All Flesh is Grass
by Una McCormack

Publisher: BBC
ISBN: 1 785 94633 2


    The Tenth Doctor has sworn to stop the Kotturuh, ending Death and bringing Life to the universe. But his plan is unravelling: instead of bringing Life, nothing has changed and all around him people are dying. Death is everywhere. Now he must confront his former selves: one in league with their greatest nemesis and the other manning a ship of the undead...

    Eighth, Ninth and Tenth.

    Brian the Ood.

    Pg 78 On the flight deck of the HMS Donna. (Ninth Doctor)

    Pg 94 In a valley of stone heads on an unnamed world. (Ninth Doctor)

    Pg 111/112 Outside the biodome on Birinji. (Ninth Doctor)

    Pg 112 Inside the biodome on Birinji. (Ninth Doctor)

    Pg 164 On board the Dalek ship. (Tenth Doctor)

    Pgs 189/191 In the engineering hold of the Dalek ship. (Eighth Doctor)

    Pg 193 Birinji. (Ninth and Tenth Doctors)

    This follows on directly from The Knight, the Fool and the Dead.

    A general familiarity with the basics of the Time War would help, but you probably have that already.

    Pg 10 "Etched with the Seals of the Great Houses. cast in a compound of marble and metal, the collar in particular was very impressive." The Time Lord collars were first seen in the Deadle Assassin.

    Pg 13 "'Fire!' he ordered." This replays the cliffhanger to The Knight, the Fool and the Dead.

    Pg 16 "And the Tenth Doctor blew up Mordeela."The Knight, the Fool and the Dead.

    Pg 17 "They deserved better and he was giving them better. Rose had taught him that." Series 1.

    "And yet, here they were, being wiped out billions of years early. By his next self. Right." The Knight, the Fool and the Dead.

    Pg 18 "He'd stared out the Untempered Schism, he could win a blinking match with a snooty vampire." Last of the Time Lords.

    Pg 23 "Someone had the semi-serious idea of making an Ood into a trained killer, so Brian was taken from his Ood Pen and inducted into the Lesser Order of Oberon." Ood being advanced took place in Planet of the Ood, with further details in The End of Time. The Knights of Oberon featured in Revelation of the Daleks.

    Pg 26 "A Racnoss web gun, a Jagaroth warp thruster, the Soul Orbs of Grelsh." The Runaway Bride, City of Death. The last reference is to an unrecorded adventure.

    Pg 29 "It's so ancient, why would you - it's a stream of Uxaerian doomsday particles." Colony in Space.

    Pg 31 "Brian nodded, coaxing a protective Daemon headshield around the remaining fleet." The Daemons.

    Pg 33 "Nothing gets through a Daemon shield" The Daemons.

    Pg 36 ""The three of them met among the stars. The Knight, the Fool, and the Dead." The Knight, the Fool and the Dead.

    Pg 37 "He was thinking about Rose." Series 1.

    Pg 43 The first of three sonic screwdrivers makes its appearance. (Fury From the Deep et al.)

    Pg 50 "'What?' said the Tenth Doctor. 'Forget fighting,' the Eighth Doctor said. 'Let's save some people.' 'What?' repeated the Tenth Doctor. The Ninth grinned. He was carrying a spider plant. "What?'" The Tenth Doctor repeats "What? What? What?" first occurs in Doomsday.

    Pg 72 "Took me a while to name it but I've settled on HMS Donna because, well, there's no arguing with it." The Runaway Bride et al.

    Pg 80 "'I don't see what's so wrong with wiping out an evil species,' the Tenth Doctor agreed. 'Like, say the Daleks.' The Ninth Doctor looked dead ahead." The Time War (The End of the World et al).

    Pg 93 "The bowships piercing the hears of thre Great Ones, their death cries shattering suns" State of Decay.

    "'When a Great Vampire dies,' Ikalla said, all their scions die, die in that instant, all their spans catching up with them.'" State of Decay.

    Pg 99 "Mordeela was the source of our power. You closed that off. And yet, we have our destiny. It began on Birinji." The Knight, the Fool and the Dead.

    Pg 107 "The blip lasted barely 0.3 of a Rel." The Dalek unit of time.

    Pg 123 ""The Starless Skies were their work, so was the Desolation of Kastria." The Hand of Fear.

    Pg 155 "I just hate the things - what was wrong with the space-time telegraph?" Revenge of the Cybermen.

    Pg 156 "'I merely have the galactic coordinates. 'Fire away.' 'I believe that from Galactic Centre they are ten-zero-eleveln-zero-zero by zero-two.'" Gallifrey's coordinates were first given in Pyramids of Mars.

    Pg 157 "The Knight, the Fool, and the Dead united at last." The Knight, the Fool and the Dead.

    Pgs 167-168 "The Jagaroth had come and gone without visiting; the Uxaerians had not enlisted them in their doomed fight to ward off the Kotturuh; the Daemons had not even bothered trying to advance the species. The Osirans knew of the planet, but didn't use it as ammunition in the war between their seven hundred and forty gods." City of Death, Colony in Space, The Daemons, Pyramids of Mars.

    Pg 169 "'And,' said the Eighth, 'when all this is over, we can all go see President Romana. Tell her three outrageously different accounts of it and make K-9 very cross.' No one said anything, and the Eighth Doctor's smile dimmed." Romana first appeared in The Ribos Operation and became president in Happy Endings. K9 first appeared in The Invisible Enemy. Both of course died in the Time War.

    Pg 172 "There's a reflective Kastrian barrier" The Hand of Fear.

    Pgs 173-174 "At first it was simply light, but as it absorbed the Dalek blasts it began to form into a complicatedcrystalline structure, one that began to hum and drone with a sound that could only be heard by the ears of a passing Eternal sailboat." Enlightenment.

    Pg 176 "Should cause an almighty release of Blinovitch Paradox Energy." First mentioned in Day of the Daleks.

    Pg 177 "Imagine that - we may end up as a small Gallifreyan moon to be stared at by hermits." The Time Monster, Planet of the Spiders.

    Pg 178 "One final heroic gesture. And I'll never know if it worked." Echoes of Adric's final line in Earthshock.

    Pg 179 "Light bloomed outside. The craft was knocked - Knock Knock Knock - three times by the blooms of light." The Tenth Doctor has been anticipating four knocks ever since Planet of the Dead.

    Pg 199 "Those on Birinji stayed where they were, to share long and happy lives. Barring accidents." Echoes the description of the Time Lords in The War Games.

    Brian the Ood, the Daleks, the Vampires and the Kotturah all appeared in

    Pg 84 Cameo by the Dalek Emperor.

    Madam Ikalla, a vampire/Kotturah hybrid.


    PLUGGING THE HOLES [Fan-wank theorizing of how to fix continuity cock-ups]

    Pg 2 The Kotturah, seen in The Knight, the Fool and the Dead. They have squirming tentacle-like legs, jellyfish eyes, six fingers and a hard carapace.

    Pg 10 Vampires.

    Pg 16 Daleks.

    Pgs 30/35 The Bloodsmen, ninja vampires that can apparate through shields and have sharp teeth.

    Pg 48 Death Brokers, iron creatures with sharp talons.

    Pg 82 A Fellonian, telepathic creatures.

    Pg 119 A Great Vampire. It gets turned into...

    Pg 150 ...the Symbiont, half Great Vampire, half Dalek.

    Pg 1 Birinji, back in the Dark Time.

    Pg 17 A Coffin Ship.

    Pg 33 The Taratella

    Pg 47 Entranxis.

    Pg 72 The HMS Donna.

    Pg 144 Dalek scout ship.

    IN SUMMARY - Stacey Smith?
    This high-octane resolution to the excellent setup in The Knight, the Fool and the Dead does not disappoint. It keeps moving at every opportunity, providing all the Doctors with plenty to do and mostly keeps the characterisation intact. The Eighth is a bit too Congenital Idiot at times and the Ninth is uncapturable, but those are problems that aren't unique to this book. The Tenth's redemption comes along well, and the all-action events are gripping and fast-paced. Highly recommended.