William Midea’s research



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Martin Viala (L), Keiko Hattori (centre), William Midea (R)- He is a natural skater as he has been on ice since he was a child.



William is very productive.  He completed BSc in Geology at the University of Ottawa in May, 2020 and started MSc program in September, 2020. He already presented his work at several conferences including the PDAC-SEG Minerals Colloquium and the prestigious Goldschmidt Conference. He also completed a manuscript and published in Resource Geology from Wiley Scientific Publication.


Since June, 2022, he started working for Vale in Sudbury while he is writing the second manuscript.



Midea, W., Hattori, K., Galera, G.T.V., 2021, Igneous rocks responsible for porphyry Au-Cu mineralization of the Dizon mine, Philippines. Resource Geology, vol. 71 (4), p 392-408, DOI: 10.1111/rge.12273.  Abstract


                   Graphical Abstract


Midea, W., Hattori, K.,2021, Zircon chemistry, Dizon porphyry Cu-Au deposit, Philippines.  PDAC-SEG Minerals Colloquium, Toronto.

Media, W. and Hattori, K.  G.T. V Valera. 2020. Fertile magmas responsible for the Dizon porphyry Au-Cu deposit.  GeoCon Conference, Manila, Philippines. Abstract.
William gave his oral presentation to over 250 audiences (!!) in Economic Geology Section of the conference on Dec 2, 2020. He received several difficult questions, but he answered well.

Media, W. and Hattori, K. 2020. Consistent magma conditions at Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines, over 2.5 m.y. 30th Goldschmidt Conference, Hawaii. Abstract, Pdf file of a poster

Midea, W, Hattori, K., and  Lee, S., 2020.  Magmas responsible for the porphyry Cu-Au mineralization at Dizon mine in the ancestral Pinatubo volcano, Philippines. SEG-PDAC Minerals Colloquium, Toronto (March 2, 2020, Toronto). Pdf of the abstract. . Pdf file of a poster