Grad Students and PDF open positions

 The current group members incldue:

1 undergraduate student

Project 1: Characterization of the random fiber lasers and their applications

2 master students

Project 1: Surface acoustic wave device design, simulation and facbrication, as well as applications 

Project 2: The structured fiber device and lasers and applictaions

6 PhD students and 1 PDF

Project 1: The study of low noise random fiber lasers in frequency and time domain

Project 2: The optical signal processing for fiber optic sensors based on Kerr nonlinear effects

Project 3: The optical signal processing for ultrastable laser operation based on nonlinear effects

Project 4: Fabrication of speciliality sub-wavelength devicves and their applications based on nonlinearity  

Project 5: Ultralow noise laser development to overcome quantum noise limit for sensing and metrology applications

Project 6: Distributed fiber sensors with long range and ultra-high spatial resolution for static and dynamic processing monitoring

Project 7: Sensing acoustic wave, birefringence, refractive index, humidity, and displacment.