Frithjof Lutscher

PhD Mathematics, Universität Tübingen


Current group members

Sebastien Portalier (PDF) since 2019
Seasonal models for spruce budworm

Nancy Morin (Honours) since 2019
matrix models for Ontario Caribou

Noah Bolohan (MSc ) since 2018 (with Victor LeBlanc)
Coexistence of predators under seasonal variation

Maryam Basiri (PhD) since 2018 (with Abbas Momeni)
Two-sided free boundary problems for biological invasions

Yunfeng Geng (PhD) since 2018
Coexistence of competing consumers in seasonal hybrid models

Ramesh Arumugam (PDF) since 2018 (with Frederic Guichard)
Transient dynamics, R-tipping

Jane MacDonald (PhD) since 2017 (with Y. Bourgault)
Efficient numerical schemes for population dynamics in moving habitats

Laurence Ketchemen (PhD) since 2016

Nazanin Zaker (PhD) since 2016
Pattern formation in strongly heterogeneous environments

Former group members