The Forgotten Army
by Brian Minchin

Publisher: BBC
ISBN: 1 846 07987 0


    An ordinary day becomes a time of terror, as the Doctor and Amy meet a new and deadly enemy. The vicious Army of the Vykoid are armed to the teeth and determined to enslave the human race. Even though they're only seven centimetres high.


    Amy Pond.

    Pgs 16-17 Times Square, New York, 2010.

    It's probably good to be familiar with The Eleventh Hour. Which is no bad thing to be familiar with in any situation.

    Pgs 7-8 "There were massed rows of schoolchildren and their grumpy teachers, beared archaeologists, twitchy photographers, and the great and good of New York." The End of the World.

    Pg 13 "New York, New York! Or is it New, New, New, New, New, New, New York?" New Earth. But see Continuity Cock-Ups.

    "Have I impressed you yet?" Flesh and Stone.

    Pg 14 "She was a long way from Leadworth and Mrs Poggitt whinging about her bad hip." The Eleventh Hour, Amy's Choice.

    Pg 15 The psychic paper makes an appearance (The End of the World).

    "And don't look at my bow tie like that, Pond. Bow ties are cool. Anyway, always good to make sure there's no cracks in it." The Eleventh Hour.

    Pg 17 "The Ood Food Guide gave June 2010 a whole solar system of awards." The Ood first appeared in The Impossible Planet.

    Pg 18 "Now, the one in the trench coat is a Judoon. The one that looks like three people standing on top of each other is a Graske. The girl in the shades and the hairy chin? Cat person!" Smith and Jones, Attack of the Graske, New Earth.

    Pg 31 "Colonel Mace was vague on that matter" The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky.

    Pg 36 The sonic screwdriver makes an appearance (Fury From the Deep et al).

    Pg 42 "With a yell of: 'Geronimo!' he swung Amy off the window ledge, and the two of them landed straight on the back of the mammoth." The End of Time et al.

    Pg 48 "Are there any Nile Penguins here?" [...] "'That's just echoes of memories,' the Doctor told her cheerily. 'Reverberating down your timeline, nothing to worry about.'" This is a future echo of Amy's experience in The Big Bang, seeing Nile Penguins in the museum, as well as the Doctor travelling back through her past in the same story.

    Pg 55 "Colonel Mace fom UNIT is on his way here from Vancouver, and I want this wrapped up before he gets here." The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky.

    Pg 68 "'I read somewhere that all the dinosaurs and prehistoric anmals were fakes -' she said. The Doctor cut her off. 'Nah, I've been there.'" Only Human.

    Pg 70 "Amy held him back. 'We can't steal a police car!' The Doctor wasn't deterred. 'First the clothes, now this.'" The Eleventh Hour. But see Continuity Cock-Ups.

    Pg 86 "Still the Shadow Proclamation could be tied up for years debating this one." First mentioned in Rose and seen in The Stolen Earth.

    Pg 95 "Time Lord, Oncoming Storm, Defender of Earth, take your pick." The Draconians called the Doctor The Oncoming Storm in Love and War. The Daleks also adopted this terminology (The Parting of the Ways).

    Pg 107 "Back home, Rory wouldn't even trust her to make a cup of tea, let alone choose the button that might save the world." At this stage, Rory has only been seen in The Eleventh Hour.

    Pg 108 "Her records showed that Amy was nothing more than a kissogram from a small town in England." The Eleventh Hour.

    Pg 142 "She thought to herself how funny it was that in all the games she used to play when she was 8 years old, the Raggedy Doctor had been the one saving her from mean boys and scary rats." The Eleventh Hour.

    Pg 150 "If the Atraxi can send a message from their prison to Leadworth, then I can sendone through a few metres of soil." The Eleventh Hour.

    Pg 155 "I spent far too longunderground last time I was here." Daleks in Manhattan.

    Pg 156 "We all sat down over a pack of Jammy Dodgers, and sorted it out." Victory of the Daleks. But see Continuity Cock-Ups.

    Pgs 168-169 "Last time I was in New York, I met men who'd been beaten down and abandoned and ruined, but they were some of the best and the bravest I've met." Daleks in Manhattan.

    Pg 172 "Do you remember when all the clocks went to zero?" The Eleventh Hour.

    "His dad still talked of the time he froze and started chanting, and nobody felt safe at Christmas now." Torchwood: Children of Earth, The Christmas Invasion et al.

    Pg 218 "I so should have made Rory take me to New York." The Eleventh Hour.

    Pg 228 "This is a Level Five planet." City of Death.

    Pg 247 "'Next stop,' the Doctor announced, 'the Delirium Archive.'" The Time of Angels.

    Pg 195 Trinity Wells makes an appearance (on TV). She first appeared in Aliens of London and then throughout the Tennant era.

    Sam, Polly, Oscar, Commander Strebbins, General Erik.


    1. Pg 13 "New York, New York! Or is it New, New, New, New, New, New, New York?" This is clearly a reference to what the Doctor says in New Earth, except that then there were fifteen "New"s and here there are only seven.
    2. Pg 62 "Standing four metres tall, its tusks were two metres long, and it's eyes the size of dinner plates." Should that really be a contraction of "it is eyes the size of dinner plates"?
    3. Oh, and if the mammoth's eyes are so big, why are they so small on the front cover?
    4. Pg 70 "Amy held him back. 'We can't steal a police car!' The Doctor wasn't deterred. 'First the clothes, now this.'" Except that it was Rory who was upset that the Doctor was stealing clothes in The Eleventh Hour, not Amy.
    5. Pg 156 "We all sat down over a pack of Jammy Dodgers, and sorted it out." Except these should be "Jammie Dodgers".
    6. Pg 185 "Patrolling the streets like an American Boadicea" Should that be "Boudica"?
    7. Pg 228 "One minute you're waddlingabout like miniature trolls, the next you're all Wily Coyote and thinking you're masters of the universe." Or Wile E. Coyote, perhaps?

    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    1. The Doctor's actually making a reference to one of the intermediate New Yorks, which he also visited.
    2. The eyes are so large that once you've seen them, the entire creature becomes them in your mind.
    3. The museum curator eats dinner off very tiny plates.
    4. All humans kind of look alike to the Doctor.
    5. "Jammy" Dodgers are a Gallifreyan delicacy, quite similar to Jammie Dodgers.
    6. "Boadicea" is actually a type of moth. Commander Stebbins finds moths particularly inspiring for the patrolling abilities.
    7. As a Time Tot, the Doctor used to enjoy the adventures of that Gallifreyn cartoon character, Wily Coyote.

    Pg 93 The Vykoid, seven centimetre high hairy aliens with heads like angry trolls.

    Pg 7 New York, 2010 (page 13).

    IN SUMMARY - Robert Smith?
    This isn't too bad, all things considered. The idea of an invasion by seven-centimetre aliens should be a licence to print jokes, but here it's... okay. There's a rather large amount of continuity, but it's mostly contained to the early Matt Smith stories, which feels appropriate (although the number of continuity cock ups is quite astonishing). The time freeze isn't well explained, but the Doctor is exceptionally well characterised. Minchin has really captured the Eleventh Doctor's odd way of speaking, which helps the book enormously. So add another middling success to the pile, then.