Dr. Cees-Jan de Hoog’s work


Cees-Jan was working as a post-doctoral research fellow in the Department of Earth Sciences in 2001-2. He went to University of Gothenburg (Sweden) as Research Scientist in 2002, then move to Oxford University (UK) as Manager of ICP-Laboratory. Currently, he is Senior Scientist at the University of Edinburgh.

His Post-doc research focused on the concentrations of volatiles and oxidation condition of primitive arc magmas. Our research interests merged again in the study of UHP rocks in Europe. We are collaborating numbers of projects including the composition of secondary metamorphic olivine after serpentine in subduction zones, and the HP serpentinites at Pohorje in Slovenia and Voltri complex in northern Italy. 


Publication and Presentations

DeHoog, C.J., Hattori, K., Jung, H., 2014. Titanium- and water-rich metamorphic olivine in high-pressure serpentinites from the Voltri Massif (Ligurian Alps, Italy): evidence for deep subduction of high-field strength and fluid-mobile elements. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, vol. 167, no. 3,  pp. 1-15  DOI 10.1007/s00410-014-0990-x,


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Hattori, K., DeHoog, J.C.M., 2014. Metamorphic olivine: a vehicle to transfer volatiles to the deep mantle. Goldschmidt 2014 meeting in Sacramento, California. DOI: 10.13140/2.1.3506.0481, p.930 Abstract

DeHoog, J.C.M., Hattori, K., 2013. Heavy boron isotopes in secondary olivine from the HP Voltri Massif: Implications for the boron cycle in subduction zones.  . 2013 Goldschmidt Conference. Abstract

Hattori, K., DeHoog, J.C.M., Jung, H., 2012. Titanium- and water-rich secondary olivine in HP metamorphosed serpentinites from the Voltri Massif (Ligurian Alps, Italy). European Mineralogical Conference, 101-2. Abstract


De Hoog, JCM, Janák,M., Vrabec,M., Hattori, KH, 2011, Ultramafic cumulates of oceanic affinity in an intracontinental subduction zone: ultrahigh-pressure garnet peridotites from Pohorje (Eastern Alps, Slovenia). In “Ultrahigh pressure metamorphism” Eds. L. Dobrzhinetskaya, S. Cuthbert, W. Faryad, Elsevier, Amsterdam, DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-385144-4.00012-6. Abstract


De Hoog, J.C.M., Jának, M., Vrabec, M., Hattori, K.H., 2010. Ultramafic cumulates of oceanic mantle affinity in a continental subduction zone: UHP garnet peridotites from Pohorje (Eastern Alps, Slovenia). International Mineralogical Association Meeting. PDF


DeHoog, J.C.M., Hattori, K.H. and Hoblitt, R.P., 2004,  Oxidized, sulfur-rich mafic magma at Mount Pinatubo, Philippines. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, vol.146, p. 750-761. pdf file


De Hoog, C.J.and Hattori, K.H., 2003, Melt inclusion study of trace metal behaviour during degassing of basaltic magma at Miyake-jima volcano (Izu-Bonin arc, Japan). EOS, Trans., Amer. Geophysical Union. 84 (46) V12H-02. pdf file


De Hoog, C.J., Hattori, K.H., 2003, Transfer of sulphur from the mantle by oxidized mafic magma; evidence from Mt. Pinatubo. Goldschmidt Conference in Kurashiki, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Supplement, p.78

          pdf file


De Hoog, JCM, Hattori, K.H., Hoblitt, R., 2003. Sulfur-rich, oxidized magma at Mount Pinatubo. Joint Assembly of European Geophysical Society, American Geophysical Union and European Union of Geology.  Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol. 5, EAE03-A- 01660 pdf file


De Hoog, JCM., Hattori, K.H. and T. Nakada, 2002, Behaviour of trace metals during magma degassing: evidence from melt inclusions in the 2000 eruption products of Miyake-jima.. Japan Earth Planet. Science Meeting.V-033



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Cees-Jan using Element (high resolution ICP-MS) attached to a laser unit