Monica Nevins, University of Ottawa



Fall 2017: MAT1330 Calculus I for the Life Sciences. The tools of Calculus (the most significant scientific advance of the last millenium, just to be clear on that) and a fascinating chance to see how Calculus is used to model biological systems.

Automne 2017 : MAT3543 Théorie des Anneaux. La suite de MAT2543 : les structures algébriques provenant des ensembles ayant deux opérations (donc, des anneaux). C'est vraiment là que la belle théorie, et toutes les applications, fleurissent : les objets (nombres, polynômes) premiers et irréductibles, et les corps (finis et infinis). Ce cours ouvre la porte à l'étude de la théorie de Galois ("la plus belle théorie en mathématiques"), la géométrie algébrique (la langue moderne de l'algèbre et de la géométrie), et même la cryptographie (les réseaux euclidiens, clé à la cryptographie post-quantique).


Broadly defined, my main area of research is algebra. Within this, I specialize in: representation theory, p-adic groups and cryptography.

At the University of Ottawa, I am part of the very large and active Algebra and Lie Theory Research Group, within the Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Mathematics.


I enjoy supervising students in research projects at all levels, from undergraduate to doctorate; for more details, see Students.

Academic Service

I gladly participate in outreach activities of all kinds, and currently serve on the nominations committee. I am also Chair of the AMS Committee on Meetings and Conferences.