Call for Papers

Monster Math: Scientifically investigating imaginary foes, from zombies to vampires to Cybermen

Edited by Edward Waters and Robert Smith?

Fictional investigations of zombies have proven fertile ground both for preparing for the apocalypse and explaining how academic disciplines actually work. With the return of dragons and the realisation that our oceans teem with giant squid, it is apparent that the threat posed by monsters is persistent.

To combat these threats, we are soliciting submissions for an academic book, entitled "Monster Math" that would reach a wider than usual audience and use applied science to understand how to beat these foes. (We anticipate mathematical modelling will take up the bulk of the book, but are looking to consider other scientific disciplines as well.)

Examples of the sort of thing we're looking for include "And the Dead Shall Walk, but how?" in Braaaiiinnnsss! (using force plate experiments to examine how zombies walk and definitely prove that Frankenstein is not a zombie) or "The Undead: A Plague on Humanity or a Powerful New Tool for Epidemiological Research?" in Mathematical Modelling of Zombies (showing that the behaviour of vampires may have useful predictions for HIV).

If you wish to contribute a chapter, please email Robert Smith? and include the following:

We'll be limiting chapters to one study per fictional creature, so claim your spot now!

The aim of the book is to showcase your academic discipline in a lighthearted and accessible way, using mythical creatures as a fun hook. Humour is strongly encouraged to make the subject more accessible, so don't be afraid to propose some wild ideas.

Deadline for ideas: July 30.

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who may be interested.


Monsters already claimed:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Giant sea creatures
Xenomorph (Alien)
Killer bees