Environmental Isotopes


 Ian Clark
 Department of Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa,Canada

Peter Fritz
UFZ Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig-Halle, Germany

Environmental Isotopes in Hydrogeology was selected by Choice Magazine for their Outstanding Textbook of the Year award in 1998!

Environmental Isotopes in Hydrogeology can be ordered on-line from Lewis Publishers or from Amazon Bookstore and now at Chapters. It is also available at a discount to National Ground Water Association members at the NGWA Bookstore.

Also now available is a new isotope reference book  Isotope Tracers in Catchment Studies edited by Carol Kendall and J.J. McDonnell.

Environmental Isotopes in Hydrogeology is now into it's second printing. Corrections to a few errors and omissions found in the first printing have been made.

Solutions to problem sets are available by email to:idclark@uottawa.ca. Also available are certain down-loadable files, data sets and spreadsheets.

Comments on the textbook as well as notes of errors and omissions are welcome.

Ian Clark - email:idclark@uottawa.ca Peter Fritz - email: pfritz@gf.ufz.de
  Last Update: 14 January, 2000