Monica Nevins, University of Ottawa



poster of the CMS 2023 summer meetingaffiche de la réunion d'été de la SMC


  1. Winter 2023: MAT3343 Applied Algebra. Our topics are Error-correcting codes, and cryptography.
  2. Fall 2023: MAT1330 Calculus I for the Life Sciences. We explore the fundamental mathematical tools that turned natural philosophers into scientists. Along the way, we also explore discrete-time dynamical systems, which are mathematical models that help us understand growth and change in the life sciences.
  3. Fall 2023: MAT4343 Representation Theory. This course uses linear algebra to explore the structure of groups and of their linear actions on vector spaces; it is the course for you if you loved Group Theory!
  4. Hiver 2024: MAT3543 Anneaux et Modules. Ce cours est la suite naturelle de vos cours MAT2543 (Théorie des groupes) et MAT2541 (algèbre linéaire), et vous donne les outils fondamentaux de l'algèbre.


Broadly defined, my main area of research is algebra. Within this, I specialize in: representation theory, p-adic groups and cryptography.

At the University of Ottawa, I am part of the very large and active Algebra and Lie Theory Research Group, within the Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Mathematics, as well as QUASAR, an interdisciplinary group focussed on QUAntum Security using methods from Algebra and Representation theory.


I enjoy supervising students in research projects at all levels, from undergraduate to doctorate; for more details, see Students.

Academic Service

I gladly participate in outreach activities of all kinds, and serve on several committees of the Department and the University. I am Vice-President, Ontario Section, of the Canadian Mathematical Society.

In 2019, I was named a Fellow of the Canadian Mathematical Society.