BIO3576 Comportement animal (hiver)
Objectifs: apprentissage autour des thèmes du comportement animal et de la biologie évolutive; développement de la pensée critique et des habiletés de communication.

BIO4122 Experiments in Animal Behaviour / BIO4522 Travaux pratiques en comportement animal (winter/hiver), limited enrolment. 

Goals: learn about animal behaviour while developing your research skills. Hands-on course in the lab and in the field. Note that you should either have taken BIO3176 or BIO3576, or take BIO3576 at same time than this lab.

BIO3103 Field Ornithology (May), limited enrolment (OUFPB). Registration form for UO students: http://www.oupfb.ca/documents/form_12.pdf Not offered 2020-21.

2-weeks full time course providing students with an introduction to (i) observing and identifying birds in the field; (ii) traditional and modern ornithology equipment and techniques; (iii) collecting and analysing field data on topics related to the scientific literature in avian ecology, behaviour or conservation. Field excursions (involves hiking) are complemented by guest lectures, student seminars, and class discussions. Students learn how to recognise and identify bird species that are common in southeast Ontario, and are introduced to capture, marking and density estimation techniques, as well as common ornithological research approaches, including nest boxes population monitoring and citizen science. Introduction to experimental design, data collection techniques, and scientific writing.

Week 1: Field trips, short lectures and student presentations.

Week 2: Group research projects.


The course takes place in various locations in and around Ottawa. We always meet at the University of Ottawa before departing (you must reach Ottawa and the University by your own means; transportation to field sites is then provided). You have to be on time to avoid causing delays in planned activities: activities can start as early as 4h30 AM, weekdays or weekends. Typical schedule is 6AM-4PM in week 1, and then depends on your project in week 2.


Everyone pays the full course fee of $350 in advance. Accommodation and meals are NOT included in this price. For those who need local accomodation, I suggest making a reservation for UOttawa residences (http://www.residence.uottawa.ca/en/residences.html).


20% Bird identification quiz on day 1 and day 13 of the course: requires preparation before the course

15% Oral presentation: requires preparation before the course

15% Field book

10% Participation

40% Individual report in the form of a scientific article using the data you collected in your group project. Due 4 weeks after the end of the course; if your graduation depends on obtaining your final mark for this course before June 30, enquire with me before registering to this course.


For more information contact me at jmf@uottawa.ca

2015 photos by Danica Navaretnam: