Principal Investigator

About Myself
Name: Ravi Bhardwaj Vedula
Occupation: Assistant Professor,
Canada Research Chair in Ultrafast Laser-matter Interactions
Department of Physics &
Center for Research in Photonics
University of Ottawa,
150 Louis Pasteur, OTTAWA ON, CANADA, K1N 6N5
Tel: 1 613 562 5800 x 6759
Fax: 1 613 562 5190
1992: B.Sc
1994: M.Sc
1999: PhD
1999 - 2001 NSERC Post Doc
2001 - 2004 Research Officer
National Research Council, Ottawa
2004 - 2005 Research Associate
University of Ottawa, Ottawa
2005 - Assistant Professor
University of Ottawa, Ottawa
More about myself
            My first foray into science was at home when, as a kid I used to watch keenly my dad working with electronics. Not to mention, over the years I naturally got myself interested in electronics. Having realized that chemistry was not my forte, I did my bachelors in physics with specialization in electronics & communications. Through out my career I was fortunate to work with some outstanding teachers and researchers. During my Master’s degree I was introduced to the world of laser physics and nonlinear optics by  renowned experts. That was the defining moment in my research career.
            After achieving distinction in Bachelor’s and Master’s I joined the reputed Tata Institute of Fundamental Research to pursue my PhD degree under the guidance of well acclaimed collision and laser physicist Dr. Deepak Mathur. At this point life has come to a full circle, I had to learn Quantum Chemistry, for my first assignment, to calculate potential energy surfaces of triatomic molecules. Here I learned the intricacies of collisional and laser spectroscopy and was introduced to strong field physics and ultrafast lasers.
          After PhD I moved to Canada to work with Dr. Paul Corkum, the pioneer of Attosecond science, at National Research Council. I worked on electron recollision, and multi-electron dynamics in atoms and molecules, and femtosecond laser induced material modification.  I had the privilege of working with some of the best researchers in the world in the area of strong field physics leading to 6 years of fruitful research. My current research program at OttawaU is a continuation of this work.