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Dr. Muralee Murugesu's research group is part of the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Ottawa and is partnered with the newly built Centre for Catalysis Research and Innovation (CCRI). Research is directed towards the design, synthesis and physical properties characterization of inorganic nano-magnetic materials. For more information about the research that is performed in the Murugesu group please see the description below.

  • Graduate positions available. Highly motivated students are encouraged to apply. See contact information.
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Dr. Murugesu's research focuses on the design and synthesis of new nanoscale inorganic materials in order to study their interesting physical properties such as magnetism, conductivity and optical properties. The subsequent amalgamation of these materials with fullerenes and carbon nanotubes, for example, allows the preparation of interesting hybrid materials. Such systems hold the promise of creating novel nanoscale devices for quantum computing and molecular electronics. In this research a variety of characterization techniques are employed; X-ray diffraction, IR spectroscopy, NMR, Electrochemistry, EPR, SQUID magnetometry, Micro-SQUID, SEM.

Particular research emphasis is made on the preparation and characterization of:

  • Single molecule magnets (SMMs)
  • Single chain magnets (SCMs)
  • Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)
  • Nanoparticles and other nanostructured materials
  • High-energy materials
  • etc...


We are a magnetic materials group at the University of Ottawa, in the beautiful capital city of Canada.

Feel free to use the contact page to get in touch with Dr. Murugesu, or the group page if you are looking for a specific member.

Recent News

    March 2015Prof. Murugesu appointed full professor at the University of Ottawa

  • January 2015Prof. Murugesu awarded Strem Chemicals Award for Pure or Applied Inorganic Chemistry
  • June 2013Prof. Murugesu appointed University Research Chair

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