Monica Nevins, University of Ottawa



I am one of the Scientific Directors for the upcoming 75th anniversary summer meeting of the CMS which has been rescheduled and put online from June 7 to 11, 2021, with mini-courses and some committee events the week before. Propose a session, or a mini-course, and be part of this marquee event!



Broadly defined, my main area of research is algebra. Within this, I specialize in: representation theory, p-adic groups and cryptography.

At the University of Ottawa, I am part of the very large and active Algebra and Lie Theory Research Group, within the Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Mathematics, as well as QUASAR, an interdisciplinary group focussed on QUAntum Security using methods from Algebra and Representation theory.


I enjoy supervising students in research projects at all levels, from undergraduate to doctorate; for more details, see Students.

Academic Service

I gladly participate in outreach activities of all kinds, and serve on several committees of the Department and the University. I am a Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Science, and Vice-President, Ontario Section, of the Canadian Mathematical Society.

In 2019, I was named a Fellow of the Canadian Mathematical Society.