Pg 17 "This had activated Keri's journalistic instincts, because to her people, the Tzun, or Maleans, were legendary demons." First Frontier.

    Pgs 18-19 "Saul was the being that inhabited the bricks and mortar of the church, as a person inhabited their body, as the Doctor had once put it." (Timewyrm: Revelation).

    Pg 19 "The younger you, with blond hair." The fifth Doctor.

    Pg 20 "Saul's told me about all that moon stuff" Timewyrm: Revelation.

    Pg 25 "If Allen Road was his fortress and safe house, this was his... well, his little English village." The house on Allen Road appeared in Warhead, Transit, Warlock and Warchild.

    "After all Bernice had gone through on his behalf, particularly in the Channel Islands..." Just War.

    Pg 26 "I know who killed the Kennedys, what became of the Pythia, and who put the bomp in the bomp-a-lomp-a-lomp." Who Killed Kennedy, Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible.

    Pg 27 "Dorothee Sorina-McShane gunned the engine of the motorcycle into life" Ace has taken the name "Dorothee" and is together with one of Count Sorin's ancestors in the epilogue to the Curse of Fenric novelisation. Her surname was first mentioned in Set Piece.

    Pg 28 "The feeling of paranoia over those encounters had grown, leading almost directly to the conflict that had erupted over Mars." This is probably a reference to the Thousand Day War from Transit, although 2010 feels a bit early for that to have already started.

    Pg 29 "When I was being tortured, falling off dirigibles, on some occasions actually being killed, I kept thinking: goodness, this'll all be worthwhile when I get married in Norfolk." Just War; Blood Heat, St Anthony's Fire, Parasite; Falls the Shadow, Head Games.

    Pg 36 "She was dressed more soberly now, in a baseball jacket, jeans and a 'Johnny Chess Lives' T-shirt that she'd bought from the village shop." Johnny Chess is the son of Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. First mentioned in Timewyrm: Revelation and later seen in a single appearance in Byzantium!.

    "In one corner, twin trees of bric-a-brac were being created, each one turning on its axis in the breeze from the open window." The Time Monster.

    Pg 37 "It took her a full day of stamping around on ice floes to believe that this wasn't the Land of Fiction or something, a place of the mind's creation." The Mind Robber, Conundrum. A place of the mind's creation may also refer to Timewyrm: Revelation.

    "She'd only found a Voltranan satellite, a relic of their assault on Sydney." Set Piece.

    "Last time she'd been here, she'd ended up in an alternative future of her own, where she'd stayed at home and just been plain old Dorothy." Timewyrm: Revelation.

    "She hadn't carried one for a year now - ever since she'd scared Sorin that night" The Curse of Fenric novelisation.

    "The Ka Faraq Gatri." The Daleks' name for the Doctor, first mentioned in the Remembrance of the Daleks novelisation.

    Pg 38 "He was an avatar of a little god of time" Reference to the Doctor being Time's Champion (Love and War et al).

    "For a moment their eyes met, the dragon and the apprentice who'd interfered with his experiment." The dragon reference is to the image of the Doctor as Puff the Magic Dragon from Love and War.

    "You look well. How's Sorin?" The Curse of Fenric novelisation.

    Pg 39 "Me and Count Sorin pretended to be married, so I'm a Sorina now." The Curse of Fenric novelisation.

    "'What are those things?' Her gaze had flicked to the Doctor's constructions by the windows. 'Time-flow analogues.'" The Time Monster.

    Pg 40 "Anyway I bunged on the old Stone Roses CD." Ace was a big fan in Timewyrm: Revelation.

    "I was thinking about the Timewyrm, how much that music had been in my head when I was... well, when I was in yours." Timewyrm: Revelation.

    Pg 43 "You lot ever do "Puff the Magic Dragon"?" Love and War.

    Pg 50 "'Are these people,' Bernice asked, 'who I think they are?'" Benny was a fan of the Isley Brothers in Love and War.

    Pg 51 "Frocks" The chapter titles references an ongoing debate from the NAs stemming from Gareth Roberts' line that they should have "More frocks, less guns." This split the styles into two camps, Paul Cornell having started in the latter but being a convert to the former, as this book clearly illustrates.

    Pgs 54-55 "He was surprised to see Lord Tasham sitting on the bench opposite the green, regarding the police box with interest, stroking his beard." This is a red herring for the Master (who is disguised as another character), complete with near-anagram for his name.

    Pg 56 [The Ice Warriors] "Your governments know all about them, but don't know what to say to you yet, so they're still a secret." This will be explored further in The Dying Days.

    Pgs 57-58 "'Have you met Mrs Hutchings yet?' 'Long time ago, yeah. She asked me if I wanted to stay.'" Timewyrm: Revelation.

    Pg 59 "Do you remember that Christmas?" Timewyrm: Revelation.

    Pg 62 "'Number one...' Dorothee considered, swirling the remains of her second pint in the bottom of her glass. 'Sabalom Glitz. On the floor of his spaceship.'" As hinted in the Dragonfire novelisation and mentioned in Love and War (page 27).

    "Two was Jan." Love and War.

    Pg 63 "The Doctor sat across a table from the Reverend Annie Trelaw, contemplating a vegetarian calzone that was being served to him." The Doctor's been vegetarian since The Two Doctors.

    "I wanted to ask about Ernest." Timewyrm: Revelation.

    Pg 64 "He said: "Fear makes companions of us all."" The Edge of Destruction, although this is specifically a reference to Ernest Trelaw's last words in Timewyrm: Revelation.

    "No, I mean a real Neanderthal. Third one I'd ever met, and I quite fancied the one from Mesopotamia, too." The first was Nimrod in Ghost Light, while the Mesopotamia one was Enkidu in Timewyrm: Genesys.

    "'Hey!' Chris called. 'It's OK, I love you!' 'The last person who said that -' Roz looked up wearily, and paused for a moment, a wry smile coming to hr face - 'meant it.'" George Reed, from Just War.

    Pg 66 "The Kilbracken stuff?" The Kilbracken technique was used to clone people in The Invisible Enemy.

    "And sixty-three was Count Nikolai Sorin!" The Curse of Fenric novelisation.

    Pg 64 "When I first travelled with the Doctor, I'd only been with Glitz, and I had this real teenage thing of getting a crush on every fit bloke I'd met." Dragonfire, Remembrance of the Daleks, Nightshade, Love and War etc.

    "You could say I want to settle down because I lost my parents." Love and War, Parasite.

    "I called her, last time I was in this town, and somebody picked up the phone." Ace called her mother in Timewyrm: Revelation.

    Pg 72 "The UNIT Family" The chapter title is from an affectionate term for the cast in the Pertwee era.

    Pg 73 "Just thinking about Winnifred. Pity she and Ancelyn couldn't come along." Battlefield.

    "By the way, Tom sends his regards." This is Tommy, from Planet of the Spiders, who was also at the monastery when Yates was.

    Pg 74 "That Duvall woman got so close to Broadsword last year that I had to persuade Tennant not to assassinate her." Broadsword were a UNIT intelligence and Special Ops division founded by the Brigadier (No Future). UNIT Corporal Claire Tennant also featured in that book.

    "'So who is this guy?' asked Benton. 'Got thrown out of UNIT,' the Brigadier muttered. Yates coughed theatrically." The Green Death/Planet of the Spiders.

    Pg 77 "'Bernice!' Mike called, running over to give her a hug. 'My God, I've gotten so much older than you have!'" They met in No Future.

    Pg 79 "He's called Hamlet Macbeth. He kidnapped the Doctor and tortured him." The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    Pg 81 "Doris and Kate apart, to be taken away, to start a new adventure elsewhere..." The Brigadier's daughter Kate was first seen in Downtime, and she later appears in the new series, starting with The Power of Three.

    Pg 82 "The swept-back stubby wings had what appeared to be a tribal symbol on them, something that reminded Lethbridge-Stewart of his service in Africa." Mentioned in Transit.

    Pg 83 "'Serious bepple,' said Chris." Original Sin.

    "Excuse me Mr. Dalek, what does that stick do?" Not dissimilar to Morton Dill in The Chase.

    Pg 84 "Isatu, dear Isatu, had my child and kept my name." Transit.

    Pg 85 "I met some Cybermen remember?" Iceberg.

    Pg 86 "It's actually more like a TARDIS than a spaceship, right? Way beyond anything that Zamper made, even." Zamper. "Greyhound Leader here, John." The Brigadier's UNIT callsign.

    Pg 88 "The Mystery of the All-Consuming Fire" All-Consuming Fire.

    Pg 97 Reference to Sorin (The Curse of Fenric novelisation).

    Pg 100 "Uncertain Pleasures: Best of Plasticine 1976-1980" No Future.

    Pg 103 "At the end of the Vardan invasion, I realised that you'd seen rather too much for a human mind to take." No Future, leading into Mawdryn Undead. The Brigadier's memory gets restored here.

    Pg 104 "'The only thing is,' the Brigadier interrupted him, 'it's hard on Doris and Kate, and Gordy." Kate and her son Gordy both appeared in Downtime.

    "As I recall, your young ladies generally leave your company once they're married. Miss Grant, for example." The Green Death.

    Pg 105 "'She was tortured, Alistair.' The Brigadier raised an eyebrow. 'Bastards. You killed some of them, I trust?'" Just War

    Pg 107 "Helen told me to be back soon" Danny's wife Helen was mentioned in No Future.

    Pg 113 "'Just like seventy-six all over again,' Danny said." (No Future).

    Pg 121 "(Holmes is disgusted that they only know him as 'Sherlock Holmes'.) Reference to the theory from All-Consuming Fire that Holmes and Watson were real and that only their names were fictional.

    Pg 124 "Take me with you when you go." Ruby asked the same question at the end of Iceberg.

    Pg 125 "Danny on guitar and Kit on bass opened up with a high-powered riff, 'Oxford Street', as a bit of practice so they could get used to each other." Also played in No Future.

    Pg 126 "'There will be no rehearsal here!' The Doctor burst into the room where Plasticine were playing and roared, his dressing gown cord flapping." Pastiche of a scene in Battlefield.

    Pg 130 "Interesting experiment in social engineering you're pursuing here, Thete." The Armageddon Factor.

    Pg 131 "It's the gang from the Schirron Dream." (Sky Pirates!).

    Pg 134 "Bernice, who claimed to have played something like cricket on Heaven, was pulling on pads ove rher culottes" Love and War.

    "She would have liked to pop into the building to see Saul, but... but what? Not that old guilt stuff, after all these years?" Timewyrm: Revelation.

    Pg 135 "It is I, Guy." It isn't really, just Sgloomi Po in disguise. Sanctuary

    Pg 137 "He was just feeling his way back into the game, aware that his fifth self had known all the ins and outs of it." As seen in Black Orchid, for example.

    Pg 141 "My dear, that was research not torture." The Left-Handed Hummingbird.

    Pg 146 "'Excuse me,' she said. 'Don't I know you?' Dorothee looked at her carefully. 'Sorry, I don't think so.' 'Lisa Deranne.' 'Nope, still no idea.'" This references the fact that Sophie Aldred played Mari in Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans.

    Pg 160 "If we fight like -" Survival.

    Pg 167 "Peter hurried in, carrying a steaming nut roast. [...] 'I'm sure it tastes just like the real thing,' muttered the Brigadier, raising an eyebrow dubiously." This is reminiscent of a similar scene involving fungus in The Green Death.

    Pg 168 "Maire still had a Dalek gun hanging from the belt of her dress" Love and War.

    "Dorothee kept on about losing you." There was a hint of that in Deceit.

    Pg 169 "Well, I was present when Daniel and Lucas were handfasted." Love and War.

    "And then the suspect started shouting "No, not the mind probe!". Well, it was only a traffic offence." The Five Doctors.

    Pg 178 "A young couple. They're called Vincent and Justine." Wahead, Warlock and Warchild.

    Pg 179 "The Goddess had embraced her, and led her into Puterspace. The connections now, Benny realized, were much better than they had been on Heaven." Love and War.

    Pg 183 "No, not a horse - a single horn protruded from the beast's forehead." The unicorn is from Witch Mark.

    "It was a plump little old man in a long white robe, with a mass of grey hair, streaked with red." This is Muldwych (as revealed on the same page) from Birthright. The streaks of red hair indicate that he's also the redheaded future Doctor from the Battlefield novelisation, as Cornell wanted to reduce the number of future Doctors out there.

    "So how's Anykhon?" Birthright.

    Pg 184 "I think there may be a Fortean Flicker at work somewhere." The Highest Science.

    "Time rings? Where did you get these?" Seen in Genesis of the Daleks and Revenge of the Cybermen.

    Pg 188 "The perfection of this rough process, as one Professor Kilbracken recently demonstrated, is in controlling it to grow one's own musculature, or one's crops, or, should one wish, to make rough, sort-lived copies of oneself." The Invisible Enemy.

    Pg 189 "The Brigadier sighed. 'I do believe somebody once told me something profound concerning eggs and baskets...'" The Time Warrior.

    Pg 190 "The old thing got trapped in a tar pit in an alternate universe" Blood Heat.

    "They're called the Charrl. They were residing in an extra-dimensional version of their homeworld, the true nature of which you don't want to know." Birthright.

    Pg 191 "Can I be in one? I've never been in a book." Reference to the NA writers namechecking everyone under the sun in the novels.

    Pg 195 "Kerri woke several times, certain she was going to sneeze, full of nightmares about the Tzun and figures moving through the streets." First Frontier.

    "I'd have liked to have met Sweet Hooligan."

    Pg 203-204 "Blake and Muldwych were deep in conversation with Hamlet Macbeth concerning the origin of Excalibur. At one point, Muldwych looked up and caught the Doctor's eye. He turned back to the group and cleared his throat. 'Ah, perhaps we could talk about something else...'" This ties Muldwych in with the future Doctor from Battlefield.

    Pg 204 "It must be a descendent of yours, a Lethbridge-Stewart. He caused us much distress." This was Brigadier Yembe Lethbridge-Stewart in the Thousand Day War, as detailed in Transit.

    Pg 205 "Alec, something about that sound... I think I've heard it before. I think we both have..." The dead rising, which Alec Without Gloves and Cook William witnessed in Love and War.

    Pg 206 "'We are the Phractons!' the leader declared." Infinite Requiem.

    Pg 210 "I wish you were here to see it Dad. You'll like him when you see him." Which will come to pass in Return of the Living Dad.

    Pg 220 "Though we are often caught up in violent situations, we are creatures of peace." Paraphrasing Terrance Dicks' description of the Doctor from More Than Thirty Years in the TARDIS.

    Pg 224 "Now put your hands up, or Professor Summerfield is going to go on a very long journey." Misquote from Dimensions in Time.

    Pg 225 "Your android, I believe. Known to us as James. Full of Tzun mind-alteration technology." First Frontier.

    Pgs 226-227 "That young woman was a very crude clone, created through the Kilbracken technique." The Invisible Enemy.

    Pg 227 "I swiftly swept the area with my Tzun memory-wiping beam" First Frontier.

    "The face of Lieutenant Anthony Rupert Hemmings." Hemmings' full name corrects the change in first name from Anthony in Timewyrm: Exodus to Rupert in Timewyrm: Revelation.

    "You've been toying with a genetic loom from Gallifrey" Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible.

    "He took careful aim with his Tissue Compression Eliminator" First seen in Terror of the Autons and often thereafter.

    Pg 228 "Maire hopped up from cover, and blasted the shape with her Dalek gun, but all to no avail." The Daleks et al.

    "I haven't got any Nitro Nine!" Dragonfire et al.

    Pg 229 "The Brigadier reached the reptile man, and threw himself on to the floor beside him, one hand grabbing the corner of a pew, the other grasping Jacquilian's claw." The Brigadier saving a Silurian is an excellent counterpoint to both Doctor Who and The Silurians and Blood Heat

    Pg 233 "'No,' he muttered. 'I thought I knew how he died.'" Reference to the Doctor thinking the Brigadier was supposed to die in bed in Battlefield. Which, as The Wedding of River Song confirms, is pretty much exactly what happens.

    Pg 234 "Tears, old girl?" The Monster of Peladon.

    Pg 238 "All in all, dear reader, I think we had rather more trouble getting married than Cinnabar Flynn and Byerley St John had, which has to be some sort of record." SLEEPY.

    Pg 239 "Much joy. Hope all goes well. Why didn't you invite us? Love, Tanith and Gabriel..." Falls the Shadow.

    "Love, the Cyberleader, Telos." Tomb of the Cybermen, et al.

    Pg 240 "Would visit. Stop. But first have to kill every stinking Dalek in the galaxy." Abslom Daak, Deceit.

    Pgs 242-243 "'Still think this is the best Isley Brothers song?' He smiled a secret smile. 'Oh yes. And if you hadn't agreed, how different things would have been...'" In Love and War (page 70), one of the first questions Benny asked the Doctor was what he thought the best Isley Brothers song was. He said that it was 'This Old Heart of Mine' and she said that he was correct.

    Pg 246 "The Ismetch warrior's claws close around her arms and the creast on his head retracted in the form of a greetingBernice had come to know well during her time on the doomed planet of Beltrushia." St Anthony's Fire.

    Pg 249 "Dep's first baby -" Chris fathered a child during , although he didn't (and still doesn't) know.

    "Oh yes, God sends its love, so does the villa, who turned sentient right after you left. Oh, and I need to get another picture of Roz and Chris for the figure maker at the Mote of God's Left Eye" The Also People.

    Pg 250 "I'm Bernice Doras, Anne's daughter." Just War.

    "Inside, yellowing, was one of Bernice's own diaries, the one she'd left behind at Guernsey." Just War.

    Miss Summerfield, your future is almost here. 1976, was it not? I know now that I will not be joining you there. Her eis something of your past. Oskar Steinmann." Just War.

    Pg 252 "You recall our last conversation on Terras Delta?" Theatre of War.

    Pg 253 "You got to the ruins on Karnas Prime?" Theatre of War.

    "Don't you remember Doctor Nemesis? I mean, I know he was your enemy and all that, but if I'd come as the White Knight, it might have been a bit awkward, what with you two getting on so well." Conundrum.

    "'You killed me! Benny protested. 'Twice! That's once more than Gabriel and Tanith managed'" Conundrum, Head Games, Falls the Shadow.

    Pg 255 "We never see him." feLixi (The Also People).

    Pg 257 "Is Howard here?" White Darkness.

    Pg 258 "By the way, the main Shenn nest on Arden sends its congratulations" Shadowmind.

    Pg 259 "After what I saw on Q'ell, and Charles dying and everything, I decided that saving other people's lives wouldn't be a bad way to spend my own." Toy Soldiers.

    Pg 260 "The planet Arcadia. From the days when time travel looked simple." Deceit.

    "Don't mention brains or the Spinward Corporation." Deceit.

    Pg 266 "She could almost smell the liquorice tang of warlock on the air." Warlock, Warchild.

    Pgs 266-267 "The doors were flung wide and something vaguely resembling a multi-coloured baroque Dalek glided slowly into the hall." If you don't know who the Daleks are, you may be reading the wrong book.

    Pg 268 "I've been body-beppeled again for an undercover Landknecht mission on the Birastrop home world." Original Sin, The Brain of Morbius.

    Pg 269 "Bernice remembered a smoke-filled saloon and the pounding beat of a honky-tonk piano. Hadn't she been singing the blues?" Blood Harvest.

    Pg 273 "'Fear,' he said, 'makes companions of us all.'" The Edge of Destruction.

    Pg 275 "And then I want to pop and visit Raphael, and see what he's getting up to on Mimas." Timewyrm: Apocalypse.

    Pg 276 "In a few hours, the guests would go back to their rooms, and they would wake in their own worlds and times, as the Jade Pagoda detached itself from the guest-house and the hall, and played out its programme." The Jade Pagoda appeared in Iceberg and Sanctuary.

    Pg 279 "Ah, well, that's why Rassilon stopped playing with mice, because of the monsters he created. Sometimes with a little help..." The Rani, as stated in Mark of the Rani.

    Pg 280 "President, eh? Been there, done that. Didn't like it." The Deadly Assassin, The Invasion of Time.

    "The villagers applauded and booed." This is what the real-life villagers did to the Master behind the scenes on The Daemons.

    Pg 284 "'And her boyfriend, if everything goes to plan' - she started to laugh at the look on Peter's face - 'will be called Ricky.'" Warchild.

    "Before he could tell him to stop, Alexander told the Doctor everything that he so wanted to know. About her new cat, and her new job, and her new friends." Joan Redfern, Human Nature.

    Pg 288 "There remains, of course, Dad." This will be resolved in Return of the Living Dad.

    Pg 289 "And a love, for all seasons." This echoes the various "Long ago in an English season" final lines from Paul Cornell's other books: Timewyrm: Revelation, Love and War, No Future and Human Nature.

    Pg 1 Castellan Spandrell (The Deadly Assassin).

    Pg 4 First Pilot Jinkwa (The Highest Science).

    Pg 5 The eight twelves (The Highest Science).

    Pg 8 Keri the Pakhar (Legacy).

    Pg 13 Peter and Emily Hutchings (Timewyrm: Revelation).

    Pg 15 Ishtar (Timewyrm: Genesys through Timewyrm: Revelation).

    Pg 18 Saul the sentient church (Timewyrm: Revelation).

    Pg 72 Doris Lethbridge-Stewart (Battlefield).

    Pg 73 Hamlet MacBeth (The Left-Handed Hummingbird).

    Pg 74 Ruby Duvall (Iceberg).

    Pg 82 Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart (Transit).

    aM!xista The Also People).

    Pg 88 Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson (All-Consuming Fire).

    Pg 99 Kit Chapin (No Future).

    Pg 106 Cob (No Future).

    Pg 130 Irving Braxiatel (Theatre of War).

    Nathan Li Shao, Sgloomi Po (Sky Pirates!).

    Pg 131 Captain Lisa Deranne (Shakedown).

    Leetha, Kiru (Sky Pirates!).

    Pg 153 Savaar (Legacy).

    Pg 168 Maire, Cook William and Alec Without Gloves (Love and War).

    Pg 181 Time, Death and Pain (Timewyrm: Revelation, Love and War et al).

    Pg 182 Gerhardt, in virtual reality Just War).

    Pg 183 Muldwych (Birthright).

    Pg 190 The Charrl (Birthright).

    Pg 196 Blake (The Pit).

    Pg 197 Provost Major Beltempest (Original Sin).

    Baron Denon (Set Piece).

    Forgwyn (Tragedy Day).

    Alexander Shuttleworth (Human Nature).

    Pg 223 The Master (Terror of the Autons et al). This is incarnation we met in First Frontier.

    Pg 227 Lieutenant Anthony Rupert Hemmings (Timewyrm: Exodus and Timewyrm: Revelation).

    Pg 231 The Timewyrm manifests itself into Ishtar (Timewyrm: Genesys through Timewyrm: Revelation).

    Pg 246 Liso (St Anthony's Fire).

    Pg 247 James Rafferty (The Dimension Riders).

    Pg 248 The Grey Man (Falls the Shadow).

    SaRa!qava (The Also People).

    Pg 251 Alpha Centauri (The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon, Legacy).

    The Kantryan Commissioner and his son Damakort (Legacy).

    Pg 252 High Lord Rhukk (Legacy).

    Pg 253 Jason, the master of the Land of Fiction (Conundrum).

    Pg 257 Petion (White Darkness).

    Pg 258 Kim Talavera (Shadowmind).

    Manda (Toy Soldiers).

    Pg 259 Ben and Cristian Alvarez (The Left-Handed Hummingbird).

    Pg 260 The suspicious yellow dip may well be God (The Also People).

    Elaine (Deceit).

    Pg 261 Francis (Deceit).

    Pg 262 Mikhail Vladimir Popov (Birthright).

    Pg 264 Gilgamesh (Timewyrm: Genesys).

    Richard and Charlotte (Strange England).

    Pg 266 Creed McIlveen (Warlock, Warchild).

    Pg 268 Doc Dantalion (Original Sin).

    Pgs 268-269 Old Davy and Herne (Witch Mark).

    Pg 269 Tom Dekker (Blood Harvest).

    Pg 278 Audrey McShane, Ace's mother (The Curse of Fenric).

    Robin Yeadon (Nightshade).

    Annie Trelaw, the Isley Brothers, Jacqualian and Sanki, Bernice Doras, Leonardo da Vinci.


    1. Pg 179 "Quickly he reached out. And pulled his beard. 'Ow,' said Tasham. The Brigadier raised an eyebrow. 'Oh well. You never know.'" It's a fair point that the Brigadier suspects Tasham of being the Master. But why does Tasham having an actual beard disprove it?
    2. Pg 290 "Try to take the rough with the smooth, Mrs Cane" Kane, surely? As it is on page 241.

    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    1. For reasons best known to himself, the Doctor's Time Lord nemesis always wore a false beard.
    2. The "rough" is off to an early start.

    Pg 5 Chelonians.

    Pg 8 Pakhars.

    Pg 98 Silurians.

    Pg 153 Ice Warriors.

    Pg 190 The Charrl.

    Pg 225 An android.

    Pg 227 A number of clones.

    Pg 1 Gallifrey.

    Pg 3 Sakkrat.

    Pg 5 Ricksmansworth Station, 1993.

    Pg 8 Cheldon Bonniface, 2010.

    Pg 42 London, 30 July, 1966.

    Pg 88 London, 1887.

    Pg 98 The floating cities of the thirtieth century.

    Pg 101 Kit Chapin's office, then Bristol, 1997.

    Pg 285 Walthamstow, February 1998.

    Pg 287 Plautus, time unknown.

    IN SUMMARY - Robert Smith?
    Usually, I hate continuity. I find it a shallow excuse for entertainment, pushing fan buttons for a cheap hit in lieu of actually constructing original and exciting stories. But I absolutely adored Happy Endings. It's wallowing in the continuity, but it's so celebratory that, just this once, you can't help but smile and join in. What's more, there's an actual plot in here, which works a treat (and anyone who says otherwise isn't paying attention), bringing a mix of laughter, tears, pathos and downright silliness to the proceedings. But it's a silliness to be embraced and enjoyed. The perfect payoff to a line of novels that gave us so much to celebrate.