Ecosystem health: From molecules to populations

Canada Research Chair in Environmental Health and Toxicology


What we do:
We study the toxicology of chemical contaminants found in different ecosystems, the impact of diet on the health effects of contaminants, and the relationships between ecosystem health and human health. We develop innovative approaches to study health determinants at the individual, household, community, population levels.

How we do it:
At the community level, we use an ecosystem approach to study the dynamic interrelations between the environment and health with a focus on the holistic concept of health found in the traditional indigenous knowledge. We also share the results of our research with local communities and national Aboriginal organizations, to contribute towards improving environmental health.

At the laboratory, we use state-of-the-art “omics” approach to understand the toxic effects and the underlying mechanisms of different environmental pollutants using rat and zebrafish as models.

Why we do it:
Our work aims at developing a framework to assess the health risks of contaminants as well as programmes to improve the environmental health. Our research aims at promoting of healthy environments to protect human health and at protecting traditional food systems.