Benoit-Michel Saumur


Benoit Saumur completed MSc in 2009. He is working at the Geological Survey of Canada in Ottawa a post-doctoral research fellow since the spring of 2015 after PhD at Monarsh University in Melbourne, Australia.


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The main objective of Benoit-Michel Saumur's MSc thesis project is to evaluate the origin of serpentinites in the oceanic subduction complex in the northern Dominican Republic. There are three different types of serpentinites in the area; a) massive serpentinites, b) serpentinite melanges containing fragments of blueschist and eclogite, and c) serpentinites along major deformation zones.


After completing MSc in December, 2007, he started a PhD program at the University of Toronto in 2008, then moved to Monash University in Australia to follow his supervisor.


Publications and Presentations


Saumur,B and  Hattori, K, 2013. Zoned Cr-spinel in forearc serpentinites along the northern Caribbean Margin, Dominican Republic. Mineralogical Magazine, vol. 77, p.117-136, pdf file



Saumur,B., Hattori,K.,  Stern, F. and Jackson, S., 2011. Major and trace element compositions of Cr-spinel from serpentinized forearc mantle peridotites: Insights on geochemical processes during melt extraction and metamorphism. Annual meeting of the Geological Society of America.Abstract, PDF


Saumur, B. and Hattori, K.,  2010. Zoned Cr spinel and “ferritchromit” alteration in forearc serpentinites from northern Dominican Republic. Advances in Earth Science Research Conference, Abstract


Saumur,B.,  Hattori,K. Guillot,G2009, Constrasting origins of serpentinites in a subduction complex, northern Dominican Republic. Geological Society of America Bulletin.   Vol. 122, no. 1/2, p. 292-304. with Data Repository 2009134.  PDF


Keiko Hattori, Stephane Guillot,  Benoit-Michel, Saumur, Mike Tubrett,  Olivier  Vidal, Samuel Morfin2010. Corundum-bearing garnet peridotites from the northern Dominican Republic:a metamorphic product of an arc cumulate in the Caribbean subduction zone. Lithos, vol. 114, p. 437-450. first page, entire PDF (2.9 Mb)



Benoit-Michel Saumur,  Keiko H. Hattori, Stephane Guillot, S. Desgreniers 2007, Protrusion of forearc serpentinites along major strike-slip faults in the northern Dominican Republic. Serpentine Workshop in Grenoble, France, October, 2007. pdf in English, pdf in French, poster (3 Mb)



Benoit-Michel Saumur, Keiko Hattori  and Stephane Guillot, 2007, Geochemistry of serpentinites from the northern subduction complex of Dominican Republic: exhumation of UHP rocks along major strike-slip fault zones. Subduction Zone Geodynamics Meeting, Montpellier, June 2007., pdf of poster (9 Mb)

Stephane Guillot., Teresa Gerya, W. Gorczyk,  Keiko Hattori, Stephane Schwartz,  Benoit Saumur,  Olivier Vidal,  2007. Exhumation of HP and UHP Rocks in  Oceanic and Continental Subduction Zones. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. V44A-03


Fabien Deschamps, Stephane  Guillot, M. Godard, Hattori, K.H., B.M. Saumur, , 2007, Subduction-related serpentinites: New insights from Microprobe and Laser ICP-MS analyses on serpentine minerals,  Subduction Zone Geodynamics Meeting, Montpellier, June 2007


Saumur, B.-M., Hattori, K.H., Guillot, S., 2006, Origin of hydrated peridotites associated with ultra high-pressure eclogites in Hispaniola, northern edge of Caribbean Plate , Geological Association of Canada /Mineralogical Association of Canada, Abstract


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Collecting lawsonite eclogite on the beach of Samana peninsula, Dominican Republic, February, 2006.

Benoit and Stephane Guillot (Grenoble, France) examining serpentinites associated with eclogites


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