Please Note: I am not accepting graduate students or postdocs at this time. For this reason, I may not respond to emails regarding requests for supervision


Current Trainees

Dana Ivancevic (BSc Honours thesis)
Maryam Onifade (PhD; co-supervised with David Sankoff)
Qianxiang Zang (PhD; co-supervised with Chen Xu)
Tricia Morris (PhD; co-supervised with Marie-Hélène Roy-Gagnon)
Joycelyne Ewusie (Postdoc; co-supervised with Marie-Hélène Roy-Gagnon)

Past Students and Trainees

Iraj Yadegari (Postdoc): postdoctoral fellow with Stacey Smith?
Angeli Reyes (BSc Honours thesis): Statistical Analyst, IRCC
Eric (Hetian) Liu (MSc; co-supervised with Tanya Schmah)
Julie Hudson (MSc Biostatistics; co-supervised with Marie-Hélène Roy Gagnon):  Biostatistic Research Unit at the Toronto General Hospital
Peter Tea (NSERC USRA student, BSc Honours thesis): MSc student, Simon Fraser University
Xin You (MSc)
Zhe Gao (MSc 2018): Analyst, Nikon
Wenqian Li (MSc 2017): Biostatistician, Amaris
Marie-Joe Nemnom (MSc 2017): Methodologist, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Michela Panarella (BSc 2017): MSc student, University of Toronto
Cheng Wang (MSc Epidemiology 2017; co-supervised with Marie-Hélène Roy-Gagnon): MSc student, University of Toronto