Baker Group Research

General Interests: Focus of our research is on sustainability (base metal tandem catalysis, green routes to fluorocarbons, conversion of renewable feedstocks to chemicals and fuels). We introduce our students to as many analytical techniques as we can, including multinuclear NMR, EPR, MS, e-chem, IR/Raman, UV-vis with TD-DFT modeling, quantitative GC and UPLC/MS. We take advantage of the resources of the Centre for Catalysis Research and Innovation (CCRI) www.catalysis.uottawa.ca, including high throughput instrumentation and (soon) flow chemistry tools. Students also benefit from CCRI seminars and workshops, international exchange, visiting scientists and social activities.Research projects span basic to applied chemistry and labs feature enhanced "industry-like" safety envelope.

Industry Projects and Collaborators

BioAmber contract: Catalyzed conversion of sugar fermentation intermediates to nylon precursors (with Prof. Elena Baranova from Chemical and Biological Engineering)

Philippe Sautet, Alexandre Martinez, Laurent Bonneviot, Carine Michel, Paul Lessard-Fleurat, ENS Lyon, France (CCRI LIA):

Fundamental studies of catalyzed conversion of biomass models

Howard Jong, ICES, Singapore:

rapid-throughput PdL-catalyzed cross-coupling

Don Bierer, Bayer, Germany:

rapid-throughput fluoroalkylation catalysis

Michael Neidig, Rochester, USA:

Mossbauer and MCD studies

Emilia Sicilia (Italy), Russ Hughes, Dan Ess, Mike Hall, Dave Dixon (USA):

computational chemistry