Béla Joós
Department of Physics
Macdonald Hall
150 Louis Pasteur
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1N 6N5
TEL.: 613-562-5800 x6755
FAX: 613-562-5190
E-MAIL: bjoos@uottawa.ca

B. Sc. (Loyola of Montreal), 1974
Ph. D. (McGill University), 1979

Brief Summary of Career History:
University of California at Berkeley (1979-81)
Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia (1981-84)
University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa (1984-)

Other function /Autre fonction
Editor / Rédacteur en chef
Physics in Canada / La Physique au Canada (http://www.cap.ca/PiC-PaC/)

Canadian Association of Physicists (http://www.cap.ca)
American Physical Society (http://www.aps.org)
Biophysical Society (http://www.biophysics.org)
Biophysical Society of Canada (www.biophysicalsociety.ca/)