by Jacqueline Rayner

Publisher: BBC
ISBN: 0 563 53827 9


    The Doctor, Anji, and Fitz arrive in a pre-historic world where dinosaurs and cave-men live side by side, clouds don't move, and murder is committed by the most unlikely of people...


    Fitz and Anji.

    Pg 5 New Jupiter.

    None really necessary, although it slots very comfortably into recent EDA developments in The Ancestor Cell and Escape Velocity.

    Back cover: Fitz's default assumption about where they've landed is that they're in a parallel world. This will later turn out far more true that he, or any of the readership, would like.

    Pg 5 The caveman looming over the TARDIS is a reference is An Unearthly Child episode 1 (and also continues from the last page of Escape Velocity).

    "They used to fly round the universe in a stroppy redhead." Compassion. This occurred in The Shadows of Avalon through The Ancestor Cell, with a brief cameo in Escape Velocity.

    Pg 14 Dave's email address is "", a reference to his having played a Cybertron in Professor X (Escape Velocity).

    Pg 18 "She knew that aliens existed. After all, she'd not only met some, she'd pretty much killed a whole race of them" Escape Velocity.

    Pg 20 "She saw the distinctive blue gemstone ring on one of the fingers and recognised it as the Doctor's." This is very likely the first Doctor's ring, also seen on the cover of The Infinity Doctors.

    Pg 26 "Watching strange bird-dinosaur things wheeling in a strange sky" Probably reference to the Doctor's line about birds wheeling in an alien sky in An unearthly Child, episode 2.

    The guy with the jackal's head in the recreation of ancient Egypt is Sutekh (Pyramids of Mars).

    Pg 34 "The legendary Fitz Fortune, star of the sixties (or at least he would have been if he hadn't been unexpectedly forced to go on the run through being wanted for murder)" The Taint.

    Reference to Sam.

    Pg 36 "What was it, some sort of abominable snowman? What had that got to do with twentieth century London?" The Web of Fear.

    Pg 40 "In which year did Earth astronauts first land on Mars?" The Ambassadors of Death.

    Pg 46 "Those "upright tanks", for example, are called War machines. They worked for the General Post Office [...] We have actual filmed records of them on the streets of London" The War Machines.

    Pg 51 "I remember a place where the night sky was burnt orange and the tree leaves were silver." This is almost exactly Susan's description of her home from The Sensorites.

    Pg 78 Reference to Sam.

    Pg 80 "Fitz had been replaced with a copy; the real Fitz had been whisked off elsewhere." Interference. But see Continuity Cock-Ups

    Pg 100 "If someone had stuck rotten old 'real Fitz' Father Kreiner to a lie detector and proved he was fibbing for reasons unknown - then you'd be Fitz now." Interference, The Ancestor Cell.

    "He remembered Roley's place, too" The Taint.

    Pg 101 "I wonder what Sam would have made of all this. You wouldn't get a Volkswagen Beetle in here now, would you?" We get a (slightly rewritten) flashback to the final scene in Escape Velocity.

    "After all, Sam had had identity crises of her own, and she'd come through them OK." Reference to Dark Sam, first mentioned in Alien Bodies and seen in Unnatural History. We find out the details of Sam's identity in Interference II.

    "When Fitz had been James Bond, or Simon Templar, or Frank Sinatra, he'd still been Fitz." He was James Bond in Demontage and Frank Sinatra in Frontier Worlds.

    Pg 106 "I had a friend, many years ago, called Alan Turing." The Turing Test.

    Pg 107 "What about a computerised dog? An android dog. Except it wouldn't be an "android" would it. A caninedroid? A candroid. That's a good word." K9, and the Doctor's thought processes here are hilarious.

    "Boxes of EarthWorld Genuine Earth Recipe Fudge (small print: made in Alpha Centauri)" We saw members of the Alpha Centauri race in Curse and Monster of Peladon and Legacy, with cameos in various other books.

    Pg 116 Another War Machine appears, but the Doctor doesn't recognise it.

    Pg 121 "It took me over a hundred years to find him - I'd rather he wasn't killed now I'm just getting to know him." The Earth arc.

    Pg 152 "For a second, in his head, it was a dead blonde child and something deep inside him hurt." Father Time.

    Pg 167 "Sam and the Doctor and, well, Gallifrey and all that stuff." The Ancestor Cell. Interestingly, Fitz only names Gallifrey when he's inside the Memory Machine or shortly afterwards.

    "Things he'd done lately, like waiting in London for the Doctor and all that stuff in Belgium with Anji and Dave." Escape Velocity.

    "Back a bit, to Compassion, and then a brief trip through all the girls he'd loved and lost (or abandoned) - Filippa, Maddy, Kerstin, Arielle..." Compassion appeared in Interference through The Ancestor Cell, plus briefly in Escape Velocity. Filippa appeared in Parallel 59, Maddy in Revolution Man, Kerstin in Dominion and Arielle in The Fall of Yquatine.

    "And then he had to go through his mum dying again" The Taint.

    Pg 168"Are you telling me my memories are just disappearing?" Fitz's memories starting vanishing in Escape Velocity. We'll hear more about this in Trading Futures and Halflife.

    Pg 197 "'Oh, we used to know a... bus driver,' he said. But I bet the Doctor's forgotten her now.'" Iris Wildthyme. Fitz met her in The Blue Angel. The Doctor's actually met her since he lost his memory, as she turned up on Earth, as mentioned in Father Time (and the story itself, Iris Explains, appears in the charity anthology Missing Pieces).

    Pg 202 "They went on a quest for the Holy Grel, a tentacled monster that would reveal to them good holy facts and bad holy facts" The Grel were aliens on Dellah (in the Benny books), who first appeared in Oh No It Isn't!. They often chanted "Good fact" or "Bad fact". The idea of religious Grel may refer to the fervour that dripped Dellah (and many Grel) in Where Angels Fear.

    [On Arthur] "He's probably tucked away in his box, or whatever." Battlefield.

    Pg 206 The Doctor assumes the role of Merlin, in a probable tie-in to Battlefield.

    Pg 216 "Oh yes, they could make you a copy of Dave, but you'd always know he wasn't the real thing, and in the end it'd make the pain much, much worse." Anyone else get the impression that Mark Clapham read this and thought "Hang on, I've got an idea..." and proceeded to write Hope?

    Pg 231 "You just turned your body off for a bit. You can do that. You just probably don't know it." The respiratory bypass system, first seen in Pyramids of Mars.

    Pg 233 "As the Doctor turned away, he said something else under his breath. Fitz couldn't make out what it was, but it started with 'M'." Miranda, from Father Time.

    Pg 242 "When the inner doors opened again, a grinning Doctor was pushing a great big black motorbike - complete with sidecar - into the room." The TARDIS also proves to have a motorbike, although without the sidecar, in The Idiot's Lantern.

    Pg 245 "You remember when we went to Gallifrey?" Gallifrey is mentioned twice on this page... and it'll rate the grand total of half a mention (The Tomorrow Windows) between now and the final EDA. Which, er, mentions it rather a lot.

    Pg 249 Reference to Professor X (see Escape Velocity).

    Pgs 251-252 The Butterfly Room, previously destroyed in The Shadows of Avalon, is restored.

    Pg 36 An Abominable Snowman.

    Pg 116 War Machines.

    Pg 177 Filippa appears in a vision (Parallel 59).

    President Hoover, Elizabethan, Africa, Antarctica, Xernic, BeeZee, Zequathon.


    1. Pg 6 "It could be somewhere other than twentieth-century Earth" Except that Anji is from the twenty-first century, not the twentieth.
    2. Pg 64 "So she amost certainly should mention it." Sorry, what?
    3. Pg 80 "And the real Fitz - the biological, born-on-Earth, went-on the-run-with-the-Doctor Fitz - well, he grew old waiting for the Doctor to rescue him; he lived for thousands of tormented years, and then he was killed." Shouldn't there be a hyphen between "on" and "the"?
    4. Pg 103 "the President snorted" Except that this is the opening to a paragraph and is missing a capital letter.

    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    1. Since she's just left February 2001, she's only had six weeks to get used to calling it the twenty-first century, especially since Dave was very insistent about the year 2000 not being the twenty-first century on page 5 of Escape Velocity. It's a shame, because Fitz actually notices that Escape Velocity took place in the 21st century, on page 37.
    2. We amost certainly shouldn't make fun of typos.
    3. This is a clue that Fitz's memory is missing bits.
    4. the President snorted away the capital letter. it was a big sneeze.

    A whole bunch of androids.

    Pg 27 EarthWorld, New Jupiter.

    IN SUMMARY - Gareth Jelley
    A wonderful, fun, and very witty romp, carefully exploring a huge range of ideas, always with a controlled eye on the comic and the tragic. Great Arthurian jokes; great 'mistaken-history' jokes (too many good ones to list); and the best introduction you could want for the new companion Anji. Another fab EDA.