The Gallifrey Chronicles
by Lance Parkin

ISBN: 0 563 48624 4


    The Doctor's home planet of Gallifrey has been destroyed. The Time Lords are dead, their TARDISes annihilated. The man responsible has been tracked down and lured to Earth in the year 2005, where there will be no escape. But Earth has other problems - a mysterious signal is being received, a second moon appears in the sky, and a primordial alien menace waits to be unleashed...


    Pg 131 The seventh Doctor appears in a dream.

    Fitz, Trix, Anji.

    Pg 111 Romana, in a flashback to The Ancestor Cell.

    Pg 177 Compassion, in a flashback to The Ancestor Cell.

    Pg 213 K9 Mark II.

    Pg 11 Mondova's planet, although we don't see it happen.

    Pg 30 Rome, 40 BC (confirmed on page 20).

    Pg 37 In space, near Ross 128.

    Pg 58 Mars, 2097.

    Pg 63 A churchyard in London, 2005.

    Pg 163 In flashback, when it was owned by Marnal, the TARDIS materialised on an asteroid in the Shoal, on the galactic rim. (As we discover on page 245.)

    Pg 235 The Vore Moon.

    Pg 273 In the middle of the library in Marnal's house.

    The Ancestor Cell, of course.

    Father Time and Halflife might be nice, but aren't required. Nothing else is really needed, oddly enough. This is the culmination of the EDAs, for sure, but not in ways you might think.

    There are, obviously, lots of references to the Doctor destroying Gallifrey, which happened in The Ancestor Cell. I haven't noted every one.

    Pg 5 "But I can't even remember the name of the... I can't remember it. I was born there. Spent lifetimes there." Marnal can't remember Gallifrey, just as everyone else in the universe seems to have forgotten it. Fitz recently got his memories back (Halflife), but before then he couldn't remember Gallifrey either (except when jogged by the Memory Machine in EarthWorld). Neither can the Doctor, obviously.

    Pg 6 "She stared at the old man's face, and when it stopped glowing it was a young man's face." Marnal regenerates, complete with glowing effect, just as we saw in a number of regeneration stories, most recently The Parting of the Ways.

    Pg 9 "New and Missing Adventures" Refers to the Virgin book series of the same name.

    "He hated music and his first act as monocrat was to ban it.' Scherzo.

    Pg 12 The Doctor is described variously as a father (Father Time), grandfather (An Unearthly Child et al), a jackanapes (Talons of Weng-Chiang, The Caves of Androzani), violinist (The Year of Intelligent Tigers, Fear Itself) and a xoanon (The Face of Evil, although the Doctor doesn't really fit the actual definition of the word).

    Pg 16 "He was turning, admiring himself in the mirror. Then he threw away the coat, scowling at himself and put the blazer back on." Marnal's post-regeneration response is just like the Doctor's.

    Pg 17 "If Fitz had spent any time down here, he would have heard the scratching." This was first mentioned in Trading Futures.

    Pg 18 "I've seen you do that "I know you" stuff, and then you tell someone their destiny." The eighth Doctor did this in The Telemovie and a number of early EDAs.

    Pg 19 "I'll explain later." The Curse of Fatal Death.

    "It stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space." Well, only sometimes. In An Unearthly Child, The Telemovie and the new series it's "Dimension".

    "Machines created using block transfer computation and powered by an Eye of Harmony." Logopolis, The Deadly Assassin/The Telemovie.

    Pg 20 "Sherlock Holmes solved the case before I could, as I recall." The Doctor met Holmes in All-Consuming Fire.

    Pg 21 "She put in an order for The Witch Lords" Original title for State of Decay.

    Pg 22 "'The Giants, by Marnal,' she read. 'Once, long ago, on an island in a sea of clouds, there was a land where giants walked.'" The Giants was the working title for the original version of Planet of Giants, as outlined by CE Webber. The dialogue is from Death Comes to Time. Which, incidentally, is a really neat way of incorporating it into regular continuity.

    Pg 23 "Spaceships shaped like egg timers" Very Classic Doctor Who.

    "Whatever the books' literary merits, their covers were always a problem" Reference to the NAs.

    Pg 25 "Yet if a single one among them were to cease observation and to step out into the universe, they would freeze time wheresoever their feet touched the ground" This was the NA theory of time travel (Deceit et al).

    "Extract from The Hand of Time (1976)" Working title for The Hand of Fear, which was also broadcast in 1976.

    Pg 28 "The Time of Neman page 27" The Time of Neman was Johnny Byrne's original script, that became Arc of Infinity.

    "'Greek?' she asked. He smiled condescendingly. 'No, these are letters of the Gallifreyan omegabet.'" Just as we saw in The Five Doctors (and Cold Fusion), which also fits the Doctor being known as Theta Sigma in The Armageddon Factor. Omegabet may imply that "Omega" is the first letter of the Gallifreyan alphabet, which would be appropriate, given The Three Doctors et al.

    Pg 29 "Rachel peered into the bottle." Marnal has a universe in a bottle, just like in Interference, Dead Romance and The Ancestor Cell.

    "Things that looked like woodlice were burying themselves in the soft sand." Tractators, previously seen in Frontios.

    Pg 35 "It could have been the Klade, the Tractites, the Ongoing. It could have been Centro, but... no." Faction Klade appeared in Father Time, the Tractites in Genocide. Centro is probably a comics reference and is mentioned in The Infinity Doctors.

    Pg 36 "The destruction of the planet unleashed a vast ripple in the space-time continuum, one that makes it impossible to navigate or even see the area of destruction. Gallifrey cannot be observed at any point in its history. Not any more." This squares with what's been said since, especially in Escape Velocity and The Adventuress of Henrietta Street and attempts to reconcile the entirely different account we saw in The Ancestor Cell.

    "She'd started on The Beautiful People" Working title for The Dominators.

    "There was a swirling psychedelic pattern in the bottle now, instead of the galaxies. A column of grey light that broke up into lines, then a colourful mass of concentric squares, a howling tube of blue light and what looked like stars, then a lurid purple galaxy." The varous Doctor Who title sequences. (With thanks to Brett Coulstock.)

    Pg 37 "Ghostly half-pictures, pictures of nothingness, of insectile things and abstract mechanisms. Something that looked like an orchid briefly flickered and faded." If there's a better summation of The Ancestor Cell, I've yet to see it.

    Pg 37 "Inside, the Doctor pulled up the handbrake, locking the TARDIS in position, then activated the scanner." The TARDIS handbrake appears in the new series, starting with The End of the World.

    Pg 41 "There was a girl in my class, back in primary school. We were on the chess team." Miranda, Father Time.

    Pg 43 "A tall shape loomed up out of the darkness - the helmeted figure of a policeman" This is reminiscent of the very first scene of An Unearthly Child.

    Pg 44 "Even with the backing of her teacher, Mrs Castle, and a number of character references from some of the people the Doctor had met over the years, like Graham Greene and Laurence Olivier, it had taken a long time to become official." Debbie Castle appeared in Father Time and Graham Greene in The Turing Test. Laurence Olivier was implied to be a friend of the Doctor's on page 204 of Father Time.

    Pg 46 "As I said to King Priam, you should beware of geeks bearing gifts." Priam appeared in The Myth Makers, although the Doctor didn't meet him at the time.

    Pg 57 "'God I hate Mars,' Fitz said, not for the first time. 'This is even worse than the last time I was here, when Anji -'" Fear Itself

    Pg 58 "Who'd want to fight them when we could be taking part in a yacht race across the whole world of Selonart or watching an astral flower bloom? What about when we fought crystal skeletons across time and space, defeating them at the very end of the universe?" The infinity Race, The Tomorrow Windows, Sometime Never....

    Pgs 58-59 "'It's always that lot these days, every second time we land somewhere.' [...] 'The pope is going to consecrate the first cathedral here, and anoint the first native Martian archbishops, and if she's ext-' [...] A flying disc screamed overhead, its pilot on fire." The Doctor's fighting Daleks, almost nonstop, although always just offscreen. Native Martians first appeared in The Ice Warriors.

    Pg 60 "Rachel had seen some of this - the Doctor speeding around San Francisco on a motorbike, confronting a bulky reptilian creature at the Tower of London, attending an arms bazaar on the moon, punting down the Cam." The Telemovie, The Dying Days, uncertain, the Big Finish version of Shada. The arms bazaar isn't Interference I, as that happened in London, not on the moon. Probably from the bloody comics, given that all the others are from different continuities.

    Pg 61 "'"Lorenzo, Delilah, Frank, Claudia, Deborah, Jemima-Katy, Miranda, Nina, Anji, Beatrice".' 'His companions, in the order he first met them." Claudia was the widow mentioned on page 83 of Father Time; he was with her in 1976. Deborah is Debbie Castle; she and Miranda first appeared in 1980 in Father Time. Anji first appeared in 2001 in Escape Velocity. Beatrice is Beatrice "Trix" MacMillan, who first appeared in 2002 in Time Zero.

    "After he destroyed Earth, he hid out on Earth for over a hundred years." The Earth arc.

    "The entire history of this incarnation is one of temporal orbits, retcons, paradoxes, parallel time lines, reiterations and divergences." Temporal orbits appeared in The Telemovie. Faction Paradox first appeared in Alien Bodies. Parallel time lines cropped up all over the place, most notably from Time Zero through Timeless (although they started early on, with one in The Eight Doctors and another soon after in Genocide). Reiterations is likely a reference to him going back to do Shada all over again, in the Big Finish webcast. Divergences refers to the divergent universe arc of the audios, from Zagreus through The Next Life.

    Pg 62 "As for his future... he has three ninth incarnations." Christopher Eccleston (Rose through The Parting of the Ways), Rowan Atkinson (The Curse of Fatal Death) and Richard E. Grant (Scream of the Shalka).

    Pg 64 "SAMANTHA LYNN JONES 1980-2002" Sam Jones, former companion of the Doctor's from The Eight Doctors to Interference II. She must have been slightly older than this implies, since she was left in 1996 at age 21, so she was 27 when she died, not 22 as the inscription would suggest. In Sometime Never... it's said that Sam died of an overdose, although that might refer to Dark Sam's original fate. There's also a reference there to a political activist gunned down while giving a speech, which is probably her. On the other hand, Sam's middle name was always "Angeline" (eg Seeing I page 26), so there's a chance this may not be her, or may be an altered version of her in some way. (I have no idea if this was deliberate or a cock-up, so let's be charitable and assume it's some sort of get-out.) There are lots of subsequent references to Sam. I haven't noted every one.

    Pg 65 "You don't remember anyone or anything, except when you do, of course. You can't operate the TARDIS any more, except when you can. You don't know what happens in the future, except when you do. Drop the act, it got old years ago." Amen to that. This pretty much sums up the entire second half of the EDAs, from The Burning onwards.

    "Fitz, whatever terrible thing happened, it happened to you. Your memories went too." Most notably in Escape Velocity, EarthWorld and Trading Futures. He got them back in Halflife.

    "We were going to talk, we were going to have a conversation, and when the time came you said "No"." This happened in Fear Itself, although that was published after this book.

    Pg 66 "Sam was a schoolgirl when they first met" The Eight Doctors.

    Pg 72 "Trix had a sudden image of a tall middle-aged woman with blonde hair standing alone in a space station at the end of time." Miranda, Sometime Never....

    Pg 77 "And there was that one time with that parallel universe version of her when we ended up -" Unnatural History.

    "Last time we were here the Doctor asked me about it. We were walking through the woods and I think he was hinting that I should go." The Deadstone Memorial.

    Pg 78 "I got my memories back months ago on Espero." Halflife.

    Reference to Dave (Escape Velocity).

    Pg 84 "I mean, he caught me with a copy of the Financial Times once, in the future." Trading Futures, pg 29.

    Pg 87 "'You're Sherlock Holmes, are you?' 'No, but as I was just saying, I met him a few -'" One such was All-Consuming Fire.

    Pg 91 "Deadly Reunion" Reference to, erm, Deadly Reunion.

    Pg 92 "She would live to be a hundred, a political activist until the day she died, dedicated to making the world a better place." This ties in with Sam's departure in Interference II and her fate in Sometime Never...

    Pg 95 "I knew that I would come back, yes, I would come back. Until that day -" Misquoting The Dalek Invasion of Earth (and The Five Doctors).

    Pg 96 "To go forward with all my beliefs and -" The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

    "Remind me to ask her about Jamais and Chloe." Timeless.

    Pg 101 "'Like Dave', Anji's previous fiance. Who'd died the day she met the Doctor." Escape Velocity. But see Continuity Cock-Ups.

    Pg 102 "There were four of us left, apparently." The Adventuress of Henrietta Street.

    "Marnal touched the Doctor's temple with a fingertip. 'Contact.'" We saw this in The Three Doctors.

    "A man with a sallow face and small, pointed black beard, who wore a blue rosette; a young woman with long blonde hair in an extraordinary piece of haute couture; a tall man with a bent nose wearing a cravat and holding a pair of dice; the Doctor himself with close-cropped hair, sitting on an ornate throne, a newborn baby girl in his arms." The Master, as seen in The Adventuress of Henrietta Street; Romana; the Minister of Chance from Death Comes to Time (confirmed in AHistory, page 292); the Doctor of The Infinity Doctors, presumably as Emperor of the universe, holding Miranda, from Father Time. However, see Continuity Cock-ups.

    Pg 103 "You wanted to read my mind. Over the years quite a few people have tried." Endgame, EarthWorld, The City of the Dead among others.

    "Ever since you woke up in that carriage, having lost everything you once were, you've known something was wrong." The Ancestor Cell.

    Pg 105 "Giant robots and pyramids on Mars" Robot, Pyramids of Mars.

    Pg 106 "I can use this image processor to help resolve the picture." Full Circle.

    "It looked like a six-leafed orchid, the colour of bone" The Ancestor Cell.

    Pg 109 "Those that attacked Gallifrey today had travelled back from a time towards the end of the war." We get a lengthy flashback to The Ancestor Cell, only about a billion times better written.

    Pg 111 "To an outside observer, the battle looked weird and fantastic, full of improbable, illogical events." This is Terrance Dicks' description of the Telemovie, from The Eight Doctors.

    "The Matrix was the Time Lords' central computer" First seen in The Deadly Assassin.

    Pg 113 "He remembered his mother's long red hair and her cut-glass voice." It's implied that the Doctor's human mother is Penelope Gate, from The Room With No Doors. This was also suggested in Unnatural History and The Infinity Doctors.

    Pg 114 "The Grandfather was his future self. He was everyone's future self. This was what you became if you didn't mend your ways." This retcons Grandfather Paradox somewhat, but it's an incredibly pleasing retcon.

    Pg 116 "'Hai!' the Doctor shouted." The third Doctor was fond of doing this before launching into Venusian aikido.

    Pg 117 "You would use Venusian aikido against me when I am the only one-armed being to ever master it?" Venusian aikido is more properly done with five limbs, as seen in Venusian Lullaby.

    Pg 119 "While there's life, there's hope." Planet of the Spiders.

    Pg 120 "The Doctor grasped the lever. The Doctor pulled the lever down." As seen in The Ancestor Cell, only without the Captain Janeway-esque quip this time around.

    "The ivory moon, Pazithi Gallifreya, was caught and consumed by one of the atmospheric flares." Pazithi Gallifreya was first mentioned in Time's Crucible.

    Pg 122 "It was more like Masada, where -" Uncertain reference.

    Pg 124 "The explosion must have created an event horizon in relative time. It prevents any information escaping, and anyone from travelling back to prevent it blowing up or anyone from Gallifrey's past escaping into the present." This matches Fitz's summation in Escape Velocity that Gallifrey wasn't just destroyed but removed from history altogether.

    "The next thing was me waking up on Earth in the nineteenth century." The Ancestor Cell.

    "I did very little else for a hundred years." The Earth arc.

    Pg 127 "She'd seen Shallow Grave and she knew how difficult it was to get rid of a body." Shallow Grave starred Christopher Eccleston, getting rid of said body.

    Pg 129 "Back, back to his beginnng." The Brain of Morbius.

    "He'd been the one who'd shown the Beatles how to do it, in Bangor of all places" During the Earth arc, presumably.

    Pg 130 "He was the passing thought of a small cunning man sitting alone reading a book, drinking his tea, listening to a gramophone record. In a dream." The Telemovie.

    "And the truth is: the Doctor was the finest dreams of hundreds of human beings, refined as they tapped away at their typewriters." This actually is the truth!

    "Then, just once, he hadn't come back." After Survival.

    Pgs 130-131 "There were those who remembered him when they walked past a dummy in a shop window or sat on the beach looking out to sea, and every time they ground pepper." Spearhead from Space, the Daleks.

    Pg 131 "Some of those who remembered him had typewriters of their own. And, after far too long, a new generation of children were about to hear that music for the first time" Rose.

    "Behind heavy iron gates the small, cunning man he'd seen before, asleep lying on a bed of flowers. He was wearing a white suit, cut from the finest dreams. 'Is it... time... already?' the Doctor asked." The seventh Doctor, in the New Adventures. The quote is from the eighth Doctor's first appearance, Timewyrm: Revelation, page 55. But see Continuity Cock-Ups.

    "That was a nice nap. Just three questions: where am I, who am I and who are you?" This is the seventh Doctor's first line, in Time and the Rani.

    "Your shoes - they fit perfectly!" The Telemovie.

    "What could the relevance possibly be if I remember Ace's visit to Paradise Towers?" Reference to Timewyrm: Genesys, where Ace remembered visiting Paradise Towers, despite the fact that she didn't, Mel did. This was retconned in Timewyrm: Revelation, saying that she'd inadvertently picked up one of Mel's memories when the Doctor restored her memories after accidentally deleting them in Timewyrm: Genesys.

    "Times like this, I need an umbrella. I used to have one, but you gave it to Benny." This happened in The Dying Days.

    Pg 132 "You could sing one of those parallel universe Beatles songs you were talking about." The Devil Goblins From Neptune and other Keith Topping stupidities.

    Pg 139 "The Edge of Destruction" Reference to the Hartnell story formerly known as Inside the Spaceship and Beyond the Sun, depending who you ask.

    "He'd played a couple of places in the sixties, called himself Fitz Fortune." The Taint, EarthWorld.

    Pg 143 "Day of Wrath, by Marnal" Working title for Four to Doomsday.

    Pg 148 "A human time-traveller who fancied himself as a Lord of Time. An ape who would be king." Sabbath and the apes, The Adventuress of Henrietta Street through Sometime Never...

    "For months on end I watched whole universes die." The multiverse arc, Time Zero through Timeless.

    Pg 153 "They didn't hear the explosion and the TARDIS didn't so much as shake." A nuclear bomb devastates the TARDIS interior, resulting in it needing to be redesigned for Rose. But see Continuity Cock-Ups.

    Pg 154 The TARDIS destruction consumes the candles, food machine, fault locator, hat stand, shaving mirror, gramophone player, chess sets, ormolu clock, tea set, butterflies and tool kit (notable in the Telemovie, The Daleks, The Daleks, Frontios, Masque of Mandragora, The Telemovie, Season 15, The Edge of Destruction, Eye of the Tyger, EarthWorld (where new butterflies were about to hatch) and The Hand of Fear, respectively).

    Pg 156 "He'd suffered physical side effects for along time, until that business in Henrietta Street in fact, because his link with home had been broken." The Doctor's illness was seen in Grimm Reality and cured in The Adventuress of Henrietta Street.

    "The only inference was that it had, at some point long before the destruction of Gallifrey, been fitted with an independent source of energy." The Quantum Archangel.

    "The iron sphere in the centre was immense." The Eye of Harmony, seen in The Telemovie and not quite the same Eye of Harmony seen in The Deadly Assassin.

    Pg 160 "They adopt a loose formation, the flagship at the front, and start growing vworp drives" Vworp drives were mentioned in The Quantum Archangel and are derived from the comics.

    Pg 168 "You threw me into this black hole, knowing that at the singularity there is infinite power, infinite command, everything I ever dreamed of." This is the Master's voice, and he was thrown into the Eye of Harmony in the Telemovie. We saw this in Sometime Never... and will see further implications of this in Scream of the Shalka.

    Pg 173 "'Klist,' the Doctor said out loud." Klist is mentioned in The Quantum Archangel.

    Pg 174 "Yes, but this is a maser." Mentioned in some Gallifrey stories, I think.

    Pg 176 "A pair of young English professors, Edmund and Julia" There follows a version of Jurassic Park, with the names changed for copyright reasons, presumably.

    "A famous entrepreneur called Sir Thomas Bertram" Possibly a reference to the Meddling Monk's alias in No Future.

    "Mansfield Park by Doctor -" The sixth Doctor says something very similar in The Mysterious Planet before also being cut off.

    Pg 177 "What could the relevance possibly be if I remember Ace's visit to Paradise Towers?" Timewyrm: Genesys and Revelation. And Paradise Towers, obviously.

    Pg 179 "Once, I was editing out some of my memories using the TARDIS telepathic circuits, when I -" Timewyrm: Genesys.

    "Just before I faced the Timewyrm, I accidentally gave Ace one of Mel's memories" Timewyrm: Genesys and Revelation.

    Pg 180 "I destroyed Gallifrey. I was solely responsible. The Doctor, in the Edifice, with the binding energy." The Ancestor Cell. And isn't this a fabulous line?

    "Ever since he'd woken up on the carriage, well over a hundred years ago now." The Ancestor Cell, the Earth arc.

    Pg 181 "He'd met William of Ockham once, nice man with a bushy beard. The Doctor had tried to get him to work out the history of the planet Skaro and almost given him a nervous breakdown." Almost every Dalek story ever, but especially War of the Daleks. William of Ockham, of course, is the man who gave us Ockham's razor, that thing that states, "if it could've been, it probably was".

    Pg 187 Reference to UNIT.

    Pg 188 "All that stuff about black holes and people being stabbed dead one minute and alive the next, and giant space needles. Rubbish." All this happens in The Infinity Doctors.

    Pg 195 "'He didn't save Sam, I know but -' 'Or Miranda.'" Sam appeared in The Eight Doctors through Interference II. Miranda appeared in Father Time and was killed in Sometime Never...

    Pg 203 "It was in these times that the visions came of the great Black Eye."The Adventuress of Henrietta Street.

    "From The Monkey to Time saga" A play on The Key to Time.

    Pg 206 "It was amplified and panatropic whatever that meant. It had exitonic circuitry, but the term wasn't explained." The Deadly Assassin.

    Pg 208 "Dec was fine, but there was no sign of Ant." Ant and Dec were on against the 2005 season of Doctor Who.

    Pg 218 "Professor Marius was unable to take the K9 unit with him back to Earth due to transportation costs and Y5K compliance issues." The Invisible Enemy.

    "TARDIS architecture was reconfigured by your companion, trapping me." Almost certainly Compassion, at the end of The Ancestor Cell.

    Pg 221 "'They can move through the fifth dimension.' 'I'm not even sure what that means.' 'They can manipulate hyperspace corridors.'" This retcons Susan's line in An Unearthly Child about space being the fifth dimension. Clearly she meant to say hyperspace.

    Pg 232 "You can get carried away with analogies, but that one seems apposite." Marnal talks like the Master, in Mark of the Rani.

    Pg 235 "He'd seen a termite mound in Africa once." During the Earth arc, presumably.

    Pg 239 "Trix opened the first one, Valley of the Lost, and was surprised to see the word 'Tardis' there. 'It's an acronym,' she muttered under her breath." This is a joke on how various reference guides (and Target novelisations) used "Tardis" instead of "TARDIS" throughout the years. Valley of the Lost was an unmade story by Philip Hinchcliffe from Season 17.

    "It was set on an alien planet and there was some visiting delegation from a Three Minute City, whatever that was." The Infinity Doctors.

    Pgs 241-242 "'Fled Gallifrey?' the Doctor asked. 'Why would I do a thing like that?' 'I only found out later from my son. There were all sorts of rumours, but the real reason was because you -'" There certainly were all sorts of stories, from him being bored in The War Games, to the events of Lungbarrow. Marnal's son is probably the Master.

    Pg 250 "Soon - not imminently, not all at once - there will be a spate of attacks. Omega, the Sontarans, Tannis, Faction Paradox, Varnax, Catavolcus, the Timewyrm." The Three Doctors, The Invasion of Time, Death Comes to Time, The Ancestor Cell, various unmade scripts detailed in The Nth Doctor, comic strip The Neutron Knights, Timewyrm: Revelation.

    Pg 251 "I'm sure they'll be very understanding about your son. How is little -" The Doctor's half-humanness was first mentioned in The Telemovie.

    Pg 252 "England, 1883" This is where Penelope was from, according to The Room With No Doors. Also, it means Marnal was on Earth for pretty much the entire time the Doctor was trapped there, during the Earth Arc (The Burning through Escape Velocity) .

    Pg 253 "As I said to G.K. Chetterton" The first Doctor used to mix up Ian's surname as well.

    Pg 254 "They're supercompressed and stored away. I can't access them. If I tried... well, it wouldn't be pleasant. I suspect it would kill me." This, finally, explains why all those attempts to give the Doctor his memories back have failed. And, it must be said, this is a doozy of an explanation.

    "They sleep in my mind." The second Doctor said this about his family in Tomb of the Cybermen.

    "A cerebral scan made by an instrument that once accessed the Matrix" This is K9, Mark II and he did so in The Invasion of Time.

    Pg 255 "The Matrix was corrupted by Faction Paradox." The Ancestor Cell.

    "We must dedicate ourselves to the task of building New Gallifrey." This explains how Gallifrey exists again before being destroyed in the Time War between now and the new series.

    Pg 256 "Together we shall construct a city for the saved." Reference to the Faction Paradox concept (and novel), The City of the Saved.

    Pg 261 "Why this is hell, nor are you out of it." This was said a lot in Timewyrm: Revelation (and is a quote from Marlowe's Doctor Faustus, probably because, back in the old days, when you looked up Doctor Who in the library catalogues, the nearest entry was Doctor Faustus).

    Pg 266 "I brought the dead back to life on my very first day in the job" The Telemovie.

    Pg 269 "It's the end..." Logopolis.

    Pg 270 "It's got something to do with parallel universes, I reckon. Usually when stuff around here makes no sense, it's -"Amen to that. Er, see Time Zero through Timeless and Loving the Alien for good measure. (Or not, if you prefer your sanity intact.)

    Pg 274 "I think I must have wiped your memories too." Fitz's memories started disappearing as early as Escape Velocity.

    "The last couple of years, some times I've remembered, some times I haven't." Notably in EarthWorld and he got his memories back in Halflife.

    Pg 275 "I'm sending K9 off on a little errand to Espero" Halflife, presumably to find Madam Xing (who is very likely Compassion).

    "Everything changes, a Time Lord even more so." Misquote from The Five Doctors.

    Pg 276 "That will be General... er... Lethbridge-Stewart, I think he said it was." The Brigadier, who was a general in Head Games, but Brigadier further in the future, so by now it's probably safe to assume he's a Brigadier-General and uses both titles interchangeably.

    Pg 279 "'If he does, he'll do it saving Earth and then he'll come back, all-new and better than ever.' 'With a bit of fashion sense this time,' Trix suggests." Fitz now knows about regeneration, despite the fact that he didn't in Escape Velocity, so presumably it was part of his memory deletion. The Doctor does eventually come back with fashion sense, as the ninth Doctor demonstrates (Rose through The Parting of the Ways).

    Pg 279 "They must be fought." The Moonbase.

    Pg 44 Miranda, in flashback.

    Pg 100 Greg, Anji's fiance, previously seen in Timeless.

    Pg 109 Faction Paradox, in a flashback to The Ancestor Cell.

    Pg 111 Mali, in a flashback to The Ancestor Cell.

    Pg 114 Grandfather Paradox, in a flashback to The Ancestor Cell.

    Pg 168 The echo of the Master.

    Pg 247 Ulysses, the Doctor's father (aka Daniel Joyce, from Unnatural History).

    Pg 248 Penelope Gate, from The Room With No Doors.

    Mr Saldaamir, seen in flashback in The Infinity Doctors and flashforward in Father Time.

    Pg 249 The Lady Larna, from The Infinity Doctors.

    Rachel, Mr and Mrs Winfield.


    1. Pg 27 "Marnal had been a writer for a hundred years longer than she'd been alive." Except that Marnal started writing in 1894 (pg 22), so that would mean Rachel was born in 1994 and would thus be 11. Which can't be true, as she's 33 in 2005 (pg 87).
    2. Pg 101 "'Like Dave', Anji's previous fiance." Except that Anji and Dave weren't engaged.
    3. Pg 102 "A man with a sallow face and small, pointed black beard, who wore a blue rosette; a young woman with long blonde hair in an extraordinary piece of haute couture; a tall man with a bent nose wearing a cravat and holding a pair of dice; the Doctor himself with close-cropped hair, sitting on an ornate throne, a newborn baby girl in his arms." In The Adventuress of Henrietta Street, the man with the rosette explicitly wasn't bearded, because the Doctor was. Also, Romana had dark hair in The Ancestor Cell. This also ignores the fact that there seem to be more than four names, unless Nivet (the technician who survived The Ancestor Cell by virtue of being inside Compassion) has regenerated to look like Stephen Fry or Iris's latest incarnation just happens to look like Lalla Ward (but then again, we know from Tomb of Valdemar that Romana survived). The Infinity Doctors specified that the Doctor and Omega were two of the four names, which suggests either the close-cropped Doctor lookalike is actually Omega and the Doctor is the Minister of Chance, or vice versa.
    4. Pg 112 "The two Time Ladies were trying to make a break for it, but the world was melting around them. [...] Then he heard two shots." Except that, in The Ancestor Cell, Romana made it to a TARDIS and may have escaped (as we discover she did, in Tomb of Valdemar).
    5. Pg 131 "Behind heavy iron gates the small, cunning man he'd seen before, asleep lying on a bed of flowers. He was wearing a white suit, cut from the finest dreams." This is supposed to be the flipside to the seventh Doctor's vision of the eighth in Timewyrm: Revelation, except that the seventh Doctor didn't start wearing his white suit until White Darkness.
    6. Pg 151 "'I've often thought about writing a novel,' the Doctor confessed. 'Never seem to find the time.'" Except that he already wrote one, in The Adventuress of Henrietta Street.
    7. Pg 153 "They didn't hear the explosion and the TARDIS didn't so much as shake." A nuclear bomb devastates the TARDIS interior, but has no effect on the exterior. This contradicts The Book of the Still (pg 158), where an Unnoticed bomb inside the TARDIS caused the exterior to bulge outwards with the effect, although the Doctor survived inside, with only melted shoes and singed hair.
    8. Pg 155 "The Doctor looked around the room to find the it gutted." Say what?
    9. Pg 175 "Any attack on him has to swift and brutal enough" Huh?
    10. Pg 179 "'Why?' 'I forget ' 'Har Har.'" The quote mark after "forget is a) not next to the word and b) an opening quote, not a closing quote.
    11. Pg 217 According to K9 it's been 114 years, nine months since The Ancestor Cell. Except that 113 of these were spent on Earth and four spent during Fear Itself, not counting all the Doctor's other post-Earth adventures (including at least a year during The Adventuress of Henrietta Street).

    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    1. Rachel isn't very good at subtraction.
    2. Fitz is flustered in the presence of Greg and isn't thinking straight.
    3. Given that we see the Doctor of The Infinity Doctors, perhaps these are the four survivors from that universe (where presumably the Master is still bearded) and somehow the Doctor's got his telepathic wires crossed. That leaves the four in our universe as: the Doctor, Romana, Iris and Nivet.
    4. The two shots are for Mali, one for each heart.
    5. Dreams are very metaphorical, full of improbable, illogical events.
    6. The Doctor wasn't proud of that one, so he means a novel that's up to his standards of what one should be like.
    7. The Unnoticed bomb was perhaps designed to explicitly affect the TARDIS shell, whereas a nuclear bomb is more prosaic.
    8. The TARDIS has just been destroyed, so he isn't thinking straight.
    9. Marnal's so excited by the chance to use his maser that he's gabbling.
    10. I can't honestly bring myself to care.
    11. Since the TARDIS was only restored in Escape Velocity, presumably K9 was as well, so the Earth arc may not have counted in his calculations. Which suggests a lot of side trips without Fitz, but that's nothing new for Doctor Who.

    Pg 32 A Sulumian. They're chameleonic and have smooth skin like a dolphin and look a bit like mules.

    Pg 50 The Network, intelligent software that runs on a human brain instead of a computer.

    Pg 187 The Vore, insects who look like giant robber flies.

    Pg 9 Mondrova's planet, timeframe unknown.

    Pg 30 Rome, 40 BC (confirmed on page 20).

    Pg 44 Greyfirth, 1983. Rachel is 33 in 2005 (pg 87) and was 11 in the flashback (pg 55). But see Continuity Cock-Ups.

    Pg 58 Mars, 2097.

    Pg 63 London, 2005. It's 6 June on page 75.

    Pg 109 Gallifrey, during The Ancestor Cell.

    Pg 159 The Shoal, an asteroid plain at the galactic rim.

    Pg 185 Manhattan, USA.

    Pg 194 A plane flying from New York to London.

    Pg 221 Somewhere else, probably the Vore moon (pg 244).

    Pg 242 HMS Illustrious.

    Pg 243 Guinea-Bissau, Africa.

    IN SUMMARY - Robert Smith?
    This is a much better novel than the EDAs deserved, but it does its job of ending them marvellously. In some ways, it's not the showstopping confrontation you might expect, involving as it does, an invasion of Earth by insects, but Parkin plays to his strengths by making all the little details work. There's far more here than you'd imagine from a first reading, but it all adds up beautifully. The eighth Doctor has rarely been better, but it's really a riff on the whole concept of Doctor Who and why it's as wonderful as it is. And our last image of the eighth Doctor, leaping into a volcano, coat-tails flying, is just glorious. Superb stuff.