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Undergraduate Courses:

Winter 2022: BCH 4116 Analytical Biochemistry (without labs)/ BIM 4316  Modern Bioanalytical Chemistry (with labs)

This course is an overview of modern bioanalytical and biochemical instrumental techniques with particular emphasis on the analysis of proteins and nucleic acids. Analytical Biochemistry (or Bioanalytical Chemistry) is the foundation of many advances in biology and at the chemistry-biology interface. It includes the new fields of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and interactomics.  Advances in the biomedical sciences would be much less remarkable without the ability to detect and quantitate small amounts of biomolecules, determine the composition and interaction of multi-components in biological samples. The lectures cover the fundamental theory and practical aspects of spectroscopic methods, quantitative polymerase chain reaction, enzyme coupled immunoassays, Western, Northern and Southern blotting, SDS-PAGE, SPR, capillary electrophoresis, flow cytometry and protein mass spectrometry. Besides, some exciting applications of new bioanalytical techniques for CIVID diagnostics, the discovery of biopharmaceuticals, aptamers, and biomarkers will be discussed. The laboratory of BIM course teaches skills in qualitative and quantitative analysis of biomolecules.

Winter 2022: CHM 2354 Analytical Chemistry (with labs)

An introduction to fundamental principles of analytical chemistry, including data analysis, acid-base, EDTA, redox titrations, electrochemistry, adsorption and fluorescent spectroscopy, liquid and gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and electrophoresis.



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